Thursday, 24 December 2009

a blunt statement

kicking it up a notch

credit to i am blessed

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Something to share

I told a friend about a beautiful saying that I stumbled upon.
I wanted to share something meaningful, in hope for a positive, sensitive and emotional response.
The words were from Mahatma Ghandi, and it goes like this:

" Keep you thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
Keep you words positive, because your words become your behaviors.
Keep your behaviours positive, because your behaviors become your habits.
Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny..."

The friend replied;
Hmmm... Dalam wasiat Imam Shafie, dia berkata "Sesiapa yang mahu dipandang baik dan mulia, maka dia hendaklah berbaik sangka terhadap orang lain."

My mind was saying: So?(..........) is there a link there??What is he talking about???
My actual response: Smile. Okay... (bewildered)

That's what u get when your friend is an ustaz.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Maal Hijrah

Salam Maal Hijrah students.
It's a new beginning of more good things ahead.

As far as our centre is concerned, we are progressing in our 4th week of the semester and there'll be many things laid ahead for all of you this semester. So, put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride.

p/s: I have yet to place myself in gear at the moment as there are many things on the plate that I have to cover for all the courses.Feeling rather emotionally and spiritually demotivated for this month. I will not let that succumb me as I'll be back to normal soon. Send in a prayer so that everything will turn out fine. That's all that I wish for.


Monday, 12 October 2009

Venue and Time for Final TLE0502

Speaking Exam

Thursday ( 15/10/2009)

BTS 2.9 (FSU)
9:00-11:00 am (Group 2)
2:00-4:00 pm (Group 3)

BTS 2.10 (FSU)
9:00-11:00 am (Group 1)
2:00-4:00 pm (Group 4)

Friday (16/10/2009)

BTS 2.9 (FSU)
9:00-11:00 am (Group 5)

Listening Exam
Monday 19/10/2009
DKS 1.5 FSU - 2:30pm-3:30pm

Monday, 5 October 2009


1)Why the proverbs ' Where there's a will there's a way' are meaningful to me?

To me, the proverb ' Where there's a will there's a way',meaning that -a person with determination, find ta way to doing something- give motivation to me. Why I say like that? These are reason to this question. First, it is very easy to give up when I confronted with a problem but perseverance will often lead to success. I try to think positive, don't to be give up.I must set my dreams with to be determined and find a solution to my difficulty or problem will usually appear. This proverb same with another proverb "If at first you don't succeed - try, try, and try again". As Robert the Bruce,he had tried any six times to free his country from occupation and failed. Whilst hiding in a cave and one time he had saw a spider try six time to bridge a gap and said, "if it succeeds in the next try I will fight again." It did, and he went on to drive out his enemies. From that, I get the self-confidence. I think I cannot to be easy give up if I want to success will be mine. I want get it. I want repeat my success as I ot it in SPM examination. God, I hope my dreams come be true.

2)Why the proverbs 'Opportunity only knocks once ' are meaningful to me?

The proverb 'Opportunity only knocks once ' carry meaning don't miss the opportunities that come. I always use when one opportunity come, it is because a opportunity which had came, do will comes again? I felt opportunity, which comes back, maybe have it, but do same the previous opportunity if you miss them? Seize an opportunity when it occurs for it may never happen again.

A similar scene would play around my creative little mind when I had remember about it, while I am in form 5, class session, my additional mathematics teacher had ask who has to be volunteer to be mentor to teach the other friends which weak in this subject, first I am doubtless to make it. Do I can make the best? I say in my heart. But, no one to raise their hand. So, the teacher must choose, out my mind, the teacher had choose me. So, i try to make the best as my hope's teacher. What I get? I get the benefits from it, many friends comes to me to teach them, felt appreciated. But the most importance, it make me more understand this subject. Thank to God and teacher give that opportunity to me.

My teenager life was motivated by such proverbs until I burned out. At present, I believe "opportunity" never knocks. It doesn't have too. Opportunity of any kind in any way is staring at us. We just failed to recognize them. It may be in the words you are reading now. Who knows, it could just be the hubber you interact with constantly or even the hubber you particularly dislike. All we need to do is acknowledge it and opportunity opens its arms to welcome us.

3) The proverbs 'Money is the root of all evil
' are meaning that the money is main cause of wrongdoing and problems.

I learned to dislike the rich because of this proverb.I suggesting what the rich can do to show more love for the poor and the needy in reinforced to this prejudice. I found out later that my favorite teacher even cited two of my papers in the class - get this - section A- saying my insights were excellent! I found that odd to me. Why she did not cited it on our section? Well, thus I became suspicious of the friendship had offered by the rich kids in school. And yet, deep inside me I wanted to be richer than them. I shuddered every time these "evil" desires invaded my mind and dispelled of them immediately lest I be damned to hell if I over obsessed to the money.

In last school, this concept became very real for me I am joined trips to urban poor areas in the city - all part activity out classes and community outreach programs. I blamed that the lack of money being spread out to the ordinary people. I blamed those in power for their failure to provide opportunity to those in needed. The next thing I know that, I was out there.

Now, I take it in the proper context to which it was originally written with lemon on the side. Who love the money can be a cause of evil activities but I doubt it has its roots on evil. The charitable institutions and foundations, of agencies and organizations or non-government established to help provide food, shelter, clothing financial assistance and job opportunities to those who need it the most. Money can be an instrument to help fulfill our respective missions in life. We need not fear it.


1) Let bygones by bygones
This proverbs is meaningful for me because it relate to myself.When I still in secondary school,something had happened to me.In the classroom,my place is behind a boy named Hilal.One day,I forgot to bring my calculator.Then he asked me if I want to borrow his calculator.Then I agreed.During additional mathematics class,my teacher,Sir Shuhaimi asked us weather we had see his calculator which have a green sticker behind it.I was very surprised because the calculator was same as mine.At the end of the class,I gave back the calculator to my teacher.Gratefully, he do not angry with me.When I entered in the class,Hilal tried to speak to me.But I keep silent.I felt very upset to him.He told me that he do not know anything about the calculator.He really regret.So I thought maybe it was not his false.Then, I forgive him.Let bygones by bygones.

2) It's never too late to mend
When I am in form 4, I start to pray in the dorm.At the hostel,all the students are not allowed to pray in the room.One day,about 30 students were called by the warden,including myself.The reason was we had disobey the rule.Then the warden punished us.After the punishment,I had realize my false.I promise to myself I would not repeat my mistake again and be a better person.

3) Experience is the best teacher
When I am in form 2,our teacher told all the girls student in my class to provide two recipes for cooking practical.So,I decided to cook fried rice and chocolate pudding.On the practical day,I prepared all the ingredients and start to cook.After I finished it,I had decorate the dishes beautifully and waiting for my teacher to taste it.When it come to my turn,my teacher start to taste my fried rice and chocolate pudding and she shown weird face to me.She told me that my fried rice and chocolate pudding was tasteless.I also tried to taste my two dishes.My teacher was right,it tasteless.I noticed that I forgot to put some salt in my fried rice and sugar in my pudding.The moral of the story is I will be more careful and will remember to put salt and sugar in my cooking.But the most important is taste it first.


i have an experience for this proverb at my previous school. I have one close friend that we call she as 'are-t'. i come to her school at 2007 as a new student. she came at me, and after that we be a bestfriend. at first, she is a smooth, kind and always help me. one day, she told me about her family. she say that she has a rich family. her father is a lecturer and have two car at their home. she also say that her mom is a good tailor and can sewing everything. a few month later, when we want to celebrate raya my friend and i go to her house. we want to order 'baju kurung riau' to her mom. we are shocked when we go to her house. she has a house like a village and then she just only have a mazda car. after we give a salam and talk with her mom, she just know how to sew basic 'baju kurung' only. we goes back with ours angry. why she lie us like that??i can be her friend though she is a poor. we can accept it. but, i can't accept her liar!!, i must to remember this proverb, a great talker is a good liar thats mean a smooth and persuasive talker may be a good liar...

this proverb means is it's better to keep what you have than to risk losing it by searching for something better. this proverb is meaningful in my life. this is because i have an experience about that. when i'm 8 yaers old, i follow my family move to a new city at Terengganu. my parent was placed at sek. men. keb. Jerangau to teach the student. at that place, i have a neighbour that i'm very close with him. he is a fifteen years old. we always play together every evening. we also celebration ours birthday together. i see him as my brother because i'm the first sibling. after 4th years, my was change to kuala terengganu at different school. before we move, i want to see his face, but he not come to my house because of my fault..i'm very disappointed about that..until now, i dont know how to find him..i'm very sad!!

this proverb means that to succeed in life one must have the courage to pursue what they want. i choose this proverb because it's very meaningful in my life. i have the story about the proverb. when i at form4 student, i'm the new student at my school. i'm afraid to ask and answer the question at my class. because of that, i'm fail im my examination. after that, i go to the cauncellor and ask how i want to be succeed in my life. she say that i must to open my mouth wherenever i go.i follow her opinion. thought i just got half 'A's in my SPM, i'm very thank to her. now, i'm have my courage in my life.


Firstly ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatched’. It is mean that you must not be too confident that something to be successful. For me it not in studying or exam only, but in daily life as we work and play. If we do something with a lot of confident, but unfortunately it does not work we feel that we defeated. As I remembered when I form four last two years, there had monthly exam for students. Before the exam started, because I not stay in hostel, so I just make a short revision about that paper because I had read it a lot previously. With a lot of confident, I seat foe the exam and answered the question and totally felt that I will get high mark. As the result, I just get around 50 or 60 percent. I felt very disappointed but I manage to cheer up back. Start from that, I keep promise to my self do not count the chickens before it hatched.

Second, let bygone be bygone. It’s mean that let’s forgive and forget past quarrels. The story happens when I in standards six. This one of my friend, she very nice to me. After a long time, one day, another friend of mine said that her talk about bad thing behind me but she does not realize that I know her bad behaviors. I very disappointed she act like that and after that I just keep my self distant from her. It took almost one year to forgive her. I just say to my self let bygone be bygone.

Lastly, a fool and his money are soon parted. It’s mean that a foolish person usually spend his money carelessly. I’m not shopaholic person but I still remember before I go back to USIM, my family and I to shopping to buy things. At that time, my sister and I go to cosmetic department to bought compact powders, eyeliners and others. When it time to pay, the total amount was $72. We very shocks and I had to pay it with my own ‘duit raya’. I had took that money from car and paid it. The chaser just smile at us and I took lesson from that. Next time I don’t want to be a fool and his money soon to be parted.


Experience is the best teacher.

I choose this proverb because it teaches me to become more curious. In the other words, when I want to do something that is new for me, I feel more curious to do so. Then, I will know the best way to work on it.. For instance, I suppose to use Microsoft Frontpage to make a website, this is my first time to use it. Never have I ever heard about it before. Then, I feel so excited to make my own website. With Madam Halimaton’s guidelines, I succeed in making my own website. Now, I know the way to use this Microsoft. That’s why this proverb is so meaningful for me.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

This proverb teaches me to be a strong person when I in unpleasant situation. This is due to the fact that say there is a positive or hopeful side to every unpleasant situation. When I be tested by Allah, I always feel that there is always has “hikmah” beyond that situation. So, I must face it calmly and always ask for Allah’s forgiveness. Therefore, this proverb is so meaningful for me.

Let bygones be bygones

This proverb teaches me on how to forgive the others’ mistakes. In the words, it teaches me on how to forgive and forget what the others had done to me. Firstly, I am really difficult to forgive the others especially those who are not be honest to me. Then, with this proverb, I realize that there is no advantages to bear a grudges against the others.. Thus, I always forgive and ask for the others’ forgiveness. Nobody is perfect. Am I right?


1)A penny saved is a penny gained.
Honestly,I like to spend all my money at one time.Especially on my topup.Sometimes Ididnt realize that how much I spend for one day.But now,I realize that money is I dont know how to pay all my debts.I dont have any money for now.I adviced myself that saved RM 1 per day.and then I can pay all my,everyone must understand the important of saving money.and dont be like me..
2)Experience is the best teacher.
I have an experience on making a business.As I remembered last year,my friend and I deal to do a Maggi Business.We mane our shop is "Wei Korang Corner'.At that time I faced many customer's of them didnt like chili.sauce but the other one like chili sauce.So i have to do what they are want in order to maximize their the end,our net profit was RM 1000.That was very meaningful experience to me.and now I know how make a business because of my experience.I hope that our partnership combined together to do a business again.
3)Great haste makes great waste.
I still remembered that last years I got B in Mathematics Modern in trial Spm.I'm very fustrated and angry with myself just beacause of my careless.the careless only the should be addtional but I did subtraction.Its only for one question.but it about 4 question I think.I loss 20 marks for that.Im very sad because Trial is my target to backup my spm.From that I remember myself that do carefully and understand the question carefully.


1) A fool and his money are soon parted.

-Meaning that a foolish person usually spends money carelessly. Every human has their own desires. However, not all things human can be. Money is one of the important things in human life. Without it, people will be living difficult. But sometimes, a person who have money will not live well. For people who like saving practices-careful, they will always save their money carefully. For the ignorant because according to their desires, they will spend their money with things that are not beneficial. Eventually, they ran out of money compared to those who save their money. Thus, one should not follow their desires too stupid to spend money recklessly without thinking first.

2) A penny saved is a penny gained.

-Meaning that one must understand the importance of saving money. Money is one thing important in human life in this world. All people working hard to gather a lot of money in order to achieve the perfect standard of living and well. Therefore, they need to know the importance of saving money. People always save money will get many benefits. When they save money in the fund or the bank, they grow much money. Finally, they can enjoy life better and perfect.

3) Still waters run deep.

-Meaning that a quiet person can have much knowledge or wisdom. Sometimes, we try to see and view those who speak or less quiet, their knowledge and their more smarter than people like to talk to things that are not beneficial. Many people who feel less knowledgeable than the quiet person who always or talkative. In fact, the quiet and less talking have more knowledge. This is because they spend their time with reading compared with the empty talk who wasting time. Therefore, be the quiet and less talking while reading or studying compared with those who do not know who quietly do anything that benefits.



Ujian Bertulis

800/1 Listening
800/3 Reading
800/4 Writing

7 November 2009

Ujian Speaking
6,7,8, 20,21,22 October 2009


Sunday, 4 October 2009


People with the same or similar tastes tend to congregate together but is more often used to describe brothers or sisters or close friends who do lots of things together than simply people who like the same things.

MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK : This proverb is very well-known and often quoted as people volunteer to help a friend or colleague lift a heavy object or complete a tedious task. People with the same or similar tastes tend to congregate together. More people also can easy solve any problem than one person that want to solve the problem.

Keeping silent is better than talking and often spoken to children or people who are talking too much. This is because when we have more talk, we have do more mistake. Its is different with the people that do not talk too much.


A great talker is a great liar
A great talker is a great liar means that when someone like to talk a lot, sometimes it is just a liar. I have friend whose like to talk a lot. I knew her since we are in primary school. i love to make her as my friends but when i realized that sometimes she a lying, i did not believe on her anymore. I realize it when one day we went to school together. We went to school with other friends too. On the way to school we talk about the bonsai tree. One of my friends told that she love the bonsai tree. Suddenly, she told to us that she had a bonsai tree in her house. Now the tree is big. She had decorate the tree to become an ' i love you' words. I am not believed in her storied. All my friends also asked her many question about the tree. I just like want to laugh because i had go to her house but i did not saw the tree. From that I realized that maybe she had cheated my for many time. She had a great skills to make our friends believe on her.Now i will be more careful when heard a story from her or when I got an information from her, i will checked it back either its true or not. From that i learn that why I must become a great talker but a lot of liar. It is just will make me loss my friends. So, it is better to tell the truth than being loss a lot of friends.

Many hands make light
This proverbs means when everyone gets involved in something, the work gets done quickly.Its happened when I got involverd in managed my brother class. I and my siblings had planned to had a programme to all the students. After got the permission from my brother we planned it properly because we must did it in 1 month. We finally decided to had a "week of Silaturrahim" programme. This programme wil be participated by the students. We had the 'nasyid' competition, 'azan' competition, coloring for children, quiz and an acting of a moral story. All student had been given around three week to prepared. All students and teacher had worked hard to make this programme successful. My parents also got involved to helped us. My father helped us to prepared the stage while my mother helped us to prepared the prizes for the winner. I also had saw also student had worked hard to give the best in their competition. On that day, we had a successful programme. All students, teacher and parents were enjoyed on that night. All the winners were satisfied with their prizes. We were thanked to all people who had give a lot of commitment to make this programme sucessful. On the next day, many students come to the class to help their teacher to clean the class.We did evertything together. At the end, we had clean all the class before the class started on Monday. I believe that, when we do everything together, we can finished in quickly and successfully.

Birds of a feather flock together
When some people have a similar interests they will stick together. Its also happened to me. Me and my friends love to having a collection of anything from many country.I know her interest when he told me abot her favourite hobby. Her father's always went to the overseas because of works. Sometuimes their family will follw their father. From taht she love to had a collection from other country. One day, i went to her house, i had saw a lot of her collection such as a key chain, a mug, a cloth,a cap and many things in a cupboard and her room. He had collection from many country such as Japan, Egypt, Korea and many more. Even i love to had a collection, I only have a collection from Malaysia and a little collection from other country.When she saw my collection, she was surprised that i have a lot of collection from our own country such as from Malacca,Pulau Pinang, Langkawi, Pulau Tioman and many more. Nowadays, when she go everywhere, she always remember to buy something to me. Its same to me, when i go everywhere, i will buy something to her. So,she can add it to her collection. Even though now we are not in the same university we still sharing our collection when we were met. We hope one day we will going to travel together in the future.


proverb 1 :Experience is the best teacher... When i was in lower form,i did not care about my studies.i did not asked teacher when i did not understood for any topic.i always played in class and slept when i had free time.when i was form 3,i realized that i had a important examination(PMR) but i still did not changed my habit.lastly,when the time so closed with the exam i am the person who was so busy for covered all topics since i had learned from form 1 until from 3 but there was no time anymore.After answered single subject for PMR i felt so tension because i could not answered it very when i was in form 4, i changed my attitude.i focused and struggle because i did not want to the same thing happened for the second time.i already felt how paint i am when i studied at eleventh hour.

proverb 2 : Actions speak louder than words When i was in secondary school i stayed at hostel for 5 years.then for my final year,some students from my batch were selected for handled rule for hostel.the organization called MPP.they were selected from last year at the end of the year.when they got the power to handled the rule,they make some new rule that we were could not accepted but they did not care.they want we followed what they do.after that they were very excited announcement their mission and of all was they want to prevent dating among the students. But after a few months,one of the member MPP,had caught by teacher because they were dating in the classroom.we did not respected MPP anymore because they were like actions speak louder than words.

proverb 3 :A great talker is a great liar.There are many sales girls that sell 'presents' to the everyone at the shopping complex.last time, i went to shopping complex with my mother.a sales girl came to us and offer great present when we bought something from her shop. then my mother was influenced by her great mother folled her to the shop and agree to buy some two things because she told about a very great present that my mother will received. more time we sit at the shop more money that my mother need to pay because she said if we want to win we need to pay deposit and many more. after that i could not stand with the great talker and pursued my mother to leave that shop.the sales girl tried to lie to time we need to be aware with this situation.


Proverb 1: A leopard cannot change its spots.

Last year is very important year for me. I sat for Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia (SPM) exam. However, last year I faced bad healthy problem. At first I suffered chickenpox. I cannot attend to school about a week. A week after that, I suffered a bad fever. After recover from fever, I went back to school. Sadly, a week after that, I suffered fever again. I always went to clinic to take the medicines. That condition continuously happens for about a month.
At last, the doctors at the clinic send me to general hospital for further treatment. I had to stay at hospital for 5 days. The doctors and nurses always came and checked me. I am very sad because I cannot attend many days to school and missed a lot of topics for all my subjects. I also had to skip from sat for mid year test. After me went out from the hospital, I had to sat for the mid year test. The result of that test was really bad. Besides that, because of unstable healthy condition, I also get another two diseases, gastric and asthma.
Everyone wants to have healthy body. I too, moreover, last year is very important year for me. However, a leopard cannot change its spots. I took it as a challenge for me to become a patient person. No pain no gain. Thanks god, my healthy became better and I can sit for my SPM exam.

Proverb 2: Experience is the best teacher.

Last two month, my friends and I would to go to KLCC for a book fair. It also our first journey with LTR commuter. We did not have any experience using this public transport. After bought two tickets at the counter, I want to enter the gate. However, after put my ticket at the hole provided, the gate still did not opened. The ticket came out from the hole. I try doing the same thing for many times, but the gate still did not open.
After that, came a Chinese women and do the same thing with what I had done, but the gate was opened. In my heart says that, ‘How she did it?’ A men and a girl that look at my friends and my actions were already laugh at me. I felt so shy. After a few minutes trying, came a man and show me the right way to put the ticket at the hole. So, I know I put the ticket at the hole with wrong way.
It was unforgettable and meaningful experience for me. For me, experience is the best teacher. For next time, I will make sure this incident will not happen,

Proverb 3: The Mountain labors and brings forth a mouse.
Last month, students of Tamhidi of Accountancy and Muamalat had decided to organize a program called ‘Iftar Jama’i’. This program for all teachers and students of this course break the fast together. I was one of the people that had been asking to manage this program.
I had to make the invitation cards for all teachers and students and invite them to attend this program. Other people had been asking to find the most suitable place, book for the transport and find the suitable meal. After manage to get the suitable date, we started our job. A week before the date, I must finished all the invitation cards. My friend and I slept at three o’clock in the morning to finish it. A day after that, we get a sad information that this program must be canceled because of spreading of H1N1. I was so shock. My friends already book for the transportation. All of us were very sad.
I can say that our job like the mountain labors and brings forth a mouse. Our job were useless.



Meaning of this proverb is talk may be beneficial, but sometimes acquiescence may be the best option. after I got my SPM result, I had two choices. whether go to Matriculation Penang or USIM. I was decided to go to matriculation penang but my parents asked me to go to USIM. I kept argue with my parents. I already told them the advantages of the matriculation penang but actually I didn't know about it disadvantages. What I know is matriculation Penang was top 3 in Malaysia and I was very glad if I can go there. I didn't want to go to USIM because USIM is the new one. I didn't know much about USIM. Lastly, after a few of days I keep argue with my parents, I was decided to follow my parent's order. I just silence and let them do all preparation to go to USIM. When I came to USIM, I can feel that USIM is the best for me. It is true that speech is silver silence is golden. If I keep argue with my parents, I am sure I am not here today with all my friends and I was very happy here.


Meaning of this proverb is a person with determination will find a way of doing something and this proverb related to my life. when i was in form 5, i was the lazy one. i only want to play and never want to study. when i sit for my mid-year examination, i can't do the best because i didn't make any preparation. when my teachers were teaching i was talking at the back. when i got my result, i fail for all subjects. deep my heart i felt very regret with my action. i decided to change myself and i want to do the best in my SPM. one of my teachers, miss nazariah, she can see my changes. she came to me and said "where there's a will there's a way. you still have a lot of time to improve yourself and i will help you". after she said like that, with my determination to change, i decided to do the best in SPM. i always tell myself "don't study at eleventh hour so you have to start from know". from that day, i start to follow tuition class and went to meet teachers if there are any problems. now, i m very happy to be like this. busy as a student not like before. finally, when i sit for SPM examination, with my preparation, i can do the best. gladly, i got 8'A for my SPM. i m very happy and it's true there's a will there's a way.


According to this proverb,it relate to my life.before,i didn`t like to read a book whether text book or any book.for me its so bored.i have a friend who like to read a book she read a lot of books and she will finish one book for a day she come to me and give me a book which it title was 'sweet heart from the hell`. i don't know why this book attract my day i read this book and it very interesting. in other hand, it can improve my vocabulary in order to make sure i can score in my,i like to reading and i have read a lots of Malay and English books. now it become my habit.its true that habit is second nature.


- Meaning for this proverb is not all people like the same thing. This is true because not everyone like the same thing. Everyone has their own favourite and taste. Maybe something that we like became a dislike for others.And maybe something that people like, we hate it.Is it true, right? For example like my sister and I. Even though we are siblings but that's not mean we like the same things. For several things, yes maybe it true. For example, my sister love green colour, but I prefer pink. She love to read about fact and history but for me, it's really bored. I love to read book about motivation that can give me moral support in my life.We are different right? I think twins also have different taste as well. So that, we have no right to judge others taste. We have our taste, they have their taste. Maybe we can exchange our favourite among us so that, we can accept all things in this world.

2) EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER - Meaning for this proverb is the best way to learn a job is to do it. This proverb is really meaning to me. It remembered me to an incident that happens in my life. Several years ago, I have learnt to ride motorbike with my brother. At that time, I really do not know anything about motorbike. But after two or three days, I know how to handle motorbike better and I was able to ride motorbike without my brother's help. It was a great experience. But one day, I over excited to ride motorbike. Without my mother's permission, I went out and took my brother's motorbike. I sped the motorbike area my village and suddenly, I lost control my motorbike and I was hit a coconut tree. Finally, my motorbike was broken and my leg was injured. I be phobia with motorbike but several months after that, I ride motorbike again. But for this time, I ride carefully because don't want to be injured again. I was learnt from my experience.

3) AS YOU SOW, SO YOU SHALL REAP - Meaning for this proverb is you have to accept the consequence of your action. I always make it as my principle in my life. For me, in this life, we will get just what we effort. If we want something, we must attempt to get it. For example, to score in examination. To achieve successful, we need a big effort and have to sacrifice many things. If we spent all of our day with study, we could be able to score in exam. But if we are not study, not make revision, at the end we will fail. I believe reward that that someone will get is depend on their effort. So that, I always said to myself, "if you want success, you must study. If you are not study and be a hardworking person, just keep your dream to success." Because I strongly believe as you sow, so you shall reap.


If you can't lick them, join them
This proverbs means if you cannot be like them just is in their group. For me, I am not a clever girl and understand immediately what instructor teaches. So, to get more understand I will friends to individual who can understand it and when I am not understand they will teach me

Ø Rome was not built in a day
It is means that complicated thing take many times to finish. For me this proverbs means that if I want something that difficult to me to get it I must be patient, such as I want to pass this foundation without have basic in add mate, accounting and economics I must always to be patient if I not understand about something topics I must not give up but must focus in classes and read many times text books.

Ø Where there's a will there's a way
If you really want to do something then you will find a way of doing it.
Last year, I was facing SPM. In the middle of that year I still could not understand and memorized history subject but I want t get A in that subject. What have I do is read history text book and answer from my exercises books and finally I got A.


Three proverbs those are meaningful to me.
If it's not one thing it's another
As you make your bed, so must you lie on it
Every cloud has a silver lining

I have a secret that I want tell you. It can be said as bad experience but it was beneficial to me. It taught me much about what is meaning of life. I kept it in my heart for a long period about 5 years. It happened when I was in form 1. Actually, I am shy to tell this story because it regarding my self-respect but I think the story happened in previous year and it can be example for anyone especially for those face a same problem with me.

It began with I got 4 A’s 1 B in UPSR 2003 exam. Even it was not good as 5 A’s but I thanked to Allah because He give me chance to get better lesson. So, my parents suggested to send me to religion school because they want their children learn much about Islam and gain . I was excited to learn there and Alhamdulillah I got a bargain from Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri (JPN) to continue my study at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Slim River (SMKASR).

The school was not far from my house about 5 kilometers from my house. So, it was easier to my parents to visit me and come if there is any problems. For 1st day I registered there, I feel so sad because I had to separate with my family especially my parents. When my parents went back to home after settle down my registration, I cried and cried and cried. Maybe I was the eldest in my siblings and this was the first time to separate with parents made me so sad.

About every day I cried for 1 month and made me think many bad thinks to get out from the school. I cannot adapt myself with the school condition. At that time, I did not think about my future, others feeling, friends or something else…..I just thought that I want to go back to home and want to stay at home. I did not know how to think well and with maturity…And one day, I took one foolish action. I go back to home with warden permission with reason that I was fever and want to go to clinic but I had used my friend’s outing permission card.

After I went to clinic for checking, doctor gave me medication certificate for two days..waah!! That was a chance for me to stay at home even for two days. I got back and I tell my mother that I did not want to go back to school because I got the certificate. I insisted to stay at home even my mother scolded me to go back to school. I went to home illegally with outing permission card and without my going back home permission card. At the same time, my friends tried to find me at hostel because my roommate did not find me on that day. Therefore, they decided to tell to hostel warden and after warden interrogated the condition. They knew that I went back to home without permission card. I did not go to school for learning and I miss many classes. That was one problem. However, if I come back to school and I will be scold by my teachers. This means, “If it's not one thing it's another”.

When I came back to hostel, I faced with discipline mistake. This called as “As you make your bed, so must you lie on it”. I did not know want to do and I did not know that will be a big problem. I had to face it even I felt scare and terrible because I must to face with discipline teacher, counseling teacher and the most important was “guru hal ehwal murid”…I did not know that my parents called to school to face with my school principal. That time was very very unlucky and bad to me. But what can I do, I had to bear it even it was too hurt……

For three months I was always advised by my parents, every week they visit me to support me to study there and in three months I changed to good behavior…alhamdulillah..and I can accept my fate to study there ….and I began think as a matured teen. Since the case, my mother and father always performed “solat hajat” to seek directory and guidance from Allah…my mother told me that she had a dream that one old man came to her and told her that one day I will get success at the end learning at the school….

I think the case will be the most remembered memory in my life because it had taught me many things. As man had said that, “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Until now, I still make the story as guidance for me to study hard to get the best in my academic..insya-Allah…amin…and...alhamdulillah, I got 8 A’s in PMR 2006 exam and 8 A’s too in SPM 2008 exam…I believe that any disaster or failure come to us, there must be reason for us. Allah had said in Al-QURAN IN SURAH AL-BAQARAH (“ayat” 216) that it means “sesuatu yang baik itu adalah sesuatu yang buruk bagiku..sesuatu yang buruk bagiku adalah yang baik bagiku..jika Allah menghalang kerana Allah yang mengetahui segala sesuatu sama ada di langit atau di bumi atau yang ghaib atau yang zahir”… I am sorry because I do not know the meanings in English. I am afraid to give the meanings in English because I am afraid I will give wrong meaning, word, or sentence.


1) Great talkers are little doers
Great talkers are little doers mean those people who talk a lot and are always teaching others usually do not do much work. Well, I have a friend. Let I called him as Aiman. He is a very good talker and he also participated in debate. No wonder, people like him.

Because of his talent in speaking, Aiman has been chosen to be a Head Boy in my previous school. Actually, I don’t like him very well. You know what, he just asks everybody to do their work but he does nothing. When I found this proverb, it reminds me to him. He is such a great talker but he is a little doer.

2) Birds of a feather flock together

Birds of a feather flock together means people of the same sort of character or belief always go together. For me, this proverb is important for a friendship or if you want to build a good relationship with others.

Let I share about my mother. She likes to go shopping and visits her friends during weekend as well as me. So, wherever my mother goes, I will accompany her because we share the similarities.

It differs with my sister, Kak Ngah. She dislikes going out because she will miss all of her favourite TV program. As a result, only my mother and I will go together for any function. It makes me feel closed with her compared than Kak Ngah.

3) Every cloud has a silver lining

If you say that every cloud has a silver lining, you mean that every sad or unpleasant situation has a positive side to it. If you talk about silver lining you are talking about something positive that comes out of a sad or unpleasant situation.

I have an unpleasant situation where I only get 7 A’s during my trial SPM. At that moment, I feel so sad and down because many of my friend manage to score straight A’s. Well, I know I have to manage my time wisely since I am also a secretary of prefect’s board. But prefect is not perfect, right?

I know I can do it. I know I also can be as successful as them since I am competing with all the smart students. At last, I manage to score straight A’s during my SPM. It teaches me that become a prefect should not be a reason to become fail. It depends on us because nothing is impossible to a willing heart. So, every cloud has a silver lining. You might be sad when you have to face problem but one thing that you should realize that there is something good behind it.




For the first proverb, opportunity only knocks once. The meaning of this proverb is do not miss opportunities that come along. After I end up my school life, I realised that I had been chosen to join the National Services in Desaru, Johor. I felt a bit worried as I had heard that most of the ex-student, who joined it, had change into another ‘character’ if they can not take care on themselves kindly.
Before I went there, I had promised to myself that I will never change to another person that will hurt my parents with my behaviors which I influenced during I joined National Service. On the day, which I gone to the place where I will stayed there for 3 months, I realized that I needed to be stronger as another people are not just like me. May be it is because I studied in religion’s school before, so, it is stranger for me to communicate with others freely. Then I accepted it as my adventure as long as I was stayed there. Besides, my teachers had advice me before to show a good behaviour to others so; they will have no reason to hate us.
After a few weeks I stayed there, I knew that I could accept that environment although it is exactly different from my life before. People around me knew my life style and they respected on me and my teachers also never force me to do something that I do not want. But, they always advised me to think; if I never try to do something new, my life will be such bored and no improvement, then if I do not grab a chance which come to me, may be I will never have a second chance to make it.
At National Service, I really had my own chance to try many new things such as monkey rape, flying fox, flaming walk, kayak and others interesting activities. The most interesting activity is I had a chance to shoot used M16. At that time, I realised that I was very lucky because if I have not chosen to join National Service, may be I will never have a chance to shoot use M16 or even touch it. So, I will use that chance as well as I could.
At the end of the programmed, I knew that I had been changed into a ‘new person’. A person who is better than before and a person who wanted to try such new things. Then, I thought people’s perspective about National Service is wrong. They always said that those programmed was useless and wasted government’s money. But, as I had joined it, I knew it was untruth. Maybe, after all of you read my answer, you will think that the suitable proverb is don’t judge a book by its cover. But, for me, my experiences in National Service make me choose opportunity only knocks once as the proverb for my story.

Second proverb is, losers weepers, finders keepers. It is meaning, if we lose something, we weep it, and if we find something, we keep it. During I was studied at secondary school, in form four, my best friend, Qomariah, had made decision to move to another school. At that time, I felt very sad as she is the only one, my friends who stayed with me since primary school. Besides, both of us shared the same hobby; read novels. We always exchange our novels if one of us had bought a new novel.
On the day she moves out from the hostel, I was having my practices for uniform’s competition. I felt worried if I could not to see her before she left our school. But, I was the lucky one as she had waited for me until I finished my practiced. Before she left me, we hugged to each other as we knew; it was difficult for us to meet after that time. After a few weeks she left me, I felt very lonely as before, I had her to hear all my problems.
One day, I had cried with all my heart as I had some problems, but I do not know with who I wanted to shared it as I could not share my problems with others who I not close to. Suddenly, one of my classmates came towards me and sat besides me. She had do not say anything. Both of us sat over there quietly. We were looking on the sky, looked the stars. At that time, I do not know why, but I felt calmer than before. May be because she sat with me, and I was not feeling lonely anymore, even she had no say anything, or may be I felt ashamed to her.
Since that night, we became closer and others called us twin because we always been together everywhere. I felt comfortable with her because she never forced me in anything I done, but, she will advice and gave her opinion to me. Now, I have two best friends who have different characteristics but, still can be a company. That is why I think, this proverb is meaningful to me.

For the last proverb, I choose proverb, every cloud has a silver lining. It means, when something bad happens, there is always some goods that comes of it. During I was sitting for my mid year examination in Islamic Science University of Malaysia, where it was held at stadium Nilai, my hand phone had been stolen. I was just realised it when I was tidying up my school beg. I felt very sad because the phone was the first phone I used my own, because I used my mother phone before. Besides, I had just bought it after I finished my school life; it means that I used it for less than one year.
Then, I borrowed my roommates’ hand phone to call my brother, to inform him about it and to know, how I could tell my parents. My brother said, just tell them the truth. After that, I called my mother, but my mother was driving the car and she asked me that she will call me later. But, I asked my mother to wait for my call and she do not need to call me.
At night, when I called my mother, my mother had asked me first, how it can be stolen. I knew that, of course my brother had told my mother about my hand phone. So, I told her the truth. I was thanked because my mother was not nagging on me. Then, she told me that she will ask my father to post the new phone for me. A few minutes later, my mother called, and she said she will transfer some money into my brother’s account and he will buy it for me. After a week, my brother came to my hostel and brought a new phone which I thought was better than before. Then I realised, every cloud has a silver lining.

Monday, 21 September 2009


Select three proverbs and describe why the proverbs are meaningful to you. Submission via e-mail through before 3rd October 2009.

*am still waiting for the submission of the movie review

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates'll never know what you're gonna get :)

List of proverbs for the 2nd Test.

A bad workman always blames his tools
A bird in hand is worth two in the bush
A burnt child dreads fire
A fool and his money are soon parted
A great talker is a great liar
A hungry man is an angry man
A job worth doing is a job worth doing well
A leopard cannot change its spots
A man is as old as he feels
A miss is as good as a mile
A penny saved is a penny gained
A rolling stone gathers no moss
A stitch in time saves nine
Actions speak louder than words
All that glitters is not gold
An idle brain is the devil's workshop
An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit
An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure
Any time means no time
As you make your bed so must you lie on it
As you sow, so you shall reap
Between the devil and the deep sea
Birds of a feather flock together
Bite off more than one can chew
Children should be seen and not heard
Curiosity killed the cat
Cut your coat according to your cloth
Dead men tell no lies
Discretion is the better part of valor
Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket
Every cloud has a silver lining
Every dog has its day
Experience is the best teacher
Faint heart never won fair lady
Fire is a good servant but a bad master
First come, first served
Fling/throw mud at someone
Fortune knocks once at every man's door
Great haste makes great waste
Great talkers are little doers
Habit is second nature
Half a loaf is better than none
Have an old head on young shoulders
Have eyes in the back of one's head
If it's not one thing it's another
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
If you can't lick them, join them
It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good
It's never too late to mend
Jack of all trades and master of none
Jump from the frying pan into the fire
Keep the wolf from the door
Let bygones by bygones
Let not the pot call the kettle black
Look at the bright side
Losers weepers, finders keepers
Make hay while the sun shines
Many hands make light work
Money is the root of all evil
One man's meat is another man's poison
Opportunity only knocks once
Promises are like pie crust
Put a quart into a pint pot
Rome was not built in a day
Someone's bark is worse than his bite
Speech is silver, silence is golden
Still waters run deep
The blind leading the blind
The longest day must have an end
The mountain labors and brings forth a mouse
The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike
The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
There are two sides to every question
There's more than one way to skin a cat
Too many cooks spoil the broth
Truth is stranger than fiction
Two heads are better than one
Two wrongs do not make a right
When in Rome do as the Romans do
Where there's a will there's a way

Saturday, 22 August 2009

What's the last book that you've read and enjoyed?

“A love of reading is developed from having a positive connotation with books.”

to begin with, buy a book that you like and start reading it. you will then be awed with how it can enlighten you..

if you're not sure how to buy one, i'll be glad to give u some tips on how to choose a book.

see u around! :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

pros + cons

refection of the muet workshop
what do you have to say?

Monday, 10 August 2009

Education comes from living life, following passions, accessing information, observing, reflecting, and being inspired by wise and courageous elders in the community

~Claire Aumonier

Monday, 27 July 2009


i'm not forcing
it's just an advice

read a book a week
write three times a week

you will then become a better person

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Snippet from The Star

Tuesday June 23, 2009
Yesteryear’s switch to BM put paid to good English today

THE standard of English in the country has deteriorated since the switch to Bahasa Malaysia as the teaching medium in the 1970s, Nanyang Siang Pau said in its editorial.
The daily said most youngsters in the country could not converse fluently in English even after they had graduated from university.

“Most of them cannot express themselves well in the language, not to mention their proficiency when required to introduce a product or service, negotiate or write any proposal or report in English,” it said.

It said the private sector had also admitted that it was difficult to hire the right candidates for vacancies due to the language barrier.
It said many students realised the importance of English only when they graduated from university.

“Even those who work in the public sector cannot escape the fact that English is important for their career advancement,” it said.

It said what the Government needed to do now was to improve the teaching of the language, which included the increase in the use of English as a teaching medium.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Just came back from class. The first group of students did their presentation. This time around there’ll be weekly presentation in class since the computer labs are packed. (too many students) isk.isk . What I want to share is that, as a lecturer I hardly ever scold anyone. While the students were doing their presentation, they were interrupted by questions. Then this particular student replied the question in a harsh tone and sounded as he was pissed off with the question. I was like %^*&^##^%!*^. (in my heart… Biar betul budak ni..). no one asked any questions after that.. (takut kot). So, if the student was evaluated for his teaching practice, I’m sure he’ll fail..

As an educator, I personally respect each and every one of them as students and I try to treat them as adults. To be a good lecturer, I believe in a few basic qualities. If you like it you can apply it. If not just disregard the points.
1. Ability to communicate (susah plak kalau senyap jer)
2. Sincere desire to teach (for the goodsake of our generation)
3. Empathy with the students (try to be considerate.. kesian kena jalan sana sini. Jauh plak tu. Dahla masuk lambat plak… yadayadayada)
4. Love for the knowledge and teaching. (knowledge doesn’t come easily. You pay for it)
5. Happy to see students acquiring knowledge :-) (furthermore if they succeed)
6. Believe in making the students think and become important individuals (so true of me)
7. Occasionally let your hair down and join the students in their groups (have to, I can’t be bothered sitting down while teaching)
8. Give experience, field knowledge to enhance the subject (this is a must)

I think that’s what I do. Do u think so too?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Last year I was blessed to be given a chance to teach a new course which was accounting course. It set back me from the norm that I was used to when teaching medical and science students. There were indeed differences among the students, but either positively or negatively, I took all the disparity as a stepping stone for me to be creative in diversifying my lessons.

Once, a lecturer once said that students will always be students. You cannot expect all of them to change but the only thing you can do is try. So, teaching for me is a learning process which totally depends on the educator. I needed time to adjust but time was not on my side since the course was given to me last minute since there was no one available. So, with little background on business English I exposed myself to magazines such as the Time magazine and Accountancy magazines to get the gist of what needs to be learnt in Business English.

Alhamdullillah the semester sailed as planned but what I regretted most is that there were certain activities which were planned earlier in the semester that couldn’t be conducted due to the limited hours per class as compared to other courses. this time around they also participated less in contributing ideas in essays but more towards hand on skills in managing events, trips and participating in competitions. Students seemed quite passive at first but towards the end some of them their true colours, while there were still those who were too shy to break out of the comfort zone of being timid and shy. For those who realized a change in themselves deserve a round of applause. Although statistically the number of A achievers were lower than other English courses but I am proud of their spirit to learn the language because they themselves realize the importance of the language. Grades are just figures. Which student would you be, an A student who does things effortlessly because he already has the knowledge or a B student who struggles to get an A but fails to do so. In the end it is the B student which will learn a lot along the learning curve. This comparison is somewhat similar if you compare an SPM achiever that comes from an urban area to a student in rural area. Although the grades achieved maybe the same but who do you think will gain more coverage?
Work hard to achieve your goal.

Friday, 22 May 2009

packed weekend

Tomorrow will be the registration of the new batch of students.
So there goes my weekend.. :(

sat & sun - 8:30am-1o.30pm

this is not a laughing matter.
it's a semi-nightmare

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Changing the layout reflects every single thing that’s flowing through my mind right now

First of all, I’m so relieved that I have managed to survive this year’s batch of students thru thick and thin. This also includes the excruciating patience and energy of repetition needed to teach the so called ‘International’ students (to have not a little bit but NO English at all) which makes it challenging for any educator. The fact that they are older and they are stuck to their native language makes their tongue difficult to adjust to another language specifically English. Imagine in six months you are expected to teach them from a zero language user to a standard Form 5 Malaysian average student. Seriously speaking, the uni is so overambitious and the fact of getting the university to become internationally accepted certainly needs further trials of experiments before jeopardizing the future of our students. Everything or should I say everyone needs time to improve and doing things instantly may not produce a quality product as you intend it would be like. I would rather do things once, achieve the goal and celebrate the hard work rather than waste my time performing the same cycle again. So precision and planning is the KEY to every single thing you do in life no matter whether u are an adult or student. Sometimes we just fail to realize the process that needs to take place.
Okay enough of whining. Secondly...... to be continued..have a lot to write about but am so sleeeeepy..


For this year the grading system for an A will be 80 as compared to 85 for an A in the previous years. Current and future students are so lucky to have the grades being pulled down.
Hopefully all of you will score not only in this session but also in your studies in the future. Good luck.

Business Oral Communication
A: 16 stds
A-: 39 stds
B+: 25 stds
B: 14 stds
B-: 6 stds
C+: 2 stds

Business Written Communication
A: 6 stds
A-: 16 stds
B+: 22 stds
B: 26 stds
B-: 22 stds
C+: 10 stds

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

English Nasyid Competition

Event: English Nasyid Song Competition
Date : 18th MArch 2009
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: DKP4, USIM
Tamhidi Students ( Acc, Medic, Dent, ScTech , Law)

All are invited to come and enjoy the performance.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

word up

interesting facts

1. there are only four words in the English language which end in the suffix "-dous"
a) tremendous - extraordinarily great in size, amount, intensity, excellence
b) horrendous - shockingly dreadful or horrible
c) stupendous -amazingly large or great
d) hazardous - dangerous

2. There are only 2 words in English that have all five vowels in order

.AbstEmIOUs. - sparing or moderate in eating and drinking
.fAcEtIOUs. - meant to be humorous or funny . not serious.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Minggu Integriti PT & FST


Date: 25th February 2009
Venue: Tamhidi Centre a.k.a. MPG Building
Time: 5:00 pm

Win, Lose / Draw
- Participants : 5 students per group
- Duration : 10 mins per group

Best Costume
- Participants : 10 students per group

Whispering Game
- Participants : 10 students per group

Snake and Ladders
- Participants : 5 students per group

Tongue Twister
- Participants : 10 students per group

- 5 rounds
- Participants : 5 students per group

Cheer Chain
- Groups have to prepare their own cheer
- Participants: 10 students per group

FST 1st year
FST 2nd year
FST 3rd year


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

weekly activities

Weekly Language Activities

Every Wednesday [except for Week 3 only on Tuesday]
Time : 1:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
Starting from 4th February - 25th March 2009
Venue: Tamhidi Centre

Theme for choral speaking: 5 pillars of Islam
Theme for sketch : Islamic Stories

Time allocation for each performance : 10 minutes max

Week 1
4th Feb
Medic & Dentistry

Week 2
11th Feb
Science Tech

Week 3
17th Feb (Tuesday)

Week 4
25th Feb

Week 5
4th Mar
Science Tech

Week 6
11th Mar
Medic & Dentistry

Week 7
18th Mar

Week 8
25th Mar

Monday, 19 January 2009


condolences to miss faeza abd talib who lost her mother today at 4pm..
may time and god give her strength

al-fatihah.semoga ditempatkan dikalangan org2 beriman.

Friday, 9 January 2009






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