Monday, 22 December 2008


As a national car company, our objective is to improve quality of community life and indirectly increase standard of living in Malaysia. As we know, when a company gets profit, they have to pay the tax to government and government use the tax to improve community’s life. For your information, Proton is national company where their products are made in Malaysia. Compare to other companies, we have more than 40 service centers in Malaysia. As a successful company, we had renovated our first product, Proton Saga with the same name but different design with the latest technology. The new Proton Saga has 1.3 liter sedan and directly save petrol use. For more information, log on to



  1. To ensure toy not extinct and still relevant in this technology era
  2. To make toy comfortable, safe and friendly for all children
  3. To produce sophisticated toy with high quality of material and cheapest price
  4. To make our company pre eminent among other toys company

    Specialty of our product

    Water proof, shock proof, unbreakable, stainless steel, comfortable price, anti bacterial, also long lasting and can easily digest if tots swallowed it.
    And had receive many awards such as from ISO for trusted brand, best seller 2008, best company marketing and promotion


    Ultra Power Company was establish in year 1990, founder by Azizi Din b Abdul Rahim
    Our company develops very well from that day and till now; we have 701 outlets around the world.
    Our headquarters at Kajang Selangor .In world of marketing, our company had monopoly about 95% toy markets. And now, we promise to strive our targets to achieve 100% monopoly about toys market. And we hope our company will be greatest, pre eminent and prominent in the future related to toy.



The objective of our company is to serve the best and delicious fast food to our customer around the world. The others objective of our company is to be the best fast food company among the competitors in serve and deliver the meals


We aim to be the leader in the Quick Services Restaurant (QSR) industry by maximizing profits and through our Principles of Q,S,C & V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value) consistent with the needs of our Customers, Employees and Community


To be our customers’ favorite and place way to eat


Serves 100% beef, 100% chicken and grade A eggs.

Foods come only from certified suppliers who are audited and inspected on a regular basis.


More 2000 safety, quality and inspection checks surround McDonald’s food as it moves from the farm to our restaurant.

Requires that 72 safety protocols are conducted every single day.

Works closely with independent experts on science, health and food – help McDonald’s develop the most stringent safety protocols

The price is reasonable and affordable for customers.

Cuci-cuci Services

Cuci-Cuci Services Sdn Bhd

• To be the biggest and the best cleaning services in the world.
• To provide the services with suitable charge to the customers.


Cuci-Cuci Services was established in year millennium 2000 by Mr Haisan. Until now, there are almost 97 branches around the world and the headquarters located at Padang Besar, Perlis, the first premise of Cuci-Cuci Services. Our company had many experience in cleaning building, premise, an even house. We had got many achievements since we were established such as OFFICIAL CLEANING SERVICES FOR OLYMPIC BEIJING 2008, signing a contract with AIR ASIA for cleaning services in 2006, and now we still cleaning KLCC and Sydney Opera House. Now, we are planning to develop our company in selling cleaning product and planning to start in car wash business at all of our branches.

Bettybear Choco Factory


BettyBear Choco Factory is a chocolate company that produces varieties of chocolate products. Our aim is to achieve our vision of becoming the number one and the best confectionery company in the world. We have lots of delicious and marvelous products that are accepted world wide. The taste of our products are different of the others and they come from variety of cocoa ingredients. Some of our products that are widely accepted are Betty delight Choco caramel, BettyBear mixed choco cubes, Beary sweet Choco jelly, Indulging choco I-scream, Chocofall Bear cake, Betty Assorted choco gift and many more. Our company had achieved The International Best Retail Award 07/08 and The International Best Selling Award 07/08. Besides that, our BettyBear Trebor Basset won the Malaysian Best Chocolate Award and Beary sweet Choco jelly and Betty delight Choco caramel are certified as the most delicious and marvelous chocolate made in the world. Now, we had just launched our new product, Barney Baking Chocolate at Putrajaya and Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur, for BettyBear Choco Factory Branch in Malaysia only. We are also expanding our branch in Korea and Egypt.All of our chocolates products are affordable.

“life is dull without chocolates…”

Contact us at :



- We are here to fulfill everyone’s need to look gorgeous

- We also want to introduce our company locally and abroad in order to increase economic growth in Malaysia


• Our company design dresses and also jewellery. We have famous designer all over the world. We followed customer’s opinion in order to satisfy their wants. Many celebrity choose our company to design their dresses for important events such as, Award Ceremony, wedding suits and etc. Our dress designs are displayed by magazine’s cover models. It has over 30 branches in Malaysia and 10 branches in the United State, Korea and India. What the special of our company are, design jewels and give the copyright to the customer. Our jewellery design suitable for all ages. It mostly choosen by couple for their engagement and wedding.

Digi Telecommunication


DiGi Telecommunications is a mobile service provider in Malaysia. It is owned in majority by Telenor ASA of Norway with 49%. On 24 May 1995 DiGi became the first telco in Malaysia to launch and operate a fully digital cellular network.
They were also the first to offer GPRS (2.5G) and later EDGE (2.75G) in Malaysia in 14 May 2004.
DiGi is listed on the Bursa Malaysia under the Infrastructure category.


“To become the finest enterprise in the country”


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Friday, 19 December 2008



1. having the quality or power of creating
2. resulting from originality of thought, expression, imagination: creative writing.

Nurturing students to think creatively might be a problem if they are not taught to think in a diversity of ways from young. Being creative can sometimes be easy and might be the most intricating activity for some students which results in students giving up on themselves. This is because they fail to push the envelope of how they think.

Students nowadays are creative but they just don’t realize that they can be creative. They learn things more holistically by placing their emotional intelligence in learning. The connection between personal thoughts and subject matter creates the students to think more about the content matter and thus trigger creativity.

The easiest tool to become a creative student is by drawing a mind map either in your head or on paper. It makes you become innovative by trying to link from one element to another. The more branches you make, the more that your brain is thinking thus enabling you to become creative in such matter by thinking beyond of what you are supposed to think about.

So, be creative from now on.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Students who participated in the Inter Faculty Scrabble Competition can collect their certs in my office.
Enjoy the final semester of Tamhidi. :)