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Monday 3rd September 2007
Venue: Biology lab
Science I : 12:15 - 12:45 p.m

Venue: In class

Medic II : Friday 7th September
11:00-11:30 a.m (num 1- 11)
11:30-12:00 p.m (number 12-22)

Science II : Monday 3rd September
2:30 - 3:00 p.m (num 1 -10)
3:00 - 3:30 p.m (num 11- 20)

Medic I : Friday 7th September
9:00-9:30 a.m (num 1- 13)
9:30-10:00 a.m (num 14-27)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

sc1, group 2

As I was flipping through the pages, I thought I saw a face I recognized. The picture wasn’t really clear. It was a bit blur with little smudges at the corner and damages due to time. However, I look at the picture carefully and tried to recall back my memory about the person. He wore a red cap but I could still see his hair dropping over his shoulders. He had big round eyes and no spectacles. In the picture, he was standing in the middle of a field, his baseball bat by his side and smiling to his ears. He seems very happy. Then I remembered something, which I wish I could forget-about a promise that had to broken.

The atmosphere was hot. Everyone was excited and cheering loudly-clapping and cheering for the home team. I was part of them, supporting for someone from the top bench. Number seven. Next, it was his turn and it was the winning point. Everybody put their hope on him to take the team to glory. Without needed to be told, the crowd went perfectly silent but I know everybody was eager and nervous inside. From the top bench, I could see him clearly, looking very calm and confident but only God knows what was playing inside. Seconds went by and he started to swing his lucky bat. Although this could be history but I don’t dare to look. I closed my eyes but continued whispering prayers so that he could make it. Then suddenly I heard the crowd panicking. I opened my eyes and saw him lying on the ground while holding his shoulders. What happened? But all I saw was him being carried out of the field on the stretcher.
I haven’t seen him for a week. How is he? Is he still overwhelmed by his loss? Nobody actually blame him, nevertheless he could still make it up during the next season. After a couple of days, I saw him at the cafeteria, sitting alone at the far end of the hall, deeply in his thoughts. By the look of him, I know he still blames himself for the team’s loss. He has been sad for over a weekend. I couldn’t bare to see him like that but do I have the strength? The strength to approach him and make him smiles again? However one day, during lunch time, he was sitting on the bench at the lake by himself. I couldn’t help myself but to near him. I didn’t know from where I got the strength but I just went to him. At first, he didn’t notice me. Although I have sat next to him, he still didn’t care. “You want some?”, I started the conversation by offering him an apple. He refused it. “I won’t charge anything, you know…” I tried to be friendly but actually hiding my true feeling. But, he remained silent. His response made my face turn red like the apple in my hands. Then, I joined him to silence. Then I said, “You know what, everybody likes your performance. You’re doing well actually. By the way the current game was nothing. That was your first mistake and maybe the last during your career in baseball, I guess. Don’t feel sad and guilty to meet people. I…” I hadn’t finished my sentence yet. “Enough, thanks for consoling me.” For the first time he said something to me. He looked at his watch and started to leave the bench. “You are welcome, but how about this apple? I’ll be more than glad if you’re willing to take it.” Then, he took it and gave me a smile, and left me alone on the bench.

From that day onwards, we grew closer and closer to each other. I don’t know what’s the apple got that changed him to become my best friend. Every week, I brought him an apple for him to taste. “ How was it? Taste great doesn’t it?” “ Hmm, sweet and gorgeous! Just like you!” he said spontaneously. I guess he was just joking around with me. Gorgeous? Me? Nahh…I wish that it was true but I can’t. I just can’t. Furthermore, he’s my best friend.

We were like best friend forever. In addition, we spent most of our time together- studying, eating lunch and go to baseball games. However, what made me most happy is that his spirit has recovered. Therefore, he is the usual him but a better him. We had a lot of fun together but until that day I received a letter that changed my life forever. Actually, I longed waited for that letter but now it is in my hand. Do I feel happy? It was my dream to further my studies at Princeton University. But am I willing to leave him?

Days went as usual but I was in dilemma whether to tell him or not. The final match is just round the corner, so I just don’t want him to loose concentration. However, I am determined to tell him after the game. So I just acted as nothing had happened, and I promised him to come to the game to support him. But unfortunately, on the morning of the game, my dad called and told to come home. There’s something urgent he said. But how about the game? I had to choose whether to go to the game or go back home. However, I know my priorities. Family comes first, so I made the difficult decision-went back home. Because of the immediate upcoming plan, I didn’t have the chance to inform him about my absence to his game. I promised I will make it up with him. However, God have other plan and so does my dad. He didn’t allow me to go back to school and told me to stay at home and settle some matters regarding my registration to university. I was really frustrated by my dad’s decision but what can I do, he’s all that I have in the whole world. “ I’m sorry” I hope the wind will send my apologies to him. A few days after registration day, my friend from school called me. She said that, he came looking for me after the game. He said he wanted to thank me for giving undying support to him. He won the game. And for me, I was very thrilled for him and I wish I was there. But can we ever return back time? Of course not.

Four months later during my mid semester break, I went back to school looking for him. However, I only got to know that he had moved away. He had an offer to play with Chicago’s baseball team which is the team that everybody dreamed of playing with. In addition, he went there because of me, bringing along his broken heart. And from that day, I have never seen or heard from him again.

I felt somebody touch my hand and suddenly all my memories disappeared. It was my eldest daughter telling me that my youngest son, only seven months had woke up from his sleep and asking for me. I am very happy with my life now surrounded by a loveable family. But his name will always remain in my heart and our memories will always be treasured.

Nik Adlin

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

sc1, group 4

She knew that she should not have told a lie. Although Saliha knew that, she did lie to Zack. All she was doing was for the sake of her friend, Yana and for their friendship. Zack is a good-looking man, with a nice hair groom, dark shining eyes, and a lovely smile. He is looking for a suitable girl to be his special friend, instead to be more than a special one. The one who can share happiness and sadness together, spend a warm moment, caring, and sincere loving him. However, nobody knows about this.

Saliha fall in love with Zack for a long time, since the first time she saw him in the campus cafeteria. Herself does not understand why she must felt like that. Everytime she saw him, her heart beat will increase without no reason. However, she just kept her feelings towards him as secret for a long time. This is because she thought she is not suitable for Zack.

But she does not know Zack has already fall in love with her. Same with her, Zack had the feeling since they met accidentally at the campus cafeteria. For him, Saliha is an innocent looking girl, yet she is quite active in co-curriculum and one of the best students in her course. In addition, Saliha is also a decent young girl. Moreover, they are classmates.

But what make Saliha kept her feelings is because of her roommate and also her classmate, Yana . Yana is a friend to Saliha since they were in the first year. It means, they have been friends for three years. In three years, they have been through many sweet things together, share happiness and sadness, share laughs and tears, moreover they just like sisters and they needs each other more than anything. Yana also has feelings for Zack. Saliha think Yana is more suitable for Zack better than her because of the charming face and modern appearance. Furthermore, she does not want to sacrifice their friendship because of a man. Therefore, she kept her feelings as a secret.

One day, Zack asked her to have a lunch with him. It is hard to say no to a man she really admired and this is like a golden opportunity for her to have a moment with him. They walked together. Zack choose a quite hidden table at the corner of the cafeteria. Then, he pleased Saliha to sit and he went to buy foods for both of them. They started eating. Silent. No conversation happened between them. Both of them tried to start the conversation but have no guts. Suddenly, Zack opened his mouth within looked into Saliha eyes. Saliha felt the staring went into her heart. Zack asked her to be his soul mate, he claimed he wanted this moment to happen for a long time ago but only have the guts to express it now.

Saliha was so shocked. She does not know what to say. She cannot hold her tears. She never expected this would happen. At this moment, Saliha can only think about Yana who always talked about how cool Zack is, how beautiful Zack’s hair is and a lot of other compliments. Without looking to Zack, Saliha told him that she has no feelings for him. Her heart is for another man. In addition, they are not suit to be together. She apologies
because had to let him down and really appreciate for invited her for lunch. She stands and went away without looking back.

She had to do so for the name of friendship. She really loved this friendship and would not let anything destroy it although she felt hurt very much. She smiles, but in her smiles full of sadness. She never told Yana about the incident happened between her and Zack. But Yana smelled fishy about Saliha nowadays. She looked really uncomfortable when Zack stared at her and more often isolated herself in her room. Yana has no idea on what going on but she knew something big had happened in Saliha life. She wanted to ask Saliha but from her face she knew Saliha would not share anything with her because if she has a problem, she would share it with her with no doubt. She wanted to wait until Saliha’s heart opened to tell her. But until now, Saliha still kept it as a secret and at the end, Yana asked Zack himself and was very shocked to know that Saliha had let Zack down.

At home, Yana waited for Saliha in Saliha’s room. As she waits, she looked around and found a book. She opened it. First, she found a picture of them together. Saliha wrote many sweet memories she had with Yana . Next, as she opened another page, she saw a picture of Zack. On that page, Saliha wrote everything about Zack, as her dream man. Yana was very shocked reading it but things got worse when she read more.
Yana discovered that she is the reason why Saliha said no to Zack, her dream man. Saliha was just protecting their friendship and Yana felt sorry for her.

When Saliha got back, she saw Yana cried in her room while reading her diary. They had a heart-to-heart talk. Yana said that it is alright for Saliha to be together with Zack because Saliha is the girl Zack chose and there is nothing Yana could do about it. Yana explained what happened to Zack. Yana knew she must play her roles in this situation. She must correct the mistake that Saliha had done. Saliha and Zack must be together. She made up one plan. She must ensure them seeing each other and discuss their problem using their heart.

She had lied to Saliha and Zack that she wanted to meet her at the lake in this evening. Furthermore, she does not want things become worse by the time. She wanted them to be together. Finally, they arrived. They were really shocked to see each other. Numb. Zack realized all this must be made up by Yana . He wanted to use this opportunity to correct the things and proposed Saliha to be his wife. He had to take the risk. He want to make Saliha knew he is really love and sincere towards her. And again, Saliha cannot bare her tears and start to cries in front of the man that she really loved. However, this is not a sadness tears but a happiness tears. She run towards Zack and hugged him tightly.

Now, Saliha lives happily besides a man that she really loved with their children. Her sadness has turns into a glory happiness which really needed in every human life. She really thankful to her best friend, Yana whom has helps her a lot to get this sincere and pure love. Yana has found a perfect guy for her and they just married last month. She prayed for Yana ’s happiness and has a perfect life with her beloved husband.




Opening story line:

Story 1: SHe pointed the gub at me and said, "How could you!"...

She pointed the gun at me and said, "How could you!"... Next,she started to talk about why she was doing that to me. "Although you are my best friend,I till can not accept that you are his girlfriend. You already know that I love him so much and I'll do anything for him so he will be mine.

However,I don't think it is my falt because Brad Pitt fall in love with me,not her. In addition,I am more sexy and preety than Jennifer. Therefore,Iam more suitable to be Brad's girlfriend. "Angelina,you are the worst friend I have aver had in my life. There are lots of other handsome guys out there like Tom Cruise,Keanu Reeves and Collin Farrel. But why do you still choose Brad to be your boy friend?!".

Then,Jennifer started to cry. So,it was an advantage for me to ascape from her. so,I tried to lose the rope on my hand and I succeed. However,she noticed about my escape and we started to fight with each other. Although she has a gun,but I don't care as long as I can escape my self. In Additin,Ihave skills in fighting that I got from Tomb Rider's movie.

I tried to take the gun from her. However,she hold the gun strongly and suddenly we heared a loud bang.BOOM! Then,I saw Jennifer's stomach was bleeding. I was so shocked! I called the ambulance but Jennifer died before the ambulance arrived.

Although the incident happened 5 years ago,but it is still fresh in my mind because she was my best friend. Jennifer had passed away. Therefore,there were no more barrier between Brad and me. So,we live happily aver after.

- Mardhiah
- Safura
- Zaharah
- Sumaiyah
- Najmi


He did not know how to tell her that he did not want to see her anymore. Therefore, he wrote a letter to her to end their relation because he knew he could not be her prince charming as he came from a poor family that had nothing except an old wooden house in the estate. In addition , the girl, Julia came from a very rich family.

Although she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she never proud of herself an kept going on making friends with other people included him. However, her father, Mr Robert who was the owner of the estate did not like her to be friend with the low class people and he always treat them like animals.

Therefore, on that day, Romy wanted to end his love with Julia and stop all the bad treats that Mr Albert gave to his family by sending the letter that he only wrote "Go to hell!! I hate you! "
Therefore, he ran as fast as his feet can carry him to Julia's luxurious bungalow which situated only one kilometer from his house to sent the letter that would completely change hi life forever. Then, when he reached the huge bungalow, he press the bell on the tall wall that separated Julia's house with the world.

Next, there was a creck on the gate flung opened by his beloved Julia, a beautiful girl with shiny green eyes. Then, smiled to him. Then, without staring into her beautiful eye, he put the letter in her hand and then, he ran back to his home as he did not want to see her tears after she read his letter. Although his home only one kilometer from that bungalow, the way back seemed to be so far.

Then, he reached his home and felt very relieved as all his problems was settled down and his family would never received any insult anymore. In addition, their neighbour also would never talked about them again because he would never meet her anymore. However, he still loved her until the end of his life.

The, suddenly, there was a loud bang on the door and it was flung opened by Julia and there was tears pouring down from her big eyes. Next, Julia shouted ‘How could you do this to me ! I hate you, Romy!’ Then, as fast as lightening, she took out a gun from her pocket and pointed it on her head.

However, Ramy could not do anything to stop her and the bang! Bang! Then, she fell on the floor and Romy quickly ran to get her. However, she was breathless. Therefore, Romy felt very guilty and there was nothing he could do except to follow his Julia. Then, he took the gun from Julia's hand " I'll follow you", and then there was a loud bang that ended their love story forever and ever.


Thursday, 23 August 2007

.muet seminar.




TIME: 7:45 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.



3RD November 2007


October 2007

November 2007

.wake up call.

Mid term 07/08

Medic & Science students
Date: Monday 27th August 2007
Venue: Chemistry & Biology Lab
Time: 12:00-1:30 p.m.

Dentistry students
Date: Monday 27th August 2007
Venue: DKP 1.6
Time: 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Blogging = money

blogging now is a JOB. u get paid when you blog. personally, for me it's not about the's about sharing.

having three active blogs inspired me to create this blog specially for my students in a local university located on the outskirts of N9. actually the location of this particular univ is closer to Selangor more to it's notable city 'Seremban'. all this while, i've considered it a part of Selangor anyway..

well, just to keep the ball rolling i think that this page will be a space for thoughts, opinions, insights or even any ramblings you wish to share. as i believe that when you write / blog it shows that you're alive. Alive in a sense that you are creative, imaginative and full of content. if you're not blogging it shows that comparatively you're stale.

life is full of taste and spices
try to experience every part of it
and share it through writing

~live to inspire

Friday, 10 August 2007

Mid Term 07/08

The final date for mid term 07/08
subject code: TLE 0103

Medic & Science students
Date: Monday 27th August
Venue: Lab
Time: 12:00-1:30 p.m

Dentistry students
Date: Monday 27th August
Venue: DKP 1.6
Time: 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Law students
Date and venue will be informed later

Monday, 6 August 2007

.Spelling mistakes.

major ones that ought to be avoided

Technician - teknition, technision
Housewife - housewive ??- confused between sing & plural (maybe)
sweat - sweet, swet
thinking- thingking
university- univercity
opinion - onion!!

i have an onion people,listen carefully.. ~