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The helicopter landed in the clearing...

Syazwani, med1

The helicopter landed in the clearing at the wide area in the centre of a jungle. A pilot with his uniform, James came out from the helicopter and he checked the problem at the helicopter. Its engine was leak and the petrol flow out to the land. Now, he knew why the petrol was almost empty. He was puzzled when he realized the quantity of the petrol before he decided to land at that area. He was relieved and thankful because he could control the helicopter before something bad happen.

James got the phone and made a call to the rescuer. Unfortunately, there was no coverage. James did not know what should he do? He just stopped for a moment to think and finally he took his bag and entered the jungle. He carved some tree to mark so that he would not lose. While, he was walking, he tried to search the phone line. But after two hours searching, he found nothing. He took a rest under the tree for a while thinking where he should go?

Errkk!!! James stomach sounded. He was hungry because he did not take his breakfast that morning. He tried to find something in his bag that he would fill his stomach. Even though, he brought a heavy bag, there no food inside it just a bottle of mineral water. After he drank it, he walked to the east. There was no mousedeer or any other animal to be his dishes. All the trees were big and high, therefore he could not take the ripening fruits. Besides, he worried to eat those fruits because they might be poisonous.

Suddenly, James heard a sound like a tiger. He went pale and panic. He saw a tiger and immediately he hid behind a big tree. From the tree he could see the tiger clearly. The tiger walked toward him. He closed his eyes and prayed because he was afraid if the tiger wanted to harm him. He felt the tiger getting nearer, but nothing had happen. When he opened his eyes, there was no tiger. He observed the surrounding it makesure the tiger was gone. James wondered where the tiger but he was relief about that.

It was getting dark and James was still stucked in the forest. He was extremely tired and faithless. He felt like he could die in any second. He took a rest and he gaze on his phone hopping for some coverage but there was none of it. He continued his journey. After two hours, he heard the sounded of the flow of water. He walked fastly to find the source of the sounded. Finally he found a beautiful place with a river and few trees with surrounding it. After he washed his face, he plucked the fruits. He sat near to the river and ate a lot of fruits because he was very hungry. After filling his stomach he got sleepy and as soon as he lay on the land he fall asleep.

James felt cold. It was getting in the morning when he opened his eyes. James woke up and took a bath. After that, he searched for trees that he marked yesterday but he could not find it anymore. James was lost. He went blank and he decided to walk to the north. He was determined with his decision to find his way back and he was lucky enough when he finally founded small village. James toward there and the villagers observed him. With his uniform, they knew that he was a foreigner. A man approached him and introduced himself as the head of that village. James introduced himself too and asked for some help from that man. James relief when the villagers wanted to help him. He was allowed to use their phone to call the rescuer.

Finally, the rescuer came to bring James back by the helicopter. Without landing, they threw a long rope for James. Before he climbed the rope, James thanked to the leader for the help and the dishes. The next day, J ames returned to the place where he landed his helicopter with a mechanic. After the helicopter was repaired, James visited the village before back to the city. He gave the leader some rewards for their help. James could not forget about his experience in the jungle alone. Without them, he might be Tarzan.

bella, med 2

“This is the most advanced gadget I’ve bought. It costs almost 2 billion. Make sure you use it with your brain!” Explain Professor Abraham to Tom, his favorites spy. Tom stood still with hands in his pocket, listen attentively just like a ‘pro’. Suddenly A rang reached every ear in the secret room. “A job for you Tom!” That’s great! This year I can shop in France ! Here I come!”

France, a big city well-known with its famous Eiffel Tower, fragrance and ‘long’ bread called ‘baggue’ its people moving on their own feet, ignoring each other, a very good place for a spy like him.Tom, with his skin- colour T-shirt wearing short pants, trying to look ordinary .His mission was to investigate a most wanted person, suspected for the most huge drug-dealer for over 10 years with no concrete evidence at all. He was holding newspaper and there was a big, bold man on the front page.”Lucky you Robert! This time, you have no place to go.” Tom got a plan to sneak ‘politely’ into Robert’s house by being the security guard for the mansion.

Lucky Tom got the job with a tag name ’Harry’ with the bullet-proof suit after a certain security check. After two weeks observing the mansion, Robert’s tricky schedule was already in Tom’s head. Moments he left his room, moment he went for discussion and also moment for his bladder time! What he was waiting for was the time to ‘rock’ the party. On that night, he sneaked into Robert’s room when Robert was out to have some ‘cocktail’ with his business partner. After scanning with his bare eyes, he found a mouse hole inside the big, well-built room. How can a mouse hole exist inside such a ‘modern’ room? Something fishy here. Such a ‘genius’ Robert”. Tom found it! The button for secret ‘chamber’ and also the ‘heaven’ for Robert.

There was a huge, tall shelf with white flour- like packing thing arranged on it. In the nick of time, Tom used his high nano- tech camera buried under his finger tips to capture all the evidence. “You’re finished, Robert!” Tom smiled without noticing a tiny infra-red line. He touched it. “Rang……..” Alarm gave out its not- so- good sound for Tom. “O’ooo…..”

Tom heard foot steps and with the plan and fine ideas he had planned before, Tom used his bomb to destroy the wall. “Boom!!!” The wall opened; make a path for him to the living room. He met two big guys with ‘bazooka’ on their shoulders, pointing towards Tom.

Tom started to use his ‘Jackie-Chan’ stunt and finished those guys. As a result, he got two punches on cheek and a shot at his leg. Blood oozed out from his mouth one he reached the main door while his bullet-proof suit was still sticking to the body, a little bit torn. With the help of the chip buried inside his teeth, he contacted Professor Abraham to send a ‘transport’ for him. Unfortunately, he met with the big boss, Robert. Just like a real rugged ‘cowboy’ style, Tom looked at Robert, having no gun at all.” it is the time. Robert. You should realize it!” Robert made that hideous look, with the scar on his face, he fluttered a few times. Robert tried to shoot Tom with his fire arm but quickly Tom knelt down and took out his knife inside his sock and ‘dart’ towards Robert’s stomach! Just on time, Tom heard a helicopter coming and the helicopter landed in the clearing land, waiting for Tom. Tom got out into the helicopter and said ”Got you!”, with his hands waving towards Robert .On the next day, big printed issue on the front page ,Robert with a handcuff around his wrist”.

alyani, sc 1

The helicopter landed in the clearing area of TUDM compound.As an TUDM army,driving a helicopter is a my duty.I enjoy myself on the air although it is quiet challenging.Today,I feel so tired because the weather is so hot.So,I decided to take a rest at the park near the hill. While I was waiting for the time to back home,suddenly I felt so sad and remembered about my sad memory.The memory started coming back.I could'nt stop it.

It was a day that I shall never forget.She left me without saying a word.I looked at her pale and cold body.My tears just flowed.I still remember vividly that fateful day.A trunk call from Kelantan rang and brought news that my beloved grandmother had heart attacked.

To me,she was the dearest and the most important person .No more I will see her chubby cheeks,pointed nose and warm smile on her lips.My eyes became watery.obscuring my sight and tears rolled down drop by drop.I tried to keep my lips closed tight to avoid an outburst of crying and I tried to atop shaking.

At once my uncle contacted all of us. My grandmother had a critical condition and asked us to come back as soon as possible but when we arrived at Raub my father’s mobile phone rang . The other end of the line sadly told us that our beloved grandmother had just passed away. Our hearts broke and we were sobbing. She was still young for me. It was very painful to know that no one by her side of the moment of her death. I felt so hard to accept her death. The last time I met her just three months ago. I cried in the deep of my heart when I thought of her on the way to went back to Kelantan.

I remember the advice she gave me. I treasure all the things that she left for me-the pictures that we took together. Oh, grandmother , you are the best for today and forever. May God bless you and your soul rest in peace . I never forget the date you left us – 11 September 2007.

A loud of noisy had made my memories lost immediately. I realized that I was still at the park and I was late to come back to my home. I stand up and quickly packed my things and drive my car to back home.On the way, I promised to myself to be more tough in my life.

My Close Friend's Wedding

You recently attended a close friend’s wedding. Describe to another friend all that you saw at the wedding.

Seera gy , sc1

Mostly, everyone wants their wedding day becomes the most memorable event in their life. Wedding day becomes important for us because this is our happy day and this is she day we become the new one. In addition, we have our responsibilities to our own families after we married. At the other sight, some people thought the wedding day should be celebrated merrily. Just like my best friend who will married with her beloved fiancé. When she invites me to her wedding, her smile never left from her face. She looks happy and she was a lucky girl because she found a man that she loves. The man who is gentle, caring and loving is the man who had been admired by all women.

On her wedding day, I brought a big and special present for her. The wedding ceremony was held at Renaissance Hotel, a famous five stars hotel which situated near KLCC.She is wealthy and lives luxuriously which is born with silver spoon in mouth.So,it is not impossible for her to make a grand ceremony. My first step in the hotel, I was amazed when I saw all the room was filled by fresh flowers. It was scented with roses, lavender and lilies. I step in and I look around. There are many people in the hotel. I walked straight and at the end, I found the hall.

First time I walked in, I felt like I was in a beautiful garden because there are many flowers and leaves surrounded me. For a while, I got my own world and it was brought my childhood memories back. I still remember when my parents took me to the Cameron Highland . I saw the garden like in fairy tale because it is look beautiful and I can found there are many types of flowers and plants.Suddenly,someone has touch my shoulder and the memories was disappeared from my mind. I looked back and I saw a Cinderella was in front of me. She is my best friend and also a bride for today. She looks beautiful and charming especially when she dressed a glimmering blue gown. Although she chooses a simple make up, her hazel eyes enhance her charms. She makes a best choice when she matches her gown with the blue scarf.

We reciprocate smiling at each other. She held my hand and pulled me to her room where she had placed all her stuff. We chat for a while when someone come in and disturbing our chatting. She asks my forgiveness before she left me alone in that room. I know she quite busy today and I don’t blame her for this. I went out and back to the hall. There are many guest among VIP and her other friend in that hall. I walked round before I sat on my own chair. There are about thirty tables in the hall. I sat at the second tables near the bridal dais with the other friends. Mostly, the guests show off by wearing the exclusive clothes.

During my chatting with the other friends, the groom and the bride walked in into the hall. Everyone became quiet and they point their eyes at the bridegroom. The bridegroom walked slowly as they can smile to the other guests. For me, they look suitable for each other because the groom look handsome and the bride were so charming. At the end of their walk, they reach at the bridal dais. They sat on the chair and everyone looks happily for them. Ceremony was started with insignia of ‘tepung tawar’ and marriage song. Everyone look excited to try that insignia. I also take a chance to do the insignia. At first, I felt scared because I don’t know how to do that procedure but after I did it, I feel delight. I got a ‘bunga telur’ from the brace.

Next, all the guest had been served with many types of food. We had been served with rice, ‘gulai’, ‘ayam pedas’ and many more. There are also various types of ‘kuih-muih’ and fruits. For a while, the hall became silent because everybody having their lunch includes me. I choose to eat more because I was so hungry. In addition, I didn’t take any breakfast in this morning. Many of us choose to eat the fruits after finish our lunch. After that, the guests start taking picture with the bridegroom. This session make the hall become uproar because everyone starts to move towards to the bridal dais.

This ceremony makes me easy to feel tired because I can’t stand for a long among the crowded people. So, I make a decision to back home. When everyone starts to eat their dessert, I take a chance to meet my best friend and her husband. She gives me a special souvenir to keep as a memory. Once again, we smile at each other and she hugs me strongly. I’m so happy for her. Before leave, I wish them happiness and have a long relationship.

Syafiq , med 1

Wedding day is one of the most important events that we dream will occur in our life. Although it’s not occur to me yet, but recently my friend has experienced it. Actually, she is my old friend and I know her since primary school. She and I studied in the same class until standard six. But, we were separated as we further our study to secondary school. We got offered from different boarding school. Therefore, I had lost contact to her after wee further our study. Fortunately, I accidentally met her again but not in my hometown, but in campus Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM). Initially, I was surprised when I saw someone who looked familiar to me ate at the cafĂ©, but after that remember that she was the one who I miss a lot before. Without waste anytime, I quickly walk approaching her and the first expression I got from her was “You??!!”. And I answered “Yes, it’s me. You are not dreaming.”

Consequently, I found that we were studying in different course. She took economic while I took science. Both of us still cannot believe that we will meet again after about seven years separated from each other. We spent several hours talking about what was happened since we further study to the boarding school. Moreover, there were a lot of memories that we shared together before this. We talked about ourselves, our parents and also about our other friends. Finally, I got a shocked that also a good news for me, she will be married with a guy that had been chosen by her family to be their son-in-law. Although the guy was not her choice, but she didn’t regret but glad with her family’s choice. She had invited me to attend her wedding day ceremony and I had promised her that I would be there on that day.

On last Friday, I went to my friend’s house located in Shah Alam, Selangor. I went there by commuter train at 9 o’clock at the morning and I arrived there about one and a half hour later. Firstly, when I arrived there, I was surprised after looking to my friend’s house. It was an extremely big bungalow with greenish carpet grass surrounding her bungalow compound. Besides that, the fence of the bungalow might be two meters in height was so beautiful and it was bright blue in colour. The first thing that came across in my mind was her family was very rich. At the time I reached in the bungalow, there were about 20 men were busy preparing the table for the guests. From the right of the bungalow compound, there was a large car’s garage and there was also three cars, a Mercedes, a Mitsubishi Lancer and a Nissan Skyline were parked inside. Next to the garage were two huge canopies. The canopies were blue-white striped in colour and I thought it was rent from Sidek Canopy Ltd. Based on the sign on the canopy. Under the canopy was three long tables for each canopy, so the total were six altogether. Furthermore, there was another two extra tables that be used as the food and drink corner. As a result, guests who came will have enough space to have their meal. Extra chairs were also provided if they wanted to eat somewhere else.

At the left hand side of the bungalow, there was an attractive hand-made mini waterfall with the sign ‘Taman Harmoni’ on top of it. It was beautiful and I was so pleased to see that hand-made waterfall. I walked towards the house to meet my friend at the bride room at the upstairs of the bungalow. In the house, I saw a bride stage in the middle of the dining room. It was very colourful and seems luxurious to me. In addition, there was a lot of flowers such as roses, lily and daisy were hung to the bride stage. Deep in my heart, I wished that I could hold my wedding day just like this at the future.

At the afternoon, the wedding ceremony was finish successfully and I was so glad saw my friend on her wedding day with a lot of guests came and wished her to have a happy life on her marriage. Thus, I also did not miss to wish her too. Happy Wedding Day, Liyana.!!

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sample essays


"Mu-et....Moo-et....M-U-E-T...",different intonation and pronounciation for MUET,Malaysian University English Test and Puan Sharifah Adilah,the first speaker for MUET Seminar last week proceeded those before she started her session.A secret to master English was not just in one night but the whole journey of life or in other word,continuous learning but how?Of course she said,the key is reading.By reading,we could enhance our vocab,grammar and words.Puan Sharifah said that one English word leads to various meanings.I could still call to mind three different meanings of 'Put' when it is combined with preposition 'up','off',and 'in'.What I could say was "Wow..English is fun" and after all,I need to have a Reader's Digest from now on.

In addition,she exposed us in a different sight of English.For instance,how Malaysians use it in humorous way by direct translating words such as 'cow car' and 'flower tyre'.Funny right?Of course she told us that she stopped marking and started laughing.To make it worst,MUET candidates did the witty things while her PMR students could do better!What was in my mind on that time was if the paper was mine,it would be a major embarrassement and definitely I have to do something to cope with this.Still,I need a lot of reading and the enchanting thick thing,the dictionary,will be my companion from now on.

Moreover,she coached us to use the correct terms and appropriate words in a sentence.For example,"I found him exhilarating"Actually he or she wanted to say that his or her friend excites him or her but is it the correct word?Well,in this case,I don't think so!It is encouraged to use bombastic words rather than using the same monotonous words for every sentences or paragraphs but wrong usage of words would baffle the readers and the examiners alike.The same answer for this problem,reading is the clue to everything.

Then came our second speaker,Puan Hasnah Bt Mohd Rais.She leaded us on how to speak and listen properly especially in MUET.Amazing slides,great presentation and good sense of humour,all in 2 hours.She tried to demolish our fear when it comes to public speaking.She attracted the crowd and boosted my confidence and actually my voice was a little faint at first in front of hundreds of big crowds but 'Haah...what a relief..'.At last, I could voice out my curiousity.'Yay!I overcome an obstacle myself!' Thanks to her..

In details,she showed us how to manage limited time wisely during the communicative skills test including to take down notes whatever other candidates have presented during individual presentation and how fluency and confidence take place on that time.She tutored us to provide at least 3 points with the elaborations and the most vital things are not to dominate the whole discussion,make suggestions and express recommendations,that was how the Band-6 candidate achieve his score and hopefully I would be the one!

"Band 4 is the minimum level to pass MUET exam.."That was what both speakers said.However,would that be a satisfying level for me who have studied English since kindergarten?Definitely not!English is actually exciting,universal and can be 'exhilarating'.Just like Professor Barbara Seidlhofer from University of Vienna said,"English is a Lingua-Franca.As a result of the unprecedented global spread of English,it becomes reality."No wonder everybody speaks English nowadays as well as there are candidates who can achieve Band 6.I was attracted to my friend's words.."Nothing is impossible and actually impossible is nothing.."If the others can achieve the highest band for MUET,so do I!


When I first heard that we, ‘Tamhidian’ students of Islamic Science University of Malaysia, had to spend a whole day of our weekend listening to a lecture about MUET, my heart started to scream in protest. Not that I thought MUET is not really important, but it was just not the right time. Since the attendance is compulsory and I am a discipline student, I missed my family gathering in Malacca and reluctantly came to the campus. Moreover, I had already paid RM30 for the seminar’s fee. So, like it or not, I had to attend.

The seminar started an hour late than scheduled since it was raining and our speaker encountered a few problems on the way. So, while waiting we were fed with, in my opinion, quite a heavy breakfast, rice with anchovies and chicken. “ This really worth RM30. If we got this for breakfast, I wonder what we’ll get for lunch” I thought.
But, when our first speaker started to speak, I knew this seminar was really worth spending for. Both our speakers were full of experience and quite humorous teachers too. They were capable to force us, well at least me, to listen to them attentively. I found that their talks were rather enjoying and I knew I could learn a lot from them.

For a start, I had got clearer picture about what MUET really is from the first speaker. MUET actually stands for Malaysian University English Test set by the government. It is opened to any citizens who had seated at least for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). There are four components that will be tested, which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. The participants will be graded from Band 1, which is the lowest standard, until Band 6.
Besides that I also learned more about English Language from this seminar. In English there are also certain words that are usually used in speaking only called colloquial, just like in Malay Language we called ‘Bahasa Pasar’. This kind of words I usually used in my writing since I did not know about this rule. I also learned how to pronounce certain words correctly. From that day onwards, I was aware that I had to be very careful in writing and also speaking so that I would not jeopardize this language and also make a fool of myself.

Furthermore, we, the participants had been reminded again and again that in order to improve our skills either in speaking or writing we have to read. Reading is really vital if we want to learn any language. From reading, first of all, you can increase the number of your vocabulary since you will bump into many words that you never encountered before. In addition you can also distinguish the usage of words in sentences. Some words cannot be used in certain sentences although the meaning seems correct. Moreover, your grammar will also be better.

The most important lesson that I had learned from that seminar was the reason why do we have to be fluent in English, why do we have to master this language? It is not because English is the main language of the world and we have to speak in English everyday. It is just for survival. For instance when you are searching for a job you have a major advantage if you are fluent in English. Most employees state that they required employers that can speak in English because if you are going to have a business with foreigners you need to communicate in English. But, this does not mean we have to use English language for the whole life. As Malays we also have our own language that our ancestors had used, our parents use and even our Prime Minister uses it. Malay language also once had been lingua franca. So we have to be proud of it, we have to preserve it or it will be forgotten, if not now in the future. If we Malays do not want to preserve it who will? The Chinese? The Indians? They have their own language why would they bother about ours? It is really vital for us to learn English, but it is up to us also to preserve our national language.

In a nutshell that seminar had taught me a lot of lessons that I thought I would never get them anywhere else. It was a RM30 program after all so I had to grab all the information and lessons or it would be a waste of money and time. I also will strive to try and reach my target of getting at least band 5 for MUET that will be hold in this upcoming October.


MUET stands for Malaysian University English Test.It is taken by students who intend to pursue their tertiary education at local public universities since it is a mandatory test to gain entry into degree courses offered at all Malaysian public universities.It is also a test to measure candidates english proficiency comprising from reading,writing,listening and speaking skills.In order to assure candidates pass the test with flying colours,seminars have been made by profesionals to expose to them about the ins and outs of MUET.Fortunately,the seminar was held at my university and I was grateful to attend the seminar.

The seminar was divided into two sessions: the first session was about reading and writing which was done in the morning,in the evening,was on listening and speaking skills.To make things smoother during the seminar,students were given handouts as a reference.At first,my intention towards the seminar was a bit dull,I thought the test would be like the same SPM level question and probably there's not going to be a big problem in answering.However I was wrong about it,the presenter told that as we are now in a university,therefore the question level should suits our standards.She explains that due to students tend to take the test for granted,as a result many of these students end up with getting band scale 4.0 and below and unfortunately,students that got band scale 3.0 and below had to resit the test for the second time.I really hope that I will take the test just for once.

The presenter then cools us down by explaining that there's nothing to be worry about,'that is why I'm here to help',she said.For reading,we must be able to understand the passage or text in order to answer the question and some of the words in the text are quite flowery thus we need to be able to guess the meanings.I viewed some of the samples in the booklet,and I admit it is slighty hard from the one I had during SPM.She gave us some tips on reading,which is to get the general idea about the passage and read twice for some of the important words we might overlooked.She also told us to be prepare with some of the current issues that are being discussed at present.For instance,Global Warming,Diseases,Innovations in Science and so on. I'd rather say my weakest capability is in writing,because I need ample of time to generate ideas before putting it into sentence on a paper and sometimes I felt that somewhere I'm stuck in generating ideas and there's no connection to be related from one idea to another.Therefore,the presenter told us to train our minds to give points in a second as many as we can and identify the main points, supporting details and some implicit points which are necessary.

The evening sessions was a bit lively I say,probably it's because it revolves around speaking and listening.We were shown a real recorded video on speaking,involving candidates just like us whom have took the test.Although there were laughter in the hall but I believe that deep inside each one of us were the feelings of nervous when we will be facing the same situation.The presenter for this session invigorates us by showing some students who got band 5.0,4.0 and 3.0.This is just to make sure that we are determine to get at least band 4.0 to be safe.For listening she just reminds us to be attentive,such a simple word but hard to achieve.

In a nutshell,this MUET seminar undoubtedly have given me a rough idea on what's going to happen during the test.I need to prepare mentally,do a lot of readings,practise on speaking as the presenter stress out that we need to create english environment,and to be able to handle the pressure and feelings.

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1. Mother
2. Grandma

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1. Homesick
2. Jakarta Trip

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descriptive patterns

Try to continue these descriptions according to its pattern & detect mistakes by highlighting them.

Every time he heard the song entitled 'Bukan Diriku', he found himself at his past time. He hate being in this condition but as a human being, he can't lie to himself that he is really frusterated with his ex-girlfriend, Salina. She dump him just because of other guy. Even he is willing for letting her to go, yet his heart still hurt. just because to see his beloved one live happily, he sacrifice his own happiness. From outside he seems to be so tough but in contrast, his heart always crying and still hoping that Salina will come back onto his life.


From the window of our aparment, i look down at a car park.At the left of the car park it has a signbord "parking at own risk".Outside the fence it has bushes,sometime i can see a few dog wondering outside there.Far away from the bushes is a big mountain


As soon as i entered the kitchen, my attentions was immediatly drown to the foods on the cabinet.It is full with maggi,milo,oat and many more.It is like mini giant and at the left of cabinet is sink.


My study table so messy,at the left edge is my note paper.Besides, my pen ....... scattered within the centre of my table.At the right egde is my radio,i will become sleepy if do not listen ......... the radio.In addition ,sometime i cannot see my table because it is full with books.

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Fasting month commences tomorrow.

Wishing all of you
a happy and productive fasting month!

My Idol, TTM2, Sahaila

In our lives , we came across many people . We see new faces everyday. Many of them remain anonymous , some may be acquitances, some will become our friends but from that , only one person will become our idol. What makes an idol? In the words of Oxford Learner's Dictionary, idol is person or thing that is loved and admired very much. I supposed that everyone of us have their own idol either a pop, singer , Prime Minister , or football players. For me, my mother, or 'mak' as she is affectionately called at home is my idol since I was young.

Perhaps, of all the people in their life , a mother holds a special place as their idol, like me! It is she who brings her children into the world, teaches them their first words and mould their character. My mother is the most interesting women that I know. She was more than just an ordinary mother. She has influenced my lives in so many ways that is difficult to imagine my life without to teach people her. She always been there to share my triumphant and victorious moments, and when I had my share disappointments and frustrations, she was there with her kind words of comfort.

In my studies, she is the most important person who always support me to success. Being quite a fastidious person about her children's study, when she know I got a problem in studies, she always at my back to give me all the advices and push me up. This situations trigger me to be more struggle in my studies to achieve what I want to be in the future as I'm a girl who had a big dream to be a doctor. She always said that nothing will come easily until we approached to it and only the sky is the limit in study.

My mother is both loving and lovable although sometimes she can be quite exasperating at me at times as she will babble when I did something wrong. But I know that's all for my benefits. Mother also a very open minded , good listener and empathy person as I can tell her about any stories including friends and love. She always have time to hear it and ready to give a helping hand about my problems. By hook and by crook, she will try to deserve all my problems as she can.

Mother is very much a workaholic person. You will always find her busy with a broom or a mop in her hand, cooks, sewing the clothes, or she may be busy lending to her small garden and cactus with her green fingers. Furthermore, she is very creative person. She know how to sew beads on the clothes, make vase or basket from old newspapers, glass painting and others until although she is homemakers, she also had been invited to teach secondary school student and other people that want to learn art work from her. During my holiday before entered university, I also helped my mother to teach people until I had being called by them as 'Little teacher'.

She also very enthusiastic to learn new thing as now she take part in Arabic classes and reciting al-Quran classes because she know that religion is one of the most important thing as it is part of a Muslim's life. Every Thursday night, that her routine to sit in front of the television watching Forum Perdana Hal Ehwal Islam. She also a woman of fortitude , it is her belief that only the strongest and fittest survive in this world. There is no place in it for moaners and weepers.

In spite of this, that's why I chose my mother as my idol. Otherwise, I know that there will come a time when she will have to leave us but, I do hope very much that the time will not come forever. She will be my friend and confidant.

My Idol, TTS1: Izwan

Malaysian are waiting for celebration of independent‘s day for 50 years that is just around the corner on 31 August this month. As a Malaysian people further born in this lucky country, I’m very appreciate for everything especially our national heroes who are struggle by fighting with the enemy such as Portugese, Belanda, Japan, and Europe. The forth prime minister of Malaysia is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, since 10 July 1981 until 2003.

He was born in Alor Star, the capital of the northern state of Kedah, Dr Mahathir said in his autobiography that he had Indian ancestry (from his father), with its origins tracing back to Kerala in India, while his mother was a Kedah-born Malay. During World War II, he sold pisang goreng (banana fritters) to supplement his family income in the Japanese occupation of Malaya. His first attended a Malay vernacular school before continuing his education at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College in Alor Star. Mahathir then attended the King Edward VII Medical College in Singapore, where he edited a medical student magazine called The Cauldron; he also contributed to the The Straits Times newspaper anonymously under the nickname "Che Det". Mahathir was also President of the Muslim Society in the college. He married Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, a former classmate in college on 5 August , 1956, and left the government service in 1957 to set up his own practice in Alor Star.
In 1969, while in the political wilderness, Mahathir wrote his book, "The Malay Dilemma" in which he sought to explain the causes of the 13 May Incident in Kuala Lumpur and the reasons for the Malays' lack of economic progress within their own country. He then proposed a politico-economic solution in the form of "constructive protection", worked out after careful consideration of the effects of heredity and environmental factors on the Malay race. The book, published in 1970, was promptly banned by the Tunku Abdul Rahman government. However, some of the proposals in this book had been used by Tun Abdul Razak, the second Prime Minister, in his "New Economic Policy" (N.E.P.) that was principally geared towards affirmative action economic programs to address the nation's economic disparity between the Malays and the non-Malays. The ban on his book was eventually lifted after Mahathir became Prime Minister in 1981.

Mahathir rejoined UMNO on 7 March 1972, and was appointed as Senator in 1973. He relinquished the senatorship post in 1974 in order to contest in the general elections where he was returned unopposed in the constituency of Kubang Pasu, and was appointed as the Minister of Education. In 1975, he became one of the three vice-presidents of U.M.N.O., after winning the seat by 47 votes. Tun Hussein Onn appointed Mahathir as Deputy Prime Minister on 15 September 1978, and in a Cabinet reshuffle, appointed him concurrently as the Minister of Trade and Industry.
Mahathir became the Prime Minister of Malaysia on 10 July 1981 when Tun Hussein Onn stepped down due to health reasons. After 22 years in office, Mahathir retired on 31 October , 2003, making him one of Asia's longest-serving political leaders. Upon his retirement on 31 October 2003, Mahathir was awarded a "Tun"-ship, Malaysia's highest civilian honour.

During his term in office, Mahathir turned Malaysia into a regional high-tech manufacturing, financial, and telecommunications hub through his economic policies based on corporate nationalism, known as the various "Malaysia Plans" which set out the government middle-term objectives. These policies with strong Keynesian tendency remained in effect almost to the end of his tenure in office. His pet projects have included Perwaja Steel, an attempt to emulate South Korea and Japan, the Proton car company, and Astro, a satellite television service. Mahathir is credited with spearheading the phenomenal growth of the Malaysian economy, now one of the largest and most powerful in South East Asia. Growth between 1988 and 1997 averaged over ten percent and living standards rose twentyfold, with poverty almost eradicated and social indicators such as literacy levels and infant mortality rates becoming on par with developed countries.

During this period, Mahathir embarked on various large scale national projects, such as the North-South Expressway, which has cut transport times in half on the west coast of Malaysia, the Multimedia Super Corridor, a flagship project based on Silicon Valley designed to enable Malaysia's foray into information technology (it includes Malaysia's new administrative capital Putrajaya), Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, and the adjacent Sepang Formula One circuit, the Bakun Dam, meant to supply all of the electricity needs of the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak and which has enough capacity to enable exportation of power to Brunei; the project has since run into various difficulties and controversies, leading to at first, its cancellation and then its revival as a greatly scaled down project, Olympic-class stadium in Bukit Jalil, and the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world, and the world's tallest buildings from 1997 to 2003, that have become a symbol of modern Malaysia
While such projects have their benefits, corresponding high costs have made some Malaysians reluctant to engage in more of such ventures, believing that the money can be better spent on other areas of development. On the other hand, Mahathir has always argued that such projects yield a direct return to the economy, apart from just serving the national pride, as government spending in turn creates jobs along with other multiplier effects. Mahathir has also been criticised for the failures and inefficiency of some of his pet projects. Perwaja Steel eventually failed and had to be rescued by a corporate white knight. Its chairman, Eric Chia, faced charges of corruption in 2004. Proton eventually had to be bought by Petronas when its parent DRB-HICOM found itself over-extended. Astro enjoyed a monopoly on pay television services in Malaysia until 2005 when it ended with the granting of a licence to rival MiTV.

In 1975, Mahathir was appointed Minister of Education. He had always believed in the need for "education for the masses", with greater emphasis on maths and science, at high school level, in order to achieve his dream of a developed Malaysia. He continued to strongly promote his agenda of quantity-and-quality higher education during his term as prime minister. In those days, English, Chinese and Tamil-medium schools were fully run by private and missionary organizations. Students from these school sat for the respective overseas examinations set by the board of school committees and associations. For instance, Overseas Cambridge School Certificate (OSC) was set for English schools. Under the former Prime Minister's order, he drafted the KBSM syllabus in order to make Malay a compulsory subject to be taught in all subjects in these schools. Overseas examinations were subsequently abolished one after another throughout the years. Schools which converted to the national type received heavy fundings from the government. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Rendah Pelajaran (SRP) were fully introduced as national examinations.

In order to cater for the lower income indigenous population, boarding schools were promoted and constructed. Through government scholarships, tens of thousands of students were sent yearly to universities in the U.S., U.K., and Australia, western-type countries that Mahathir aspired to achieve par development with. Middle- and higher-income groups from non-Bumputera Malaysians who were unable to get a place in the local universities, due to the restrictive quota system and limited government scholarships, also independently sent their children to these universities. This has led Malaysia to have the third largest number of students going to western-type countries to pursue higher education, after China and India. Till today, education is a major source of Malaysia's expenditure, something that the current administration is trying to remedy. After years of sending students abroad, Malaysian post-graduate and industrial research and development has still not shown any notable progress.

In 1980, education quota was introduced as part of the National Economic Policy. Mahathir who became the acting prime minister, introduced the quota system to all economic sectors in Malaysia including the education system, whereby a designated percentage of undergraduate seats of higher institutions were reserved for Bumiputra (natives) citizens. This has led to a large number of highly competitive non-bumiputra applicants being unable to secure admission to institutions of higher learning. These applicants resort to the neighbouring or foreign countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and the western countries mentioned above.

Towards his later years, Mahathir promoted the liberalization of university start-ups, leading to branch campuses being built or the formation of permanent tie-ups with some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Amongst others, these led to the construction of The University of Nottingham in Malaysia (in partnership with the University of Nottingham, U.K), Malaysia University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.), in partnership with M.I.T. (U.S.) and Motorola), Monash University Malaysia (in partnership with Monash University, Australia) and Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak Campus (in partnership with Curtin University of Technology, Australia)
Private companies with a long running history in Malaysia like Intel and AMD were also encouraged to set up, and run partnerships and/or higher education centres and centres of excellence.

In 2003, after more than 20 years in post, he commented that non-bumiputra students excel far ahead of bumiputra students in academic qualifications. He soon introduced meritocracy by gradually lowering down the quota percentage reserved each year for the intake of bumiputra applicants in higher institutions to encourage fair competitions. In the year before his retirement, he attempted to remedy this problem by announcing that Mathematics and Science subjects must be taught in English in all primary and secondary schools. As a result of this rapid transition, the new school textbooks contain numerous typographical errors, and school teachers who are not fluent in English suffer difficulties in their teachings. This also subsequently caused some resentment among the Chinese education community and the hard-line Malays.

Today, all of his efforts and achievements have made Malaysia among one of the most successful country in developing human resources and infrastructural comodity besides gathering unity among the three main races in malaysia after the British Colonial Era.This is why I make Tun Dr Mahathir as my source of inspiration and the most influential person in my life.

My Idol, TTS1 : Atie

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Everybody has an idol to themselves as a guide to them to achieve what they want to be or what they want in their life. For me my father is an idol in my life. I love my father very much. He is a very hard worker and never neglected his responsibility to his family and my mother’s family, although he not doing a work that gives him a lot of money.

My grandmother, who is my father’s mother, always tells me about my father since he was borned. I like to hear about my father’s life because from that I could help myself to be work hard and work smart in study and always learn from my father’s spirit. She always praises my father. She was very proud to has a good and responsible son like my father. She told me that my father is the best son for her and she loves my father very much as if my father is everything in her life.

He is the third son from ten siblings. As he is the only one man in his family, he tried to be the best and always help his parents and his siblings. And now, after he got married, of course he has a new responsibility to his own family. But he never ignored his parents and his siblings. And after his parents died he take care all of his siblings and afford for their education until they graduated.

For me my father is a workaholic man. As one day, he came home after work and he got a badly fever and cannot talk anymore. His body was really hot and his fingers were doddering fastly. From that I know that he never stop from his work and that they he got a bad effect of his hardworking. Although he got that such fever, but on the next day he start hi work as usual and ignored his condition easily. I was very pity to my father. He do like that just because to gain enough money to my family and to his siblings who still studied. From that I gain my spirit to become a good person, a good daughter and a good student. Of course my father will proud of me and he will think that his done before this is not waste his strength.

Although he always busy, he still spend his time with his family. He always gives me an advice for my future. He do not want me to be like him and he want me to get a good job afterward. I always love my father and I think my father is the best person in the world and no one can replace him in my heart, in my life. My father is everything for me. Who am I without me!!!

.spelling mistakes.

He is very strick and serious. – strict
Hokey player
– hockey
Beutiful – beautiful
Mybe - maybe
Succesfully – successfully
Expecially – especially
Athlet – athlete
Gotta – got to
Teached – taught
Becaus - because
Beg- bag
Enought - enough
Extreamly- extremely
Memoriable- memorable
Inteliggent- intelligent
Ussual –usual
Happiess- Happiest
Buzy – busy
Responsibality- responsibility
Insted - instead
Councelling – counseling

He makes me matured and long thinking. – matured/ think intellectually
She never gives me a vinegar’s face – a sad/miserable face
Village food, city food. – Traditional and modern way of cooking

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

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If I Had A Chance To Grow Up All Over Again

If I had the chance to grow up all over again
I’d laugh more and cry less
I’d do less complaining and more appreciating.
I’d take advice and throw away my stubbornness.
I would care to do less and to achieve more
I’d take more knowledge and become more intelligent
I’d stop playing and hug my mother
I would be more confident and determine.
I’d do more to help and less worrying my parents
I would be more friendly to others and cheerful
I’d build strength and spirit
I’d care more about love
And more about life.



If I Had The Chance To Grow Up All Over Again

If I had the chance to grow up all over again
I'd smile and laugh more and cry less.
I'd do less complaining and more appreciating.
I'd take you near and close to my heart.
I would care to ignore less and to concern more.
I'd take more caring and learn more loving.
I'd stop argue and hug my mother.
I would share my thoughts and hear your advice.
I'd do more help and less to ask.
I would be there for you and cheerful.
I'd build a castle and give it to you.
I'd care about love,
And more about you...



If I Had the Chance to Grow Up All Over Again

If I had the chance to grow up all over again
I'd laugh more and cry less.
I'd do less complaining and more thankful.
I'd take less and give more.
I would care to rest less and to achieve more.
I'd take more work and take more responsibility.
I'd stop arguing and hug my mother.
I would look forward and not turn back.
I'd do more to help and less asking.
I would be joyous and cheerful.
I'd build self-esteem and good attitude.
I'd care less about myself,and more about others.

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If I Had A Chance to Grow Up All Over Again

If I had a chance to grow up all over again
I’d laugh more and cry less
I’d do less complaining and more praising
I’d take more worship and less play
I would care to hate less and to love more
I’d take more concern and care more towards others
I stop my rudeness and hug my mother
I would do more deeds and less sin
I’d do more to help and less to trouble
I would be the sunshine and cheerful
I’d build the relationship and less enemy
I’d care more about others
And more about ALLAH

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