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My Close Friend's Wedding

You recently attended a close friend’s wedding. Describe to another friend all that you saw at the wedding.

Seera gy , sc1

Mostly, everyone wants their wedding day becomes the most memorable event in their life. Wedding day becomes important for us because this is our happy day and this is she day we become the new one. In addition, we have our responsibilities to our own families after we married. At the other sight, some people thought the wedding day should be celebrated merrily. Just like my best friend who will married with her beloved fiancé. When she invites me to her wedding, her smile never left from her face. She looks happy and she was a lucky girl because she found a man that she loves. The man who is gentle, caring and loving is the man who had been admired by all women.

On her wedding day, I brought a big and special present for her. The wedding ceremony was held at Renaissance Hotel, a famous five stars hotel which situated near KLCC.She is wealthy and lives luxuriously which is born with silver spoon in mouth.So,it is not impossible for her to make a grand ceremony. My first step in the hotel, I was amazed when I saw all the room was filled by fresh flowers. It was scented with roses, lavender and lilies. I step in and I look around. There are many people in the hotel. I walked straight and at the end, I found the hall.

First time I walked in, I felt like I was in a beautiful garden because there are many flowers and leaves surrounded me. For a while, I got my own world and it was brought my childhood memories back. I still remember when my parents took me to the Cameron Highland . I saw the garden like in fairy tale because it is look beautiful and I can found there are many types of flowers and plants.Suddenly,someone has touch my shoulder and the memories was disappeared from my mind. I looked back and I saw a Cinderella was in front of me. She is my best friend and also a bride for today. She looks beautiful and charming especially when she dressed a glimmering blue gown. Although she chooses a simple make up, her hazel eyes enhance her charms. She makes a best choice when she matches her gown with the blue scarf.

We reciprocate smiling at each other. She held my hand and pulled me to her room where she had placed all her stuff. We chat for a while when someone come in and disturbing our chatting. She asks my forgiveness before she left me alone in that room. I know she quite busy today and I don’t blame her for this. I went out and back to the hall. There are many guest among VIP and her other friend in that hall. I walked round before I sat on my own chair. There are about thirty tables in the hall. I sat at the second tables near the bridal dais with the other friends. Mostly, the guests show off by wearing the exclusive clothes.

During my chatting with the other friends, the groom and the bride walked in into the hall. Everyone became quiet and they point their eyes at the bridegroom. The bridegroom walked slowly as they can smile to the other guests. For me, they look suitable for each other because the groom look handsome and the bride were so charming. At the end of their walk, they reach at the bridal dais. They sat on the chair and everyone looks happily for them. Ceremony was started with insignia of ‘tepung tawar’ and marriage song. Everyone look excited to try that insignia. I also take a chance to do the insignia. At first, I felt scared because I don’t know how to do that procedure but after I did it, I feel delight. I got a ‘bunga telur’ from the brace.

Next, all the guest had been served with many types of food. We had been served with rice, ‘gulai’, ‘ayam pedas’ and many more. There are also various types of ‘kuih-muih’ and fruits. For a while, the hall became silent because everybody having their lunch includes me. I choose to eat more because I was so hungry. In addition, I didn’t take any breakfast in this morning. Many of us choose to eat the fruits after finish our lunch. After that, the guests start taking picture with the bridegroom. This session make the hall become uproar because everyone starts to move towards to the bridal dais.

This ceremony makes me easy to feel tired because I can’t stand for a long among the crowded people. So, I make a decision to back home. When everyone starts to eat their dessert, I take a chance to meet my best friend and her husband. She gives me a special souvenir to keep as a memory. Once again, we smile at each other and she hugs me strongly. I’m so happy for her. Before leave, I wish them happiness and have a long relationship.

Syafiq , med 1

Wedding day is one of the most important events that we dream will occur in our life. Although it’s not occur to me yet, but recently my friend has experienced it. Actually, she is my old friend and I know her since primary school. She and I studied in the same class until standard six. But, we were separated as we further our study to secondary school. We got offered from different boarding school. Therefore, I had lost contact to her after wee further our study. Fortunately, I accidentally met her again but not in my hometown, but in campus Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM). Initially, I was surprised when I saw someone who looked familiar to me ate at the café, but after that remember that she was the one who I miss a lot before. Without waste anytime, I quickly walk approaching her and the first expression I got from her was “You??!!”. And I answered “Yes, it’s me. You are not dreaming.”

Consequently, I found that we were studying in different course. She took economic while I took science. Both of us still cannot believe that we will meet again after about seven years separated from each other. We spent several hours talking about what was happened since we further study to the boarding school. Moreover, there were a lot of memories that we shared together before this. We talked about ourselves, our parents and also about our other friends. Finally, I got a shocked that also a good news for me, she will be married with a guy that had been chosen by her family to be their son-in-law. Although the guy was not her choice, but she didn’t regret but glad with her family’s choice. She had invited me to attend her wedding day ceremony and I had promised her that I would be there on that day.

On last Friday, I went to my friend’s house located in Shah Alam, Selangor. I went there by commuter train at 9 o’clock at the morning and I arrived there about one and a half hour later. Firstly, when I arrived there, I was surprised after looking to my friend’s house. It was an extremely big bungalow with greenish carpet grass surrounding her bungalow compound. Besides that, the fence of the bungalow might be two meters in height was so beautiful and it was bright blue in colour. The first thing that came across in my mind was her family was very rich. At the time I reached in the bungalow, there were about 20 men were busy preparing the table for the guests. From the right of the bungalow compound, there was a large car’s garage and there was also three cars, a Mercedes, a Mitsubishi Lancer and a Nissan Skyline were parked inside. Next to the garage were two huge canopies. The canopies were blue-white striped in colour and I thought it was rent from Sidek Canopy Ltd. Based on the sign on the canopy. Under the canopy was three long tables for each canopy, so the total were six altogether. Furthermore, there was another two extra tables that be used as the food and drink corner. As a result, guests who came will have enough space to have their meal. Extra chairs were also provided if they wanted to eat somewhere else.

At the left hand side of the bungalow, there was an attractive hand-made mini waterfall with the sign ‘Taman Harmoni’ on top of it. It was beautiful and I was so pleased to see that hand-made waterfall. I walked towards the house to meet my friend at the bride room at the upstairs of the bungalow. In the house, I saw a bride stage in the middle of the dining room. It was very colourful and seems luxurious to me. In addition, there was a lot of flowers such as roses, lily and daisy were hung to the bride stage. Deep in my heart, I wished that I could hold my wedding day just like this at the future.

At the afternoon, the wedding ceremony was finish successfully and I was so glad saw my friend on her wedding day with a lot of guests came and wished her to have a happy life on her marriage. Thus, I also did not miss to wish her too. Happy Wedding Day, Liyana.!!

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