Wednesday, 12 September 2007

.spelling mistakes.

He is very strick and serious. – strict
Hokey player
– hockey
Beutiful – beautiful
Mybe - maybe
Succesfully – successfully
Expecially – especially
Athlet – athlete
Gotta – got to
Teached – taught
Becaus - because
Beg- bag
Enought - enough
Extreamly- extremely
Memoriable- memorable
Inteliggent- intelligent
Ussual –usual
Happiess- Happiest
Buzy – busy
Responsibality- responsibility
Insted - instead
Councelling – counseling

He makes me matured and long thinking. – matured/ think intellectually
She never gives me a vinegar’s face – a sad/miserable face
Village food, city food. – Traditional and modern way of cooking

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