Sunday, 30 September 2007

The helicopter landed in the clearing...

Syazwani, med1

The helicopter landed in the clearing at the wide area in the centre of a jungle. A pilot with his uniform, James came out from the helicopter and he checked the problem at the helicopter. Its engine was leak and the petrol flow out to the land. Now, he knew why the petrol was almost empty. He was puzzled when he realized the quantity of the petrol before he decided to land at that area. He was relieved and thankful because he could control the helicopter before something bad happen.

James got the phone and made a call to the rescuer. Unfortunately, there was no coverage. James did not know what should he do? He just stopped for a moment to think and finally he took his bag and entered the jungle. He carved some tree to mark so that he would not lose. While, he was walking, he tried to search the phone line. But after two hours searching, he found nothing. He took a rest under the tree for a while thinking where he should go?

Errkk!!! James stomach sounded. He was hungry because he did not take his breakfast that morning. He tried to find something in his bag that he would fill his stomach. Even though, he brought a heavy bag, there no food inside it just a bottle of mineral water. After he drank it, he walked to the east. There was no mousedeer or any other animal to be his dishes. All the trees were big and high, therefore he could not take the ripening fruits. Besides, he worried to eat those fruits because they might be poisonous.

Suddenly, James heard a sound like a tiger. He went pale and panic. He saw a tiger and immediately he hid behind a big tree. From the tree he could see the tiger clearly. The tiger walked toward him. He closed his eyes and prayed because he was afraid if the tiger wanted to harm him. He felt the tiger getting nearer, but nothing had happen. When he opened his eyes, there was no tiger. He observed the surrounding it makesure the tiger was gone. James wondered where the tiger but he was relief about that.

It was getting dark and James was still stucked in the forest. He was extremely tired and faithless. He felt like he could die in any second. He took a rest and he gaze on his phone hopping for some coverage but there was none of it. He continued his journey. After two hours, he heard the sounded of the flow of water. He walked fastly to find the source of the sounded. Finally he found a beautiful place with a river and few trees with surrounding it. After he washed his face, he plucked the fruits. He sat near to the river and ate a lot of fruits because he was very hungry. After filling his stomach he got sleepy and as soon as he lay on the land he fall asleep.

James felt cold. It was getting in the morning when he opened his eyes. James woke up and took a bath. After that, he searched for trees that he marked yesterday but he could not find it anymore. James was lost. He went blank and he decided to walk to the north. He was determined with his decision to find his way back and he was lucky enough when he finally founded small village. James toward there and the villagers observed him. With his uniform, they knew that he was a foreigner. A man approached him and introduced himself as the head of that village. James introduced himself too and asked for some help from that man. James relief when the villagers wanted to help him. He was allowed to use their phone to call the rescuer.

Finally, the rescuer came to bring James back by the helicopter. Without landing, they threw a long rope for James. Before he climbed the rope, James thanked to the leader for the help and the dishes. The next day, J ames returned to the place where he landed his helicopter with a mechanic. After the helicopter was repaired, James visited the village before back to the city. He gave the leader some rewards for their help. James could not forget about his experience in the jungle alone. Without them, he might be Tarzan.

bella, med 2

“This is the most advanced gadget I’ve bought. It costs almost 2 billion. Make sure you use it with your brain!” Explain Professor Abraham to Tom, his favorites spy. Tom stood still with hands in his pocket, listen attentively just like a ‘pro’. Suddenly A rang reached every ear in the secret room. “A job for you Tom!” That’s great! This year I can shop in France ! Here I come!”

France, a big city well-known with its famous Eiffel Tower, fragrance and ‘long’ bread called ‘baggue’ its people moving on their own feet, ignoring each other, a very good place for a spy like him.Tom, with his skin- colour T-shirt wearing short pants, trying to look ordinary .His mission was to investigate a most wanted person, suspected for the most huge drug-dealer for over 10 years with no concrete evidence at all. He was holding newspaper and there was a big, bold man on the front page.”Lucky you Robert! This time, you have no place to go.” Tom got a plan to sneak ‘politely’ into Robert’s house by being the security guard for the mansion.

Lucky Tom got the job with a tag name ’Harry’ with the bullet-proof suit after a certain security check. After two weeks observing the mansion, Robert’s tricky schedule was already in Tom’s head. Moments he left his room, moment he went for discussion and also moment for his bladder time! What he was waiting for was the time to ‘rock’ the party. On that night, he sneaked into Robert’s room when Robert was out to have some ‘cocktail’ with his business partner. After scanning with his bare eyes, he found a mouse hole inside the big, well-built room. How can a mouse hole exist inside such a ‘modern’ room? Something fishy here. Such a ‘genius’ Robert”. Tom found it! The button for secret ‘chamber’ and also the ‘heaven’ for Robert.

There was a huge, tall shelf with white flour- like packing thing arranged on it. In the nick of time, Tom used his high nano- tech camera buried under his finger tips to capture all the evidence. “You’re finished, Robert!” Tom smiled without noticing a tiny infra-red line. He touched it. “Rang……..” Alarm gave out its not- so- good sound for Tom. “O’ooo…..”

Tom heard foot steps and with the plan and fine ideas he had planned before, Tom used his bomb to destroy the wall. “Boom!!!” The wall opened; make a path for him to the living room. He met two big guys with ‘bazooka’ on their shoulders, pointing towards Tom.

Tom started to use his ‘Jackie-Chan’ stunt and finished those guys. As a result, he got two punches on cheek and a shot at his leg. Blood oozed out from his mouth one he reached the main door while his bullet-proof suit was still sticking to the body, a little bit torn. With the help of the chip buried inside his teeth, he contacted Professor Abraham to send a ‘transport’ for him. Unfortunately, he met with the big boss, Robert. Just like a real rugged ‘cowboy’ style, Tom looked at Robert, having no gun at all.” it is the time. Robert. You should realize it!” Robert made that hideous look, with the scar on his face, he fluttered a few times. Robert tried to shoot Tom with his fire arm but quickly Tom knelt down and took out his knife inside his sock and ‘dart’ towards Robert’s stomach! Just on time, Tom heard a helicopter coming and the helicopter landed in the clearing land, waiting for Tom. Tom got out into the helicopter and said ”Got you!”, with his hands waving towards Robert .On the next day, big printed issue on the front page ,Robert with a handcuff around his wrist”.

alyani, sc 1

The helicopter landed in the clearing area of TUDM compound.As an TUDM army,driving a helicopter is a my duty.I enjoy myself on the air although it is quiet challenging.Today,I feel so tired because the weather is so hot.So,I decided to take a rest at the park near the hill. While I was waiting for the time to back home,suddenly I felt so sad and remembered about my sad memory.The memory started coming back.I could'nt stop it.

It was a day that I shall never forget.She left me without saying a word.I looked at her pale and cold body.My tears just flowed.I still remember vividly that fateful day.A trunk call from Kelantan rang and brought news that my beloved grandmother had heart attacked.

To me,she was the dearest and the most important person .No more I will see her chubby cheeks,pointed nose and warm smile on her lips.My eyes became watery.obscuring my sight and tears rolled down drop by drop.I tried to keep my lips closed tight to avoid an outburst of crying and I tried to atop shaking.

At once my uncle contacted all of us. My grandmother had a critical condition and asked us to come back as soon as possible but when we arrived at Raub my father’s mobile phone rang . The other end of the line sadly told us that our beloved grandmother had just passed away. Our hearts broke and we were sobbing. She was still young for me. It was very painful to know that no one by her side of the moment of her death. I felt so hard to accept her death. The last time I met her just three months ago. I cried in the deep of my heart when I thought of her on the way to went back to Kelantan.

I remember the advice she gave me. I treasure all the things that she left for me-the pictures that we took together. Oh, grandmother , you are the best for today and forever. May God bless you and your soul rest in peace . I never forget the date you left us – 11 September 2007.

A loud of noisy had made my memories lost immediately. I realized that I was still at the park and I was late to come back to my home. I stand up and quickly packed my things and drive my car to back home.On the way, I promised to myself to be more tough in my life.

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