Wednesday, 12 September 2007

My Idol, TTS1 : Atie

Read and respond

Everybody has an idol to themselves as a guide to them to achieve what they want to be or what they want in their life. For me my father is an idol in my life. I love my father very much. He is a very hard worker and never neglected his responsibility to his family and my mother’s family, although he not doing a work that gives him a lot of money.

My grandmother, who is my father’s mother, always tells me about my father since he was borned. I like to hear about my father’s life because from that I could help myself to be work hard and work smart in study and always learn from my father’s spirit. She always praises my father. She was very proud to has a good and responsible son like my father. She told me that my father is the best son for her and she loves my father very much as if my father is everything in her life.

He is the third son from ten siblings. As he is the only one man in his family, he tried to be the best and always help his parents and his siblings. And now, after he got married, of course he has a new responsibility to his own family. But he never ignored his parents and his siblings. And after his parents died he take care all of his siblings and afford for their education until they graduated.

For me my father is a workaholic man. As one day, he came home after work and he got a badly fever and cannot talk anymore. His body was really hot and his fingers were doddering fastly. From that I know that he never stop from his work and that they he got a bad effect of his hardworking. Although he got that such fever, but on the next day he start hi work as usual and ignored his condition easily. I was very pity to my father. He do like that just because to gain enough money to my family and to his siblings who still studied. From that I gain my spirit to become a good person, a good daughter and a good student. Of course my father will proud of me and he will think that his done before this is not waste his strength.

Although he always busy, he still spend his time with his family. He always gives me an advice for my future. He do not want me to be like him and he want me to get a good job afterward. I always love my father and I think my father is the best person in the world and no one can replace him in my heart, in my life. My father is everything for me. Who am I without me!!!


chocolate said...

It is very touching story. Congratulations because your story very interesting even you only use the simple words. Well done......

filibuster said...

a nice story but still,it's a very typical malay essay with so many direct translation.