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i'm not sure of the venue but it'll either be at FSU (like last year) OR at the nilai indoor stadium.

grandparent's house


My grandparents' house is tucked away in a small Malay village at the south of Sabah, named Kampung Berungis- a place where the development is still happened moderately. It is also a place where I find all the peacefulness that I seek in my life;by looking at Gunung Kinabalu which I can see only its top from my grandparents' house. This mountain creates the beautiful background of my grandparents' house especially early in the morning when the morning mist is still engulfing its peak. This will mesmerizing anyone who know how to appreciate the nature that was created by the Almighty.

I always imagine about the captivating picturesque scenery of its surrounding. It is full of colourful fresh flowers from different species that scenting the morning breeze in my grandmother's garden. The greenery which surrounding the house is the habitat for the living creatures such as birds that always restart the new day with pleasant songs and full of harmony.

Behind my grandparents' house is a narrow river about two metres width. Its crystal clear water flows calmly to the north and gives a serene rural landscape to my beloved grandparents' house. The song of the creatures and the sound of the flowing water enhance the beauty and the calmness of the house. The cleanliness of the river is a proof that the place is still safe from the destructive development.

In front of the house is a small badminton court where my cousins and I used to play when we were still young, chubby kids. Although it is very old and has many holes on its floor, we still use the court to play. At far right of the house is the green paddy field which spreads three acres away to the north. It brings serenity to my grandparents' house.

Not forget to mention is about my grandparents' house. Ten years ago, it was only an old wooden house. But after being much upgraded, now, it is a blue roof bungalow with the combination of the modern and traditional style. It is not too big and also not too small as it still fit for our big family to gather at a one time.

This beautiful house has three bedrooms on the first floor plus the master bedroom at the right on the ground that make it so comfortable for us to stay there if we visit our beloved granny. The living room which situated next to the master bedroom is fitted with a set of red sofa. The simple but still attractive decoration of the living room, warmly welcome the guests to the house.

Opposite the simple living room is the dining room and the kitchen. The dining room is comfortably fitted with a table with six seats. At the left of the dining room is a room where our family love to gather. The walls of the this room is decorated with a lot of photos of our family. It looks just like a gallery; for us to remembering all the sweet nostalgia that we had together.

Although someone will think that my grandparents' house is just like a usual Malay house with the landscapes of the paddy field and the river, for me, it is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen and also the most special place to me because there remain a lot of my childhood memories and also the memories of my late grandfather.

valuable experience

Think of an event in your life that seemed unfortunate but eventually turned out to be good. The readers must understand how an event that seemed negative turned out to be a valuable experience.


“Mummy ,mummy ,Amin is not moving ,”I voiced out loudly calling mummy in the kitchen while me ,myself did not know what actually happened to my brother but I kept scolding him for playing fool on me. I thought he painted his face with white and coloured his lips to blue. Well ,of course he played against the hide and seek rule. This is not fair!

“Ok ,I give up ,I give up! Come on ,you’re scaring me!,” worthless he was still like that.

After a few seconds , mummy rushed to the phone and called somebody . I could see tears rolling down her cheeks and I felt the gesture now and keep asking,
”Mummy ,what happened ?!!”

I could see daddy moving with hands at his back and mummy holding tissue ,almost crinkled into pieces. I exactly do not know where we were now. I only knew it was a big and white place with a lots of white room and many sick and miserable folks. However ,this situation does not scary me albeit for a little. What was kept rushing in my mind now was Amin. Amin still there ,inside the scary-look door with round and transparent mirror. He was there for almost an hour. I wanted to ask mummy and daddy but it seemed like there were also waiting for explanation.

A few minutes later ,a big and tall man with a thick moustache wearing white coat , approached daddy . His mouth were moving fast while his hand hold my father’s shoulder. I tried to spell his words and what I could puzzle off was,
“There is nothing more I can do ,only miracle can help him now,”he said while showing a big picture in black and white illustrating and of course ,the picture not interesting to look at. I could see something white and round-shape like inside the picture and I asked to myself,
“Is that the miracle? Hmm…maybe not. It’s ugly…Miracle should be something beautiful and colourful...not something like this!

I searched in house for the miracle. Under the dining table ,behind the curtain , inside toilet bowl and even bath tab! No miracle at all! I sighed and stopped for a while ,thinking with fingers pointing regularly on my head. I looked around the kitchen ,scanning for the miracle and suddenly I saw a bottle written ‘cough syrup’ ,bought by mummy last month and the syrup help me a lot!
“Now ,I know where I can get the miracle!”
I ran to my room ,searching for my ‘Tweety’ piggy bank. I took out all the money inside and started counting,
“Ten cents ,thirty cents ,fifty cents………..Now ,all together is one ringgit and eighty-cents,” I smiled with my mouth open widely showing my sparkling teeth. I went to the shop where my mother bought me the ‘cough syrup’.
“Miracle ,here I come!”

Standing on my feet toes ,I tried to reach the high counter while shouting,
“Excuse me mister. My name Ellie and I am seven years old. Can I get a bottle of miracle ,please?”. However ,there was no reply from the man . I repeated my question and stomped my feet but there was still no answer ,again and again. I could feel my ears turned hot and my blood flow rapidly. I gargled and produce disgusting voice to attract that both men. I put my hand inside my pocket and bamed my money onto the counter.

“Hello ,my name Ellie and I am seven years old. I got one ringgit and eighty cents here ,so ,would you give me a bottle of miracle ,please !,”louder and clearer. The man was shocked and said “Sorry little girl ,we do not sell any miracle ,”He smiled and laughed to me ,showing his yellow teeth.

“Don’t worry about the money ,I got enough to buy it ,I have one ringgit and eighty cents.”
“Sorry little girl ,I got customer right now ,see ,” he said while pointing towards a bold man beside him. Then ,I muzzled my mouth and felt like crying but I could feel a hand holding my shoulder ,the bold man did .
“What’s wrong little girl?”
“My name Ellie and I am seven years old, I want to buy a miracle for my brother .Amin. I heard from my dad that only a miracle can save my brother. He get ‘tumor’ in his head ,but I do not know what it was. I want to play high and seek with him again. Do you know where I can get the bottle of a miracle?”
“How much do you have right now Elie ?” He asked ,smiling.
I grinned,”One ringgit and eighty cents.”
The man nodded and then ,he stood up .He hold my hand and winked at me,
“Can you show me where you live? I think I know where to get miracle for little boys like Amin ,” I smiled and kissed his right cheek.

.What happened after that ,I could barely remembered. All I could recall was the time daddy drove me to the ‘white building’ next day and told me,
“Amin is in operation right now .He’ll be fine.” I looked up ,beaming ,”Really?” Daddy nodded ,smiling ,”Yes ,guess what? A real nice doctor , a neurologist came to volunteer and scheduled an emergency operation for Amin. Amin will be alright in no the ones he gets the tumor out of his head ,” I was still grinning. That could only mean one thing ,Amin would be back to play hide and seek with me again anytime soon!.

After a few hours ,I went inside the room where Amin was there lying on bed wth wires all over the body with head white bandaged .Mummy and daddy had ready by his side .Mummy stroked up her small head and said to dad,
“God and the miracles have saved you ,Amin. If not for that ,only God knows how much would have to pay for that.” I heard her as I looked at Amin who was still unconscious. Taking his hand lovingly ,I giggled and silently whispered to his ears,
“I know that ,only one ringgit and eighty cents.”

Amin always there to play hide and seek with me until today .I may never win any Olympic medals or break any records in World Guinness Book of Record or my name in the Hall of Fame but at least I managed to save my lovely brother with one ringgit and eighty cents .

personal success 1

Think of a time when you achieved a personal success. You might want to write about the time you finally completed a race, won a competition and so on. The reader must understand why the goal was important to you.


The most unfortunate thing that ever happened in my life was after my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) result. I was very happy to get 12A1 in my SPM. So did my parents. I was very excited filling many scholarship forms in order to further my study outside Malaysia to gain experiences. Scholarship that I wanted the most was the Public Service Department (PSD) Scholarship.

However, I’m not that lucky to get that scholarship. To make thing worse, the PSD did not even call me for the Introduction Seminar …….. It was very hard and painful when I first knew there was no PSD scholarship for me. I cried with all my heart. The tears flow out from my eyes freely. I felt that this world was against me. It was really unfair that I was being rejected just like that. Thank God that my father was there to console me with his magic word, “God knows what is best for you”. I started to accept the fact, but I could not stop myself from crying. I was not that unfortunate because I still have my sister as my crying shoulder.

As a matter of fact, I have to accept the truth that there was no any other chance for me to complete my first degree abroad. I went to Islamic Science University of Malaysia (ISUM) with a big hope to get my first class honour in my Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). I was trained to be realistic by my parents. Therefore it is okay to study at ISUM although it was absolutely not my dream university.

I got a bad homesick when I first enter this university. Suddenly, I started to realize that it is good for me to study here because of my homesickness. I could not imagine studying overseas where I will be so far away from my family. Can I call my family once a day like what I’m doing now?. Can they visit me whenever I wanted them to do so? Moreover, I was really closed to my siblings. They always called me whenever they need me or -------sick. Hence, I realize that, my failure to get the scholarship was like a blessing in disguise for me and my siblings as our bond was really strong and tight. We are not just brother and sister but million times more that that.

Besides, In ISUM I found myself happy and health. All the students were warm and friendly. They can simply give us their help whenever I wanted to. In addition all the lecturers were kind and good. They guided us in our study and helped us to face the new challenge in university life. I believed, it was not easy for me to study abroad as their custom and culture were totally different from us. Not only that I will have a very high probability to face race discrimination.
In conclusion, it was easier for me to adapt the environment as I’m a girl who never stayed far away from my family. I’m not sure whether I can study happily like now if I am outside Malaysia . Looking back, I realize that it was my destiny to study at ISUM. My pain and sorrow turned into laughter and joy. Now I believed ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.

personal success 2

Think of a time when you achieved a personal success. You might want to write about the time you finally completed a race, won a competition and so on. The reader must understand why the goal was important to you.


I remembered a story, a story beautiful and wonderful one. A story of mine. This story always keeps me in inspired all the time. It helps me discover the true meanings of life. It is really true that from challenges and obstacles in doing something would make me more matured and independent. Furthermore, it make me became a great man with a brave heart and strong mind.

This story started when I was in Form 4. Sufian and Ansar are my best friend. We are very close. We always do everything together and cannot be separated from each others. Although we were not in the same class but it was not a big problem for us to see each others. We were famous in the school because of our naughtiness. No one can beat our naughtiness in the school. Even the principle until the canteen workers knew the existence of us in the school.

Usually, when the assembly in Monday morning, our name will be called up and canned in front of the students and teachers because of the things that we had done. However, one day, our named were mentioned by the principle. We were very shocked because in that week, we did not do anything wrong due to the tiredness that we got from the exam. The principle asked three of us to step front on the stage. We never felt so nervous before to step on the stage to receive our weekly ‘present’ but on that day, all of our body----- shake and sweats run all over it.

Something told our medulla oblongata that it seemed like a major problem but we could not figured it ------. The principle said ‘This three young mans will represent our school in Science Academy Competition this year’. As she finished her sentence, my friend Ansar laughed loudly because he thought that the principle just joked to cheer up the mundane and dull morning. The principle heard Ansar’s laughed and said to other students, ‘Ansar is the brave and never feel afraid, maintain calm and happy when he enter the competition. He is the best choice to represent our school in this competition’. Ansar’s laughed stopped immediately and after a moment all of students and teachers laughed at him.

This Science Academy Competition required us to invent something new and futuristic. For us, it was something new. We never do something important like this before. We always played and not serious all the time but this responsible had made us become a new person with new attitude, and it was a positive one. All students and teachers were shocked with our changes but in the same time they seemed glad with the changes.

Big obstacle came to us, because of the lack of experience and knowledge, we did not have any idea on creating something benefits to humans and friendly to environment. We worked together with a full support from our beloved Physic teacher, Madam Azlin. She gave an idea to us to create a pulley using solar panel based on kinematics principle. Then, we went to the library and searched all the information about a kinematics that we can use to make our pulley work efficiently.

The principle gave us a lot of budget and full attention on us. We felt very touched because before this we looked her as the tiger of the school as she always punished us in front of the students. But now, she -----really different, more like a loving mother to us and because of that, we promised inside our heart that we will never be naughty again and will concentrate on our study after this.

Within three weeks, we manage to finish our project. The pulley looked really nice. We never expected that we manage to do such a major project for school because what we know just playing with friends and enjoying all the time. We gave an honour to our principle to name the pulley. The principle was really pleased and gave a wonderful name to that pulley, ‘Takal 3 Serangkai’. The name was given after the hardship and hardworking inside three of us. Once again, we felt touched with the name.

Finally, the judgement day came. The venue was at the Science Seremban School (SASER). We were accompanied by our principle and Physic teacher. There we met many competitors with the creations. We went there not to hope on winning but we just wanted to gain some knowledge and built our self-confidence. Our teacher never stopped in giving moral supports and made all of us calm. But yet, the nervousness will never go just like that. Furthermore, it was our first time trial in the competition.

After the judges have finalist all the projects, they had a meeting to choose the good and the best one which fulfill all the criteria they wanted in the project. Our anxiety became worse. Although we did not expect any place our anxiousness cannot be helped. The judge finally finished their meeting and ready to announce the winner. We hold our hands together and our eyes tightly while praying for a miracle. At last our named were called to the stage. We won the third place. We felt like dreaming in the days. We never thought that this moment will happen in our lives. Our principle and Physic teacher seemed very happy, glad and proud of us.

We went back to school with a trophy and money prizes worth RM200 each.
All the students were very proud with us. For me, I never felt of receiving respect like this, all that I got before this is just humiliation in front of people. Hence, it proved that I can be a good and smart student. And from that day, I knew I can be somebody. Somebody with intelligent, knowledge, and braveness to explore a new world without boundaries.

Three qualities a best friend should have.


What is a friend? A friend is a person who we enjoy spending time with. Everyone in the world should have a best friend. This is because a best friend will be with us always. Therefore, we will never be alone in this huge, lonely world. There are certain qualities that make a friend a best friend. What are these qualities? It does not depend on how cute a person is nor does it depend on his wealth, but there are more important qualities in a person in order to be a best friend.

The first important quality that a best friend should have is he understands us. The word understands means he knows us. By this, it means that the person will recognise all of our behaviours, fears, let alone our favourites. Furthermore, when a person understands us, he will know when we feel sad and thus, he will lend his shoulder to us. In addition, we can express our feelings and he will really listen to us. He too will help us in a time of need. On the other hand, if he is not understanding, he will ignore us and will not help us with our problems.

Honesty is one of the qualities that a best friend should have. It is important to us if our best friend can keep our secrets. In addition, he will never betray us and talk bad things about us behind our back. Of course, we do not like a person like that to be our best friend. If our best friend is honest to us, we can trust him, tell and share everything with him. We do not need to worry about our secrets being known by others. If he talks bad things about us to others, there must be fights between us.

In addition, caring is also an important quality in order to be a best friend. Caring does not only means that one is concern about oneself but also knows what a friend needs when he is in trouble. Furthermore, when a person is caring to us, we can feel happier in our life. If not, we will feel lonely and become a useless person. A best friend will give support to us when we are sad or disappointed. As a result, we can feel better and become more enthusiastic in life.

In a nut shell, there are three important qualities that we need to have in order to become a good friend that is understanding, honesty and caring. Friends are easy to find, however, a best friend is difficult to be found.

The importance of having good computer skills


Computer is an electronic device that ------ capable to store and process information in accordance with a set of instructions. Nowadays, it becomes necessary to the people all over the world. Almost people at least know the shape and the general uses of computer, although they do not know how to use thoroughly. Tell me, how many people are there that do not know about computer? It just a few people that never heard about it. It is show that computer provide many benefits for us. Thus, it is important to us to have good computer skills, in order to get its benefit.

By having good computer skills, we can quicken our work compared to people that do not have good computer skills. As example, to make proposal or assignment, we just need to type into the computer and can edit it easily if there are mistakes. Then, we just need to print out our work. It can shorten our actual time that is needed to complete the work. Say no to tired and unsatisfactory with our own handwriting. Furthermore, the type of font that is used in the computer was standardized. Therefore, it makes other people easy to read our work and no more rejecting work because of bad handwriting.

Then, by computer also, we can transfer data or save data properly. The process of transferring data can be easier and faster. It also can reduce the probability to lose data or information. Thus, we can transfer our data especially the secret data safely. For instance, for a university student that know much about computer, they will produce their assignment by using computer. Then, they can save their copy of work in the disc or thumb drive. By using these, they can look back through their work that had been saved accordingly. In contrast, the people that have lack of computer skills will face problem if they want to refer back to their work or lose their original work.

The presentation of a presenter can be only attractive if they have something to attract people to hear their presentation. It is the only way that a good computer user will do, that is by using their good skills to adapt the function of computer. They can make slide shows to represent our information and data. For instance, they use the colourful pie chart, bar graph or table to represent their data, so that people will become understand more and pay more attention to what we are talking about. Moreover, the research that had been made by a human organisation in US prove that people will pay more attention to the talk that have visual with them compared to the talk without visual.

A manager of any company will always want the skilful person to become their worker. It is because a skilful person gives more benefit to their company compared to person that has lack of skill. The person that has good computer skills has a big job opportunity in order that their skills are very useful to improve the productivity of a company. However, the companies should take time to teach and train their worker who lack of computer skills.

It is shown now that having good computer skills are important in order to adapt ourselves with the globalisation era that needs us to work fast. Besides, our country can produce skilful person and be up to date to the new technology. As a conclusion, we need to improve our computer skills, so that government mission can be achieved.

argumentative essay


Do you agree that youngsters nowadays spend too much time on the computer chatting with their friends? In my point of view, I absolutely agree with the statement. Averagely, youngsters these days always fill their leisure in front of the computer. However, this seems not to be during their leisure time only, but mostly of their time they spend to chat with their friends. The matters are, how one could be ‘tenaciously ‘ keeps their point just to chat with his or her friends? Moreover, what actually are the effects would be on them?

The most probable reason why the teenagers spend too much of their time chatting with their friends on the computer is nonetheless they lack of love and attention from their parents. Most of the parents today are busy with their works rarely spend their time on their own. Usually, they will enjoy and have fun with their friends through computer chatting. Furthermore, it is the easiest way to keep them in touch. However, it seems that they take too much time chatting until they tend to neglect their study, their homework and many more. Thus, it will propel the youngsters to become irresponsible on the tasks or works that they need to accomplish at the first place.

Besides, living in such a hectic world that is showered with modern tech, teenagers are prompted to enjoy the achievements of the high-tech. One of it is through the computer chatting. Yes, it is undoubtedly that it is the easiest and simplest way for communication. All you have to do is just sit in front of the computer and start typing anything you want to talk about. That is easy, right? Consequently, youngsters will take too much time to enjoy the chatting with their friends. As the result, there will be lack of communication among family members. Besides, they also rarely mix up with other people out there. For worst, they will ignore the importance of living in one society.

Since the youngsters spend too much time on the computer chatting, so this dilemma can be solved through co-operation and understanding between parents and their children. Parents should wisely divide their time and try to spend with their children. Parents can bring their children for vacation and share fun time together. Apart from that, parents also need to educate their children on how to mingle with the modern technology. On the other hand, youngsters should understand and know their responsibility as a child and also a student. Youngsters should spend time with their friends in other ways. For example, they can enjoy playing any outdoor games together. They also can discuss their homework together. Therefore, they will spend their time on computer chatting less. So, parents and children should play their own roles in order to overcome this problem.

As a conclusion, we all know that there are bad effects for youngsters who spend too much time on computer chatting. Fortunately, there are also solutions to solve these problems. So, try to think and act wisely thus happiness can be achieved in life. As the saying said, time is gold, right? Therefore, appreciate the time we have by doing something beneficial so that we can stand survive in this challenging world.

The helicopter landed in the clearing.....


The helicopter landed in the clearing. Suddenly, a man came out of it. His face looked so serious and cautious. Ironically, the middle-aged fat man was wearing a black leather coat with a pair of worn-out short. Alex, who was peeping behind the bushes was in stationary. He was so interested to know what was the suspicious man trying to do in the middle of the forest at that particular time.

Then, the man walked fast into the forest. Full of curiousity, Alex followed him in stealth. He did not know why his feet went to follow the path taken by the man. Consequently, he had forgotten about the main reason he lingered around the area- to find dried branches. All the team members in the Gaudy Campsite went to be frantically furious as Alex did not return within the time provided. He became preoccupied to follow the man's track.

While Alex was walking in silence, a familiar voice startled him from behind. "Hey, where have you been?" Sebastian stared Alex's face in anger. He looked so mad as Mr. Bob instruct him to search for Alex. "Shh...shut up! Come with me, I'll show you what I'm doing." Sebastian just listened to what had his friend said. Ten minutes later, the essentric man had brought them to a cave in a very secluded area in the forest. Abruptly the man entered the big cave.

Those two bossom friends hid themselves behind the nearby bushes. "Alex, there are so many mosquitoes here," Sebastian whispered in pain, scratching the place where the biting insect had bitten him. Alex ignored his friend. "What are we doing here? In the dark?" Sebastion was truly astonished to see Alex's reaction who seemed to be engrossed tracking for something. From far they saw the man was talking to another man who was younger than himself. In the dark, they could clearly see a girl in their age was tied and lying unconcious. They did not believe their naked eyes- it was an abduction!

"Alex, hear this. I'm not going to meddle. We can easily die!" Sebastian shoke Alex's shoulder. "Hey, are you crazy? The girl will die if we don't help. I ain't going to let her die. Come on pal, don't be such a chicken," Being slapped by the word 'chicken' Sebastian tried to build his bravery. Out of sudden, a man came from behind and grabbed both of them. They thought that the man must had been the abductors' accomplice. Luckily, Alex managed to escape from the man's hand and in no time he ran as fast as lightning seeking for help. A bang broke the air when the man shot his gun but it missed Alex. The man could not catch him as he was the unbeatable international splint champion for the five years abreast since 2000.

It was adrenaline-pumping when Alex knew that it was not only the girl with the villains but also his very best and loyal friend. When he reached the campsite after splinting for about half a mile, he promptly told Mr. Bob about what had happened. With no hesitation, Alex and Mr. Robert went down the mountain to the nearest town. Fortunately, they managed to lodge a police report. Finally, the criminals were sent to face the justice. Sebastian and Princess Alba were saved unhurt. Alex was rewarded for being brave to intervene despite the high risk. At the end of the story, Alex had learnt that helping others is a good job. Otherwise, he realised how important Sebastian was to him.