Thursday, 1 November 2007

The helicopter landed in the clearing.....


The helicopter landed in the clearing. Suddenly, a man came out of it. His face looked so serious and cautious. Ironically, the middle-aged fat man was wearing a black leather coat with a pair of worn-out short. Alex, who was peeping behind the bushes was in stationary. He was so interested to know what was the suspicious man trying to do in the middle of the forest at that particular time.

Then, the man walked fast into the forest. Full of curiousity, Alex followed him in stealth. He did not know why his feet went to follow the path taken by the man. Consequently, he had forgotten about the main reason he lingered around the area- to find dried branches. All the team members in the Gaudy Campsite went to be frantically furious as Alex did not return within the time provided. He became preoccupied to follow the man's track.

While Alex was walking in silence, a familiar voice startled him from behind. "Hey, where have you been?" Sebastian stared Alex's face in anger. He looked so mad as Mr. Bob instruct him to search for Alex. "Shh...shut up! Come with me, I'll show you what I'm doing." Sebastian just listened to what had his friend said. Ten minutes later, the essentric man had brought them to a cave in a very secluded area in the forest. Abruptly the man entered the big cave.

Those two bossom friends hid themselves behind the nearby bushes. "Alex, there are so many mosquitoes here," Sebastian whispered in pain, scratching the place where the biting insect had bitten him. Alex ignored his friend. "What are we doing here? In the dark?" Sebastion was truly astonished to see Alex's reaction who seemed to be engrossed tracking for something. From far they saw the man was talking to another man who was younger than himself. In the dark, they could clearly see a girl in their age was tied and lying unconcious. They did not believe their naked eyes- it was an abduction!

"Alex, hear this. I'm not going to meddle. We can easily die!" Sebastian shoke Alex's shoulder. "Hey, are you crazy? The girl will die if we don't help. I ain't going to let her die. Come on pal, don't be such a chicken," Being slapped by the word 'chicken' Sebastian tried to build his bravery. Out of sudden, a man came from behind and grabbed both of them. They thought that the man must had been the abductors' accomplice. Luckily, Alex managed to escape from the man's hand and in no time he ran as fast as lightning seeking for help. A bang broke the air when the man shot his gun but it missed Alex. The man could not catch him as he was the unbeatable international splint champion for the five years abreast since 2000.

It was adrenaline-pumping when Alex knew that it was not only the girl with the villains but also his very best and loyal friend. When he reached the campsite after splinting for about half a mile, he promptly told Mr. Bob about what had happened. With no hesitation, Alex and Mr. Robert went down the mountain to the nearest town. Fortunately, they managed to lodge a police report. Finally, the criminals were sent to face the justice. Sebastian and Princess Alba were saved unhurt. Alex was rewarded for being brave to intervene despite the high risk. At the end of the story, Alex had learnt that helping others is a good job. Otherwise, he realised how important Sebastian was to him.

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