Thursday, 1 November 2007

personal success 2

Think of a time when you achieved a personal success. You might want to write about the time you finally completed a race, won a competition and so on. The reader must understand why the goal was important to you.


I remembered a story, a story beautiful and wonderful one. A story of mine. This story always keeps me in inspired all the time. It helps me discover the true meanings of life. It is really true that from challenges and obstacles in doing something would make me more matured and independent. Furthermore, it make me became a great man with a brave heart and strong mind.

This story started when I was in Form 4. Sufian and Ansar are my best friend. We are very close. We always do everything together and cannot be separated from each others. Although we were not in the same class but it was not a big problem for us to see each others. We were famous in the school because of our naughtiness. No one can beat our naughtiness in the school. Even the principle until the canteen workers knew the existence of us in the school.

Usually, when the assembly in Monday morning, our name will be called up and canned in front of the students and teachers because of the things that we had done. However, one day, our named were mentioned by the principle. We were very shocked because in that week, we did not do anything wrong due to the tiredness that we got from the exam. The principle asked three of us to step front on the stage. We never felt so nervous before to step on the stage to receive our weekly ‘present’ but on that day, all of our body----- shake and sweats run all over it.

Something told our medulla oblongata that it seemed like a major problem but we could not figured it ------. The principle said ‘This three young mans will represent our school in Science Academy Competition this year’. As she finished her sentence, my friend Ansar laughed loudly because he thought that the principle just joked to cheer up the mundane and dull morning. The principle heard Ansar’s laughed and said to other students, ‘Ansar is the brave and never feel afraid, maintain calm and happy when he enter the competition. He is the best choice to represent our school in this competition’. Ansar’s laughed stopped immediately and after a moment all of students and teachers laughed at him.

This Science Academy Competition required us to invent something new and futuristic. For us, it was something new. We never do something important like this before. We always played and not serious all the time but this responsible had made us become a new person with new attitude, and it was a positive one. All students and teachers were shocked with our changes but in the same time they seemed glad with the changes.

Big obstacle came to us, because of the lack of experience and knowledge, we did not have any idea on creating something benefits to humans and friendly to environment. We worked together with a full support from our beloved Physic teacher, Madam Azlin. She gave an idea to us to create a pulley using solar panel based on kinematics principle. Then, we went to the library and searched all the information about a kinematics that we can use to make our pulley work efficiently.

The principle gave us a lot of budget and full attention on us. We felt very touched because before this we looked her as the tiger of the school as she always punished us in front of the students. But now, she -----really different, more like a loving mother to us and because of that, we promised inside our heart that we will never be naughty again and will concentrate on our study after this.

Within three weeks, we manage to finish our project. The pulley looked really nice. We never expected that we manage to do such a major project for school because what we know just playing with friends and enjoying all the time. We gave an honour to our principle to name the pulley. The principle was really pleased and gave a wonderful name to that pulley, ‘Takal 3 Serangkai’. The name was given after the hardship and hardworking inside three of us. Once again, we felt touched with the name.

Finally, the judgement day came. The venue was at the Science Seremban School (SASER). We were accompanied by our principle and Physic teacher. There we met many competitors with the creations. We went there not to hope on winning but we just wanted to gain some knowledge and built our self-confidence. Our teacher never stopped in giving moral supports and made all of us calm. But yet, the nervousness will never go just like that. Furthermore, it was our first time trial in the competition.

After the judges have finalist all the projects, they had a meeting to choose the good and the best one which fulfill all the criteria they wanted in the project. Our anxiety became worse. Although we did not expect any place our anxiousness cannot be helped. The judge finally finished their meeting and ready to announce the winner. We hold our hands together and our eyes tightly while praying for a miracle. At last our named were called to the stage. We won the third place. We felt like dreaming in the days. We never thought that this moment will happen in our lives. Our principle and Physic teacher seemed very happy, glad and proud of us.

We went back to school with a trophy and money prizes worth RM200 each.
All the students were very proud with us. For me, I never felt of receiving respect like this, all that I got before this is just humiliation in front of people. Hence, it proved that I can be a good and smart student. And from that day, I knew I can be somebody. Somebody with intelligent, knowledge, and braveness to explore a new world without boundaries.

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