Thursday, 1 November 2007

grandparent's house


My grandparents' house is tucked away in a small Malay village at the south of Sabah, named Kampung Berungis- a place where the development is still happened moderately. It is also a place where I find all the peacefulness that I seek in my life;by looking at Gunung Kinabalu which I can see only its top from my grandparents' house. This mountain creates the beautiful background of my grandparents' house especially early in the morning when the morning mist is still engulfing its peak. This will mesmerizing anyone who know how to appreciate the nature that was created by the Almighty.

I always imagine about the captivating picturesque scenery of its surrounding. It is full of colourful fresh flowers from different species that scenting the morning breeze in my grandmother's garden. The greenery which surrounding the house is the habitat for the living creatures such as birds that always restart the new day with pleasant songs and full of harmony.

Behind my grandparents' house is a narrow river about two metres width. Its crystal clear water flows calmly to the north and gives a serene rural landscape to my beloved grandparents' house. The song of the creatures and the sound of the flowing water enhance the beauty and the calmness of the house. The cleanliness of the river is a proof that the place is still safe from the destructive development.

In front of the house is a small badminton court where my cousins and I used to play when we were still young, chubby kids. Although it is very old and has many holes on its floor, we still use the court to play. At far right of the house is the green paddy field which spreads three acres away to the north. It brings serenity to my grandparents' house.

Not forget to mention is about my grandparents' house. Ten years ago, it was only an old wooden house. But after being much upgraded, now, it is a blue roof bungalow with the combination of the modern and traditional style. It is not too big and also not too small as it still fit for our big family to gather at a one time.

This beautiful house has three bedrooms on the first floor plus the master bedroom at the right on the ground that make it so comfortable for us to stay there if we visit our beloved granny. The living room which situated next to the master bedroom is fitted with a set of red sofa. The simple but still attractive decoration of the living room, warmly welcome the guests to the house.

Opposite the simple living room is the dining room and the kitchen. The dining room is comfortably fitted with a table with six seats. At the left of the dining room is a room where our family love to gather. The walls of the this room is decorated with a lot of photos of our family. It looks just like a gallery; for us to remembering all the sweet nostalgia that we had together.

Although someone will think that my grandparents' house is just like a usual Malay house with the landscapes of the paddy field and the river, for me, it is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen and also the most special place to me because there remain a lot of my childhood memories and also the memories of my late grandfather.


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