Friday, 22 May 2009

packed weekend

Tomorrow will be the registration of the new batch of students.
So there goes my weekend.. :(

sat & sun - 8:30am-1o.30pm

this is not a laughing matter.
it's a semi-nightmare

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Changing the layout reflects every single thing that’s flowing through my mind right now

First of all, I’m so relieved that I have managed to survive this year’s batch of students thru thick and thin. This also includes the excruciating patience and energy of repetition needed to teach the so called ‘International’ students (to have not a little bit but NO English at all) which makes it challenging for any educator. The fact that they are older and they are stuck to their native language makes their tongue difficult to adjust to another language specifically English. Imagine in six months you are expected to teach them from a zero language user to a standard Form 5 Malaysian average student. Seriously speaking, the uni is so overambitious and the fact of getting the university to become internationally accepted certainly needs further trials of experiments before jeopardizing the future of our students. Everything or should I say everyone needs time to improve and doing things instantly may not produce a quality product as you intend it would be like. I would rather do things once, achieve the goal and celebrate the hard work rather than waste my time performing the same cycle again. So precision and planning is the KEY to every single thing you do in life no matter whether u are an adult or student. Sometimes we just fail to realize the process that needs to take place.
Okay enough of whining. Secondly...... to be continued..have a lot to write about but am so sleeeeepy..


For this year the grading system for an A will be 80 as compared to 85 for an A in the previous years. Current and future students are so lucky to have the grades being pulled down.
Hopefully all of you will score not only in this session but also in your studies in the future. Good luck.

Business Oral Communication
A: 16 stds
A-: 39 stds
B+: 25 stds
B: 14 stds
B-: 6 stds
C+: 2 stds

Business Written Communication
A: 6 stds
A-: 16 stds
B+: 22 stds
B: 26 stds
B-: 22 stds
C+: 10 stds