Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Last month I was at the Nilai Indoor Stadium attending the university’s convocation ceremony and the proclamation of the new pro chancellor.

Once it was confirmed that the stadium was mentioned as the venue for the event, there were frustrations from those graduating this year (and some disappointment came from committee members too). Instantly there were speculations towards undermining the year’s convocation precisely due to the setting and how unlucky the graduates would be.

People are becoming too paranoid about the event (specifically location) and they fail to focus on the essential value of a convocation. The venue of your graduation ceremony doesn’t even affect you to achieve your success after completing your studies. Your academic transcript alongside with your soft skills sets your path towards success, you’ll need both qualities to guarantee a successful life. On your graduation day you should reflect the value of your hardwork during your studies, friendships built or shattered (perhaps) and your sacrifice towards achieving your dreams. It should be a time where you reminisce the good times and thank yourself and the people around you for their contribution.

… and I wonder how many of our students did do so or were they too caught up in believing the unexpectedness of things that could happen.  

After all the rumours, I was there to witness the ceremony. As the grand procession was ready to enter the hall, the once shabby stadium was transformed to its most deserved beauty to stand at par with previously held convocations which were held at PICC. Kudos to all committee members, I was delighted as they managed to maintain the standard of protocol and decorations too. 

The day will always be beautiful if you believe it WILL be beautiful.
Congratulations to all graduates!

It would be wise to say, don’t judge an event based on its venue. There’s more to celebrate rather than frown on a minute issue.