Thursday, 1 November 2007

valuable experience

Think of an event in your life that seemed unfortunate but eventually turned out to be good. The readers must understand how an event that seemed negative turned out to be a valuable experience.


“Mummy ,mummy ,Amin is not moving ,”I voiced out loudly calling mummy in the kitchen while me ,myself did not know what actually happened to my brother but I kept scolding him for playing fool on me. I thought he painted his face with white and coloured his lips to blue. Well ,of course he played against the hide and seek rule. This is not fair!

“Ok ,I give up ,I give up! Come on ,you’re scaring me!,” worthless he was still like that.

After a few seconds , mummy rushed to the phone and called somebody . I could see tears rolling down her cheeks and I felt the gesture now and keep asking,
”Mummy ,what happened ?!!”

I could see daddy moving with hands at his back and mummy holding tissue ,almost crinkled into pieces. I exactly do not know where we were now. I only knew it was a big and white place with a lots of white room and many sick and miserable folks. However ,this situation does not scary me albeit for a little. What was kept rushing in my mind now was Amin. Amin still there ,inside the scary-look door with round and transparent mirror. He was there for almost an hour. I wanted to ask mummy and daddy but it seemed like there were also waiting for explanation.

A few minutes later ,a big and tall man with a thick moustache wearing white coat , approached daddy . His mouth were moving fast while his hand hold my father’s shoulder. I tried to spell his words and what I could puzzle off was,
“There is nothing more I can do ,only miracle can help him now,”he said while showing a big picture in black and white illustrating and of course ,the picture not interesting to look at. I could see something white and round-shape like inside the picture and I asked to myself,
“Is that the miracle? Hmm…maybe not. It’s ugly…Miracle should be something beautiful and colourful...not something like this!

I searched in house for the miracle. Under the dining table ,behind the curtain , inside toilet bowl and even bath tab! No miracle at all! I sighed and stopped for a while ,thinking with fingers pointing regularly on my head. I looked around the kitchen ,scanning for the miracle and suddenly I saw a bottle written ‘cough syrup’ ,bought by mummy last month and the syrup help me a lot!
“Now ,I know where I can get the miracle!”
I ran to my room ,searching for my ‘Tweety’ piggy bank. I took out all the money inside and started counting,
“Ten cents ,thirty cents ,fifty cents………..Now ,all together is one ringgit and eighty-cents,” I smiled with my mouth open widely showing my sparkling teeth. I went to the shop where my mother bought me the ‘cough syrup’.
“Miracle ,here I come!”

Standing on my feet toes ,I tried to reach the high counter while shouting,
“Excuse me mister. My name Ellie and I am seven years old. Can I get a bottle of miracle ,please?”. However ,there was no reply from the man . I repeated my question and stomped my feet but there was still no answer ,again and again. I could feel my ears turned hot and my blood flow rapidly. I gargled and produce disgusting voice to attract that both men. I put my hand inside my pocket and bamed my money onto the counter.

“Hello ,my name Ellie and I am seven years old. I got one ringgit and eighty cents here ,so ,would you give me a bottle of miracle ,please !,”louder and clearer. The man was shocked and said “Sorry little girl ,we do not sell any miracle ,”He smiled and laughed to me ,showing his yellow teeth.

“Don’t worry about the money ,I got enough to buy it ,I have one ringgit and eighty cents.”
“Sorry little girl ,I got customer right now ,see ,” he said while pointing towards a bold man beside him. Then ,I muzzled my mouth and felt like crying but I could feel a hand holding my shoulder ,the bold man did .
“What’s wrong little girl?”
“My name Ellie and I am seven years old, I want to buy a miracle for my brother .Amin. I heard from my dad that only a miracle can save my brother. He get ‘tumor’ in his head ,but I do not know what it was. I want to play high and seek with him again. Do you know where I can get the bottle of a miracle?”
“How much do you have right now Elie ?” He asked ,smiling.
I grinned,”One ringgit and eighty cents.”
The man nodded and then ,he stood up .He hold my hand and winked at me,
“Can you show me where you live? I think I know where to get miracle for little boys like Amin ,” I smiled and kissed his right cheek.

.What happened after that ,I could barely remembered. All I could recall was the time daddy drove me to the ‘white building’ next day and told me,
“Amin is in operation right now .He’ll be fine.” I looked up ,beaming ,”Really?” Daddy nodded ,smiling ,”Yes ,guess what? A real nice doctor , a neurologist came to volunteer and scheduled an emergency operation for Amin. Amin will be alright in no the ones he gets the tumor out of his head ,” I was still grinning. That could only mean one thing ,Amin would be back to play hide and seek with me again anytime soon!.

After a few hours ,I went inside the room where Amin was there lying on bed wth wires all over the body with head white bandaged .Mummy and daddy had ready by his side .Mummy stroked up her small head and said to dad,
“God and the miracles have saved you ,Amin. If not for that ,only God knows how much would have to pay for that.” I heard her as I looked at Amin who was still unconscious. Taking his hand lovingly ,I giggled and silently whispered to his ears,
“I know that ,only one ringgit and eighty cents.”

Amin always there to play hide and seek with me until today .I may never win any Olympic medals or break any records in World Guinness Book of Record or my name in the Hall of Fame but at least I managed to save my lovely brother with one ringgit and eighty cents .

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materialistic195 said...

it is a good story...this story was tie me to read many times.. i like with ellie because she try to find the miracle to save her brother.sounds weird for us... but it is really touchable..