Thursday, 1 November 2007

personal success 1

Think of a time when you achieved a personal success. You might want to write about the time you finally completed a race, won a competition and so on. The reader must understand why the goal was important to you.


The most unfortunate thing that ever happened in my life was after my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) result. I was very happy to get 12A1 in my SPM. So did my parents. I was very excited filling many scholarship forms in order to further my study outside Malaysia to gain experiences. Scholarship that I wanted the most was the Public Service Department (PSD) Scholarship.

However, I’m not that lucky to get that scholarship. To make thing worse, the PSD did not even call me for the Introduction Seminar …….. It was very hard and painful when I first knew there was no PSD scholarship for me. I cried with all my heart. The tears flow out from my eyes freely. I felt that this world was against me. It was really unfair that I was being rejected just like that. Thank God that my father was there to console me with his magic word, “God knows what is best for you”. I started to accept the fact, but I could not stop myself from crying. I was not that unfortunate because I still have my sister as my crying shoulder.

As a matter of fact, I have to accept the truth that there was no any other chance for me to complete my first degree abroad. I went to Islamic Science University of Malaysia (ISUM) with a big hope to get my first class honour in my Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). I was trained to be realistic by my parents. Therefore it is okay to study at ISUM although it was absolutely not my dream university.

I got a bad homesick when I first enter this university. Suddenly, I started to realize that it is good for me to study here because of my homesickness. I could not imagine studying overseas where I will be so far away from my family. Can I call my family once a day like what I’m doing now?. Can they visit me whenever I wanted them to do so? Moreover, I was really closed to my siblings. They always called me whenever they need me or -------sick. Hence, I realize that, my failure to get the scholarship was like a blessing in disguise for me and my siblings as our bond was really strong and tight. We are not just brother and sister but million times more that that.

Besides, In ISUM I found myself happy and health. All the students were warm and friendly. They can simply give us their help whenever I wanted to. In addition all the lecturers were kind and good. They guided us in our study and helped us to face the new challenge in university life. I believed, it was not easy for me to study abroad as their custom and culture were totally different from us. Not only that I will have a very high probability to face race discrimination.
In conclusion, it was easier for me to adapt the environment as I’m a girl who never stayed far away from my family. I’m not sure whether I can study happily like now if I am outside Malaysia . Looking back, I realize that it was my destiny to study at ISUM. My pain and sorrow turned into laughter and joy. Now I believed ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.

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