Tuesday, 30 October 2007

essay 24

I used to be dreaming to be a principal as I could see that it is a noble and enjoying job. A person who had inspired me to be one is Madam Olivia, the principal of Victoria High School. I bet she was the epitome who made me realized that being a principal is totally interesting. If I were given a chance to be the principal of my school, there would be a lot of changes that I want to bring about.

Firstly, I will improve the school library. This is because library is a crucial place where students spend most of their time reading and making revisions. So, to make library a favourite place to be visited, I will make sure the library is air-conditionered. This will provide a comfortable condition for students. Moreover, more books will be added into the collection of the library for example science books, novels, magazine, encyclopedia, booklets, pamphlets-you name it. The cleanliness of the library will be taken care strictly. A rule which states that the fine will be given to the litterbugs will be reinforced.

The second change I wish to make is to carry out beautification projects. Many kinds of plants will be planted around the school. Hibiscus, rosess, chrysanthemum, ixora, sunflower and so on will make better view. Nonetheless, no one is allowed to pluck anything from it to ensure its beauty. In addition, a huge fruit orchard will be constructed. There will be many types of fruits trees to be planted such as apples and oranges. Therefore, everybody can have the yield. A big man-made lake will be also constructed. This is to evoke the element of tranquility so that all students will be not that stressed in their study. A special activity will be held in the lake which is paddling canoe. Wow, this is sure to be enjoying!

The utmost change is to foster better relationship between teacher-pupil. This can be done by having Teachers' Day Celebration at school level. There must be many interesting activities involving both parties like soccer match between teachers and students. Hence, the relationship will be enhanced to be much better than before. Furthermore, students are encouraged to give presents to their teachers to show their appreciation. Other than that they can also sing an appreciation song for the teachers. Mutual respect between students and teachers is significant to achieve the goal.

I will also provide more extra-curricular activities for the students. This is to make sure them to excel not only in academic but also in other things. Students are given the freedom to choose any club they like to be in. There will be tae-kwon-do club, archery club, swimming club, bowling club and so on. In addition, students are allowed to create their own club where they can have anyone to participate. Nevertheless, the activities of the club must not break any school and national rules. Extra-curricular activities are important enough to enable students in improving their communication skills. Moreover, they shall learn the meaning of cooperation and unity.. Besides that, they will get higher merit by involving themselves in such activities.

Actually, I want to emphasize that the facilities must be more efficient to provide convinience for both parties of students and teachers. A big avant-garde cafe with automated cashier will be provided. This will reduce the human source besides making works easier. A spacious parking lot will be constructed with the latest and sophisticated security system. Hence, they will have not to worry about the safety of their vehicles.

Being a principal is not an easy job. It needs high determination and spirit. I hope that someday I can be one.

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