Wednesday, 10 October 2007

summary 30

Suggested main points

Pineapple – a wide range of species- tropical countries
Delicious and a source of vitamins- an aid to digestion and a relief for acid dyspepsia
A protein-digesting enzyme- used as meat tenderizer, beer clarifier and anti-inflammatory drug.
The peels- vinegar; the shells- nutrious cattle food; the leaves- fibre for cloth, or mixed with straw and bamboo to make paper; byproducts include liquid sugar, ascorbic acid and citric acid.
Young immature pineapple- a poisonous substance- used as folk medicine; fermented and distilled- tasty liqueur
Consumed fresh; or mixed with chili powder; ice cream, cookies and cake; juice- cocktails; an important component in chicken curry, sweet and sour pork, fried rice; preserve and candy

Best summary by TTS2

There are many uses of pineapple. Its enzymes can act as a meat tenderiser, a beer clarifier and anti-inflammatory drug. Moreover, the peels discarded are pressed to make vinegar. The shells are capable to make cattle food. The leaf fibres are woven into cloth. In addition, they are also use to make paper. By-products from the juice manufacturing are also beneficial .Poisonous substance from immature pineapples can act as medicine. Besides, there are many ways of eating pineapples. For instance ,fresh pineapple can be sprinkled by salt. Furthermore, it also can be miscellaneous with sugar and chilli powder. Cocktails can be made by its juice. Finally, pineapples can make dishes tastier.

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