Wednesday, 24 October 2007

summary 1 - 4

Summary 1

Suggested main points:
  • Regular forums to curb rate of road accidents
  • Instill proper road culture
  • Police-tough stance- summonses, demerit points and hefty fines
  • A ban on driving- prison sentence
  • Guideline on traffic lights, speeding, use of handphones and use of emergency lane.

Best summary written by TTS2

The measures taken by the Government to curb rate of road accidents is by conducting forums regularly to bring law-makers, law enforcement officers and road users discuss ways to tackle this problem. Furthermore, more needs have to done on road safety and instil proper road culture. Besides, the Traffic Police have taken a tough since against traffic light defaulters. In turn, the dangerous drivers' will find himself in court if they break the road safety rule. Hence, usual punishments for a specified time can also help in preventing road accidents.
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Summary 2

Suggested main points:
  • 5 trained elephants to help translocation
  • Female elephants- better temperament
  • Centre’s elephants give moral support to wild elephants
  • Two working elephants flank a single wild elephant- providing comfort and calm
  • Journey slow and stressful –relocated elephant has to be chained
  • Move to new site as soon as possible
  • Two teams with alternating roles

Best summary written by TTM2

To relocate elephants at the Elephant Training Centre in Kuala Gandah, first, the management receives request to move the elephants from unwanted territories to national parks. This process involves a wild elephant being flanked by two working elephants from the centre to support and calm it down. Then, the elephant is chained since the journey to the park is long and stressful. Despite that, the centre has two teams where each month, one team does translocation work while the latter manages day-to-day affairs. This work is crucial to prevent the elephants from extinction.

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Summary 3

Suggested main points:
  • Keep focused- avoid being inattentive or preoccupied
  • Clear your thoughts of outside concern
  • Dramatise faces- association exaggeration-select just one feature
  • Transform the person’s name into an inforgetable image
  • Review- repeat name aloud

Best summary

The art of remembering names are,firstly keep focused by clearing your thought of outside concern whenever meeting someone new.Ask the name to be repeated when your mind wondered during it introduction.Secondly,dramatise faces.In addition we can use 'association -exaggeration or forging connections between unlike things.Select one's attractive feature and commit it to memory by animating it.Next,make associations by transforming names into images you would likely to remember.Moreover,similar words could resembles one's name.Lastly,review the names by repeating it in conversation and at the end,say the name out loud.

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Summary 4

Suggested main points:

  • Thorough service for car
  • Bring only the necessary items in car
  • Plan your itinerary
  • Calculate an extra couple of hours- play stops forkids
  • Check out the route-prevent unnecessary delays
  • Travel at night or early in the morning
  • Confirm your stay
  • A bag in front with necessary items
  • Bring enough money for emergency expenses
  • Take a break when tired

Best summary written by TTD1

Good planning is vital towards achieving happy, less stressful journey. First, make sure the car has had a complete service. Second, clean out the car thoroughly. Otherwise, carefully planned the itinerary and calculated an extra hours into the time journey. In addition, make sure to have precise list of directions and check out the route that are planned to take. Meanwhile, try to leave at night or very early in the morning. Besides, call the hotels the day before staying there and give them an approximate arrival time. Moreover, make sure to have loose and extra change be ready. Finally, always take a break whenever the driver needs to.

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