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summary 10 - 14

Summary 10

Suggested main points:
  • Learn all about your business or profession
  • Develop your own style
  • Manage your emotional life well
  • Know your weakness
  • Learn to save
  • Learn to delegate

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There are certain things that one has to do in order to achieve major success by the age of 40. Firstly, you must do your homework by learning all the necessaries about your profession before 40. Then, design your own style. Besides, be happy and avoid diseases by putting your emotional life in order. Moreover, identify your weakness and don't force yourself on making something that you dislike. Furthermore. you have to save money before you quit your job. Finally, learn to delegate yourself in order to pick up the right people and trusting them.

Summary 11

Suggested main points:
Make first impression – special consideration to begin a speech
  • Arouse immediate interest
  • Avoid apologetic stance
  • A series of climaxes – unity
  • Avoid trivialities
  • End of speech- an ending and summing up- make it a memorable one
  • Best summary written by TTS1

    A few tips on speaking may help one to speak effectively in public. Firstly, the first impression and last is very important. Therefore, one must think and plan really carefully about the speech and how to present the particular speech. Make a beginning that can attract the audience's attention and interest. Similarly, the ending should also be a catch and be a memorable one. However, the speaker must avoid thanking the audience for listening in the beginning of the speech. In addition, he must also not let the audience underestimate and loose their confidence in his ability to address them.

    Summary 12

    Suggested main points:

    • Divide according to subjects and lessons
    • Have a schedule
    • Time problems are ‘homemade’
    • Don’t get bogged down with small tasks or too many responsibilities
    • Set priorities

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    Student should know the proper ways to manage time,for example divide their study according to subjects and lesson. Besides, they have to make a schedule and also an analysis to observe their time managment. Moreover, they must focus on the main job to avoid bogged down with a number of small tasks. Furthermore, do not take too many responsibilities.Finally, they should know how to set priorities and stick to their decisions. If they learn how to use their best time ,as the result it can change their whole way of life.

    Summary 13

    Suggested main points:

    • Choose a proper diet
    • Exercise three times a week
    • Motivate yourself – eat right and exercise regularly
    • Don’t be fooled by the weighing scale
    • Anticipate temptation
    • Eat fresh and light
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Eat smaller meals
    • Keep walking

    Best summary written by TTD1

    To get a slim-healthy body, one should opt a diet that the caloric intake is low.Next,perform exercise regularly:at least 3 times a week.In addition ,motivate yourself and focus on the reasons to perform the diet.Don’t be fooled by the scale in gauging your weight.Hence,record your weight once a week and get the average at the end of the month.Meanwhile,temptation should be anticipated.Plan how you’ll restrain the temptation without feeling leftout.Eat the foods that are fresh and light.Next,drink a lot of water or have a fresh fruit drink,diet drink or soft drink.Lastly,eat smaller meal and and keep walking regularly as well.

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    Summary 14

    Suggested main points:

    • Immune system produces antibodies
    • Allergic to specific foods and chemicals
    • Caused by a short list of foods
    • Artificial colouring and preservatives
    • Intolerance of food when digestive system has trouble processing it
    • Chart reactions to certain foods-record what you eat

    Best summary written by TTM1

    There are only a few people experience actual food allergies and the rest are only experience food intolerance, food poisoning or digestive trouble. Firstly, allergy happens when immune system produce antibodies and attack substance it deems dangerous. Consequently, it cause symptoms occur instantly or later to the person. Food allergies are cause by certain type of foods and it can be life-threatening. Meanwhile intolerance to a food cause trouble to digestive system. Therefore, it cause stomach cramp and headache. Allergy sufferers need to avoid taking product containing additive and preservative. Finally, they also need to avoid taking MSG in their meal.

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