Tuesday, 30 October 2007

essay 17

A very good morning to our Master of Ceremony,honorable judges,our wise timekeeper,and Ladies and Gentlemen.Today,I will talk about my elocution entitled ¡Sportsmen Who Have Brought Glory To The Country Should Be Given Pension Schemes¢.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Firstly,as we know, there are many successful sportsmen in our country who had raised Malaysia name in the eyes of the world like M Jegathesan and Marina Chin.To make it real,they had to sacrify many thing such as time,energy,and also personal life.So,by giving them the pension schemes, their big sacrifice was paid.Although the pension money cannot fully compensates what they had sacrified,but at least they will not think that their hardship was value nothing.

Nowadays,Malaysia is blessed with many potential sportsmen which are very young but precious too.However,they might think if their involvement in sports will guarantee their future life.This thought will disturb their focus and put them in a big dilemma as many assumption came to their mind.Here,I want to affirm that the pension scheme is the best solution to sweep away their worries.In addition,it should be given base on the sportsmen achievement.As a result,it will encourage them to concentrate more on achieving success without any doubt.

Beside that,giving away the pension schemes to sportsmen mean approving their contribution to the country and at the same time,the standard of the sports they played was approved too.It will be promoted and encourage many youngster to take part in that sports until the international level.This participation will prove that Malaysian too can play variety type of sports that was standardized and proved by worldwide.Furthermore,we will not hesitate to play that sports even in higher level.

Lastly,if we look through the life of sportsmen,we can conclude that sportsmen is a professional career just like doctor and engineer but with more contribution to our country.It is because besides practice and play so hard,they also have to carry a mission to bring glory to Malaysia in every competition they participate.So,as other profession is given pension schemes after retired,sportsmen also deserve to get it.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I think my points was enough to explain why the sportsmen who have brought glory to the country should be given pension schemes.Moreover,the time did not permit me to talk any longer.Before I step back,I would like to conclude that sportsmen are like fallen star to the country.Therefore,support them in whatever they play or compete and appreciate their contribution to our country.Thank you.

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