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summary 20 - 24

summary 20

Suggested main points:
  • Not necessarily quiet, inactive or having a boring life
  • Involved in community work
  • Be computer literate
  • A balanced diet
  • Be independent and have a sense of humour
  • Keep busy

Best summary written by TTS1 & TTM1

Assumption of quiet,inactive people with dull life are some of the wrong interpretation of old folks.However,this misconceptions can be dispel by Dr.Chang's recipe for a long, healthy and happy life.Firstly,he lead a healthy lifestyle by performs balanced diet and supplements.Next,Dr.Chang was said to be an independent man as he can make a better view on life.Besides that,he think more positively and make himself busy with his matter.Having a sense of humour also important as it helps him to face hardship, dissapointments and failures.Lastly,Dr.Chang keep learning in life,manage his time and use energy wisely to keep up with time.
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Many people have misconceptions of senior citizens but that can be dispel by knowing Dr. Chang's recipe for a long, healthy and happy life. They think senior citizens as quiet and inactive people it differ with Dr. Chang's life. Beside Dr. Chang practices medicine, he spends his time with community work and on the computer. However, there are many factors of Dr. Chang's recipe for a long, healthy and happy life. Firstly is balanced diet and supplements. Secondly, being independent with open minded. Then, having a sense of humour and keeping up with the times. Finally, try keeping busy with the benefit things.

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summary 21

Suggested main points:
  • Record a brief statement- watch the replay
  • Focus on what you say and how you say
  • Anxiety decreases after the first speech
  • Be aware that stage fright is actually not a big problem
  • Avoid negative thoughts about the audience
  • Support from the audience an encouragement
  • Concentrate on what you are saying
  • Learn to relax

Best summary written by TTM2

How we can overcome stage fright when speaking in public? First of all, ask opinion from others about our speech. Record our speak or practice and give attention on what we say and how we deliver it. Next, do not think negatively, because the audience always hope the speech is interesting. During the speech, we can also make a joke so the audience and the speaker fell relax. In addition, we must concentrate on what we say and how we deliver it, so the listener will get our message. Lastly, try to be relax. Simple relaxation exersice help many speakers reduce thier nervousness.

summary 22

Suggested main points:
  • Traffic in Taipei- intimidating to the experienced traveler
  • Motorist and motorcyclist have no regard for pedestrians
  • Even zebra crossings are ignored, especially by the motorcyclists
  • The ubiquitous motorcycles- pedestrians’ most feared vehicles
  • Accidents are common with widespread apathy seemingly from all quarters
  • Fear of financial entanglement from would be helpers of accident victims

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summary 23

Suggested main points:

  • Rice – staple food of Asians – foundation of cultures and early civilsation in India, China and Mekong Delta
  • A wide range of colours, textures and flavours
  • Two billion Asians derive more than 60% of daily caloric needs from rice
  • Main component of almost all meals
  • Overdependence- chronic micro-nutrient deficiency- incomplete amino acid profile and limited amounts of micro-nutrients
  • Due to milling-white rice is removed of most of its protein, fibre, fat, iron and B vitamins
  • Deficiency in Vitamin A and iron leads to blindness and infant and maternal mortality

Best summary written by TTM1

The significant of rice to the Asians is the grain first grown in the river delta East and South Asia,and it is productivity of wetland rice that gave the birth to the first civilisations. Besides, rice is developed together with communities. In addition, rice is important to the Asians diet,that is the main component of meal Asians. Although, energy can be able to provide from rice. However, the hearth problem is poor rice-eating communities are nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, an iron deficiency reduces a child's ability to learn and lead maternal death.

summary 24

Suggested main points:

  • Personal computers(PCs) desktop units, laptops and notebooks
  • Desktops- cheap ; a lot of room for memory expansion; more ‘ports’ for connecting other devices; screens reproduce a vast array of colours with clarity- computer graphics- good for those working at home
  • Laptops and notebooks – all in one units- pack nearly as much computing power and memory as desktop models- usable wherever you go
  • Laptops mostly employ LCD display- can’t match the resolution of desktop monitors
  • Low prices- affordable for two systems: desktop setup with either laptop or notebook- get the best of both worlds

Best summary written by TTD1

Personal computers can be separated into three: desktop units, laptops and note book machines. The advantages of desktop is, firstly it is much cheaper than the laptops. Next, it has more ‘sites’ for connecting other devices .In addition, wide array of colour can be produced by the by their screens. The desktops produce good quality of graphics. On the other hand, the laptops vagaboard brethren of the dekstopper, in which it is a combined display in one unit, processing unit in the centre and clam sell designed keyboard. Hence, they have closely the same memory and computing power as desktop models. In addition, laptops are capable to be used anywhere.

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