Wednesday, 10 October 2007

summary 28

suggested main points:
  • Let them make choices
  • Show them how to make sensible choices
  • Give encouragement, not things
  • Give children opportunity to succeed
  • Promote independence by allowing then to express their views
  • Find the key to the child’s interest
  • Teach children how to work, compete and achieve
  • Set good example

Best summary by TTS2

There are a few effective methods of fostering initiatives in young children. Firstly, let them make own choices then trust their judgement. Besides, give encouragement, not things. Then, give your children the opportunity to succeed and praise their effort. In addition, promote independence by encouraging a youngster to express his views. Apart from that, find the special interest of the children. Moreover, if you want the children to be independent, teach them how to work, compete, and achieve to be independent. Last but not least, the parents need to be a good role model.

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