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summary 15 - 19

Summary 15

Suggested main points:

  • Hepatitis B- inflammation of the liver – caused by virus
  • Possible severe complications – liver cancer
  • Transmitted through contact with infected blood or blood products- blood transfusion, sharing sharp instruments, infected needles
  • Also transmitted through sexual encounter with those infected, or from an infected mother to a newborn child
  • Most cases mild – life long immunity
  • Some (2%) may die from fulminant hepatitis; 5-10% become chronic carriers
  • About 15-25% hepatitis B carriers may develop liver diseases
  • Hepatitis B carriers should not donate blood and should see doctor regularly

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Hepatitis B is an inflammation of the liver caused by Hepatitis B virus and can caused death. The virus transmitted via contacting with infected blood or through the infected needles from drug addict. In addition, it also spread out through contact with semen and vaginal fluid of infected person or from infected mothers to a new born child. Besides, the person infected will always develop life-long immunity towards the virus. Some of the patient, which may have symptom whereas the others do not get any symptoms about the disease and they will act as a carrier and pass the disease to people. Furthermore there are many rules that must be following by them for safety. Last but not least, there are no cures for this disease but it still can be prevented by Hepatitis B vaccination.

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Summary 16

Suggested main points:

  • Hope for the best but prepare for the worst
  • Think first before you act
  • Act aggressively or forcefully
  • Call for help
  • Don’t get locked on a detail
  • Be honest

Best summary written by TTS2

There are several methods when face a crisis or emergency. First, hope for the best but prepare for the worst by planning for a crisis. Next, think first before taking an action, Besides that,take act aggresively will cause people react immediately. Otherwise, call for backup and try to control the situation. Then, do not get locked on a detail. It's important for someone stand back and keep the whole situation in view, Finally, be truthful no matter how bad things happened.

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Summary 17

Suggested main points:

  • Rich in flora and fauna
  • Thriving local economy on birds’ nests and guano
  • Birthplaces of civilization
  • Archaeological significance

Best summary written by TTS1

Niah National Park is famous with birthplaces of civilisation in the region. In other hand, its luxuriant equatorials forest with thousand species of flora. It also has a vast cave swarming with bats and swiftlets. Besides it is a place where the oldest modern human remains discovered and it found, Niah was suggested a long period of settlement reaching back into the Paleolithic era.Moreover,Local economy at Niah was developed depend on bird's nest and guano. In addition, Niah Caves are habitat to million of bats, swiftlets and other wildlife.

Summary 18

Suggested main points:

  • Ensure that insurance covers all your needs and is readily available
  • Choose one that gives direct emergency assistance – pre-pay or guarantee the full medical cost or for repatriation
  • Read the small print and follow the insurer’s instructions
  • Protect against catastrophe – buy by benefit and not by cost
  • A comprehensive policy- should cover all medical cost, personal effects and money, etc.

Best summary written by TTM1

There are many ways on how and why one should take up travel insurance. Two fundamental rules before buying it are to make sure it covers all that you need and when you need. Similarly, you should choose one that has on-the-spot emergency assistance, financial and practical help. Besides, do not choose insurance that only reimburses you when you get home. Moreover, it is important to you to read small print on you policy and follow the insurer's instruction. Thus, please ensure the insurance protect you against catastrophes. Always buy by benefits, not by cost. Finally, a comprehensive policy will offer a raft of benefits.

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Summary 19

Suggested main points:

  • Rangers employed to monitor the rhinos- but not paid adequately
  • RM 400000 a year to sustain 10 rhinoceros protection units
    International Rhino Foundation (IRF) provides financial support for rhinoceros protection units programme and Rhinoceros Captive Breeding
  • Facility- fund inadequate
  • Global Environmental Facility for rhinoceros conservation- no fund for Phase Two projects
  • Financial crisis- need to apply for funds from International bodies by Department of Wildlife and National Parks
  • World Conservation Union- Sumatran rhinoceros on Red List Categories
    Habitat degradation due to human economic activities and poaching
  • Need for surveillance, protecting and managing the rhinoceros and its habitat

Best summary written by TTM2

The measures taken and to be taken to preserve rhinos and the problem faced. The rangers are extremely dedicated and pay their allowances but not adequately. However, it costs RM400000 a year to sustain the 10 rhinoceros protection units. International Rhino Foundation (IRF) is providing some support towards rhinoceros conservation in Malaysia and Indonesia . Besides, Malaysia receiving funds from the IRF to be spent on the rhinoceros protection. Besides that, 1 million grants from the Global Environment Facility expire at the end. Then funding scheme does not allow for Phase Two projects. On the other hand, a government department have financial crisis. Finally, the action plan calls for protecting and managing the rhinoceros and its habitat is important.

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