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summary 5 - 9

Summary 5

Suggested main points:
  • Medical programmes- preclinical and clinical studies -21/2 to 3 years each
  • Pre-medical strong foundation and knowledge on a wide range of subjects on body functions and systems,anatomy, diseases, medicine and drugs-can choose to specialise
  • Clinical studies- core subjects like medicine and surgery, obstetrics and others- less time in attending lectures- more time in hospitals for practical work
  • Continuous assessment (30-40%) – final exam (60-70%) no projects or final year dissertations.
  • Final year exam- both practical and written
  • In clinical practicals-diagnose disease,prescribe medicine and give medical opinions

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The medical programmes are divided into two parts รข€“ pre-clinical and clinical studies which take about two and a half to three years each. Pre-clinical study is the medium for students to prepare for the clinical years later on. In contrast, clinical study is the most important part in medical programme since students spend more time in hospitals than attending lectures. Besides, assessment systems differ between each university. However, most of them tend to have continuous assessment throughout the semester. Also, the final exam consist both written and practical component. Furthermore, by doing clinical practicals, students are able to improve their skill in this course.

Summary 6

Suggested main points:
  • Teach the teens the real risks – slow down their ‘engines’
  • Be an effective provider of information –skilful way of communicating with teens – caring attitude
  • Discuss rescue plans for worst case scenarios
  • Make teens aware that music, movies and TV are not an accurate reflection of reality
  • Find safe ways to explore new positive ventures- chance directions now and then

Best summary written by TTM2

There are many effective ways of steering teens away from trouble . Firstly , the parents have to teach teens and slow down their curiosity . Then , parents need to know the real teens risks and communicate with acceptable ways .This will let them know the concern and not judging them . Furthermore , teens have to know the risks of dabbling in negative pastimes . Besides , parents should discuss rescue plans for worst case scenarios with various situations and effective ways to overcome . In addition , teens also need to be aware the contents in music, movie and television that not accurate reflection in reality.

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Summary 7

Suggested main points:

  • Encourage kids (2-6 years old) to eat a healthy balanced diet:
  • 6 servings per day of foods containing mainly of grains
  • 3 servings per day of veggies
  • 2 servings per day of fruit
  • Carbonated drinks and sweets- sparingly
  • Children who are overweight may have heart problems later
  • Help children eat a wide variety of foods through games and exercises
  • Replace carbonated drinks with sparkling water and fruit juice
  • Don’t overdo with fruit juice lest children miss out on fibre,vitamins and other nutrients

Best summary written by TTS2

According to the pint-size pyramid, the kids are encouraged to consume mainly on grains. Then, vegetables make up the second stage while fruit is in the next stage. Milk and meat makes up the higher stage. Finally, the carbonated drinks and sweets occupy the top of the pyramid. Furthermore, they are advised to eat less fat. In addition, children should eat variety of foods. To reduce the intake of soda drinks by children, the mixture of a little fizzy water with 100% fruit juice that can form more nutritious ‘soda’ may help. On the other hand, fruit juice should not displace other foods in the children’s diet.

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Summary 8

Suggested main points:

  • Look your best- what you wear, how you speak and act
  • Monitor your body language- facial expression and voice
  • Firm handshake
  • Select chair beside the interviewer ( not directly in front)
  • Don’t be too desperate for job or too eager to please
  • Say what you mean- words consistent with body language and appearance

Best summary written by TTS2

There are many right things to do at interview. Firstly,evaluate your best best by studies have linked clothing conciousness to higher self-esteem and job satisfaction. Besides, monitor your body language to make sure don't seem too desperate for the job but will greatly influence an interviewer's first impression of you. Then, start with a firm handshake. In addition, select a chair beside the interviewer whenever you have a choice of seats. Moreover, say what you mean to exude confidence and be believed. Finally, thank for the interviewer's interest. Before that, mention why you are the best candidate for the job.

Summary 9

Suggested main points:

  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Reduce existing levels of atherosclerosis and inhibit new growth of plaque
  • Promote stronger and more flexible aortas
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Prevent clots- reduce possibility of strokes and thrombosis
  • An antiseptic- treat wounds, sores and reduce inflammation
  • Reduce chance of getting cancer-stop cancer causing agents

Best summary written by TTM2

Garlic consumption has many benefits.Firstly,it can reduce cholestrol only after four weeks of eating garlic supplements.Furthermore,it can reduce existing level of artherosclerosis and inhibit new growth of plaque.Besides,one who eat more garlic will have stronger and more flexible aortas and these will help lower blood pressure,prevent formation of blood clots,reducing the possibility of strokes and thrombosis.In addition,garlic can be used as antiseptic, poultice for sores and reduce inflammation.Next,it is also used during cancer treatment because its role in reducing tumours by half and prevents cancer ongoing.
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