Wednesday, 10 October 2007

summary 25 - 27

summary 25

Suggested main points:

  • Too little knowledge of their longevity
  • To sustain their food supplies for their survival
  • Professional hunters and trophy seekers in search of their huge jaws
  • Killing of breeding females threatens the entire white shark population
  • Make them a protected species
  • Competitions between various research bodies a hindrance

Best summary

Circumstances that led to a decline in white shark population are because of little knowledge about shark’s natural characteristics. In addition, greedy people always seek; compete for its jaws because of the high prices and the link of it to Holy Grail. Moreover, the female sharks with low rate of maturity and a few times bredd are being killed. No doubt, human is the biggest threat for the shark because of illegal sharks’ fins trade. However, efforts are being taken to prevent the problems such as sustaining the foods supply, protect the species and ensure that the small one reach the maturity and breed.

summary 26

Suggested main points:

  • Wetlands- some of nature’s most productive environments
  • Creation of nature park- forest species grew- rejuvenating secondary forest and coastal mangroves- myriad of waterbirds
  • Resting area for migrating birds
  • Plant and animal research and education activities
  • Weekend retreat- protection through eco-tourism

Best summary written by TTM1

The working example of wetland protection through eco-tourism in Kuala Selangor. Then in estuary of the Selangor river there is the nature park(Taman Alam Kuala Selangor) where an artificial wall was established after forest species grew.Hence, coastal swamp covers the park where rich wetland habitat of birds and associated wild life can be seen. Moreover the migrating birds from the cold weather can rest here as it offer a resting area for birds. After that, waders and other waterbirds can be observed clearly at artificial pond in the park centre. Furthermore,four trails have been constructed to connect the park main point of interest. Finally, the staff responsible for ecology research and education activities.

Summary 27

Suggested main points:

  • Modern life- low priorities to nutrition and physical activity
  • Children resist efforts to feed them nutritious food
  • Children spending too much time on TV or computer – obesity
  • Teach children to eat right
  • Allow children to enjoy treats in moderation
  • Spend time with children
  • Organize family outings.

Best summary written by TTM2

Among the challenges faced by parents to develop healthy eating habits in children is due to today's hectic life which causes nutrition and physical activities to be neglected. The fact children tend to reject planned food can be frustrating for parents. Today's youngsters' physical activities are greatly reduced which explains the alarming rate of obesities in children. Thus, teach them which food is essential and those that need to be taken moderately.Their food intake should be with clear guidelines. The fact children love spending time with parents can be manipulated to overcome this issue. Thus, organise outdoor family day-out and involve all members in everyday activities.

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