Tuesday, 30 October 2007

essay 5

Vanishwaran a/l Balram,
No.17, street 13A,
Bandar Sri Putri,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

En.Mustapa Omar,
The New Straits Time Press ( Malaysia ) Berhad,
Balai Berita, 31, Jalan Riong,
59100, Kuala Lumpur ,
MALAYSIA. 01 March 2005

Response to the New Straits Time report on 28 February 2005

Due to the report on 28/2/2005, a snatch theft victim has been unconscious and need more than RM 60000 for her treatment after she was hit on the head by two snatch thieves. As one of the public, I feel sympathy towards the victim but I also think that this incident give the society some awareness about this crime.

2. Lately, the snatch crime had become an issue as this terrible crime occurs a lot of time recently. Usually, the victim and the target are women and weak people. It was classify that those snatch thieves are people with no jobs, gangster or drug addicts.

3. I also think that some action should be taken to reduce the crime such as awareness campaign. People should be exposed and taught about what they should do when they face such problem. For an instance, they should learn martial art, or some defense techniques to protect themselves. Furthermore, weapons like small knife and spray should be brought anywhere as a protection from any danger. Moreover, media like newspaper and broadcasting play an important role in conveying information about the crime to the public.

4. Besides that, as a responsible public, we can help to reduce the victim’s family burden by donate generously to the victim. Since the victim needs a long time to cure and take many kind of treatment, the family needs a lot of money which are about RM 60000 and above. Hence, we can show our sympathy towards the victim by donating or visiting the snatch victim. Maybe, this will decrease the sadness of the victim’s family.

5. Nevertheless, the police should take stringent measures against the culprits and future snatch thieves. A serious, hard punishment and penalization should be taken towards those criminals. Thus, the victim’s right can be protected. Moreover, public must always be aware when they see such crime. Hastily action should not be taken if it will risk their life. At least, we can identify the thief and help the victim by reporting to the police.

6. Lastly, I hope my view will get a full consideration from your side. Thank you.

Yours truly,
(Vanishwaran a/l Balram)

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