Tuesday, 4 September 2007


If I Had the Chance to Grow Up All Over Again

If I had the chance to grow up all over again
I'd laugh more and cry less.
I'd do less complaining and more thankful.
I'd take less and give more.
I would care to rest less and to achieve more.
I'd take more work and take more responsibility.
I'd stop arguing and hug my mother.
I would look forward and not turn back.
I'd do more to help and less asking.
I would be joyous and cheerful.
I'd build self-esteem and good attitude.
I'd care less about myself,and more about others.

Group members:
Syafiq .A.


chocolate said...

wow.....very nice poem. This poem remind me to my past life when i'm still child....huhu...and i want to do the same things in this poem if i had a chance to grow up all over again.......

sakura said...

mmm.. what a touching poem..
i wish i could do all the stuff,but since we are already grow up, why don't we start right now..
i dont think it's too late..
anyway.. i just fall in LOVE with this BEAUTIFUL poem..:)

kucing_red said...

hurm...nice..this poem not melt in mouth but melt in heart..congrates for all of you.......

tariq_ziad said...

be proud my friend...hohoho