Saturday, 11 August 2007

Blogging = money

blogging now is a JOB. u get paid when you blog. personally, for me it's not about the's about sharing.

having three active blogs inspired me to create this blog specially for my students in a local university located on the outskirts of N9. actually the location of this particular univ is closer to Selangor more to it's notable city 'Seremban'. all this while, i've considered it a part of Selangor anyway..

well, just to keep the ball rolling i think that this page will be a space for thoughts, opinions, insights or even any ramblings you wish to share. as i believe that when you write / blog it shows that you're alive. Alive in a sense that you are creative, imaginative and full of content. if you're not blogging it shows that comparatively you're stale.

life is full of taste and spices
try to experience every part of it
and share it through writing

~live to inspire

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red ribbons said...

i agree 100% with u teacher
one of my teacher during secondry school keep sending his article in his blog n always promote us to view his blog.
there he put all his memories during his childhood n all his feeling about life.
sometime he also post some advices for his students.
n sometime he put his unsatistified comment about school n principal.
there he share to all of us about his life about his children n his wife.
i really enjoy reading it but i still doesn't have my own blog ;)