Monday, 22 December 2008



The objective of our company is to serve the best and delicious fast food to our customer around the world. The others objective of our company is to be the best fast food company among the competitors in serve and deliver the meals


We aim to be the leader in the Quick Services Restaurant (QSR) industry by maximizing profits and through our Principles of Q,S,C & V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value) consistent with the needs of our Customers, Employees and Community


To be our customers’ favorite and place way to eat


Serves 100% beef, 100% chicken and grade A eggs.

Foods come only from certified suppliers who are audited and inspected on a regular basis.


More 2000 safety, quality and inspection checks surround McDonald’s food as it moves from the farm to our restaurant.

Requires that 72 safety protocols are conducted every single day.

Works closely with independent experts on science, health and food – help McDonald’s develop the most stringent safety protocols

The price is reasonable and affordable for customers.

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