Monday, 22 December 2008

Bettybear Choco Factory


BettyBear Choco Factory is a chocolate company that produces varieties of chocolate products. Our aim is to achieve our vision of becoming the number one and the best confectionery company in the world. We have lots of delicious and marvelous products that are accepted world wide. The taste of our products are different of the others and they come from variety of cocoa ingredients. Some of our products that are widely accepted are Betty delight Choco caramel, BettyBear mixed choco cubes, Beary sweet Choco jelly, Indulging choco I-scream, Chocofall Bear cake, Betty Assorted choco gift and many more. Our company had achieved The International Best Retail Award 07/08 and The International Best Selling Award 07/08. Besides that, our BettyBear Trebor Basset won the Malaysian Best Chocolate Award and Beary sweet Choco jelly and Betty delight Choco caramel are certified as the most delicious and marvelous chocolate made in the world. Now, we had just launched our new product, Barney Baking Chocolate at Putrajaya and Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur, for BettyBear Choco Factory Branch in Malaysia only. We are also expanding our branch in Korea and Egypt.All of our chocolates products are affordable.

“life is dull without chocolates…”

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proton automobile company said...

- interesting
- satisfied
- can be the main chocolate's company in the more of foreign country
= buy

yed aka p.Ramlee?? said...

i really like to eat once.the chocolate seems very delicious..could you please give me one?...please send to qlate corp.


Wahh,.yed..? sure u want some..? ok,.bettybear choco factory will post it to u right away!~

that will be RM10 please..