Monday, 22 December 2008



- We are here to fulfill everyone’s need to look gorgeous

- We also want to introduce our company locally and abroad in order to increase economic growth in Malaysia


• Our company design dresses and also jewellery. We have famous designer all over the world. We followed customer’s opinion in order to satisfy their wants. Many celebrity choose our company to design their dresses for important events such as, Award Ceremony, wedding suits and etc. Our dress designs are displayed by magazine’s cover models. It has over 30 branches in Malaysia and 10 branches in the United State, Korea and India. What the special of our company are, design jewels and give the copyright to the customer. Our jewellery design suitable for all ages. It mostly choosen by couple for their engagement and wedding.



we are very interested with your presentation. love your designs of jewellery and clothes. cant wait to buy your products~~~

McDonald's Company said...

we are so impressed about the product. All the jeweleries are beautiful and we would like to buy it some day. The design for the clothes are also nice. we would use this company services when we get married.

DIGI Telecomunication said...

-background of the presentation are crowded but information are satisfied..
-good design of jewellery and clothes.

Anonymous said...

we are gentlemen,no need to buy this cute product...
maybe we will buy it soon to our girlfriends...hehe

proton automobile company said...

- can open more franchises in foreign countries
- high quality
- satisfied
= buy