Monday, 22 December 2008

Cuci-cuci Services

Cuci-Cuci Services Sdn Bhd

• To be the biggest and the best cleaning services in the world.
• To provide the services with suitable charge to the customers.


Cuci-Cuci Services was established in year millennium 2000 by Mr Haisan. Until now, there are almost 97 branches around the world and the headquarters located at Padang Besar, Perlis, the first premise of Cuci-Cuci Services. Our company had many experience in cleaning building, premise, an even house. We had got many achievements since we were established such as OFFICIAL CLEANING SERVICES FOR OLYMPIC BEIJING 2008, signing a contract with AIR ASIA for cleaning services in 2006, and now we still cleaning KLCC and Sydney Opera House. Now, we are planning to develop our company in selling cleaning product and planning to start in car wash business at all of our branches.

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