Monday, 22 December 2008



  1. To ensure toy not extinct and still relevant in this technology era
  2. To make toy comfortable, safe and friendly for all children
  3. To produce sophisticated toy with high quality of material and cheapest price
  4. To make our company pre eminent among other toys company

    Specialty of our product

    Water proof, shock proof, unbreakable, stainless steel, comfortable price, anti bacterial, also long lasting and can easily digest if tots swallowed it.
    And had receive many awards such as from ISO for trusted brand, best seller 2008, best company marketing and promotion


    Ultra Power Company was establish in year 1990, founder by Azizi Din b Abdul Rahim
    Our company develops very well from that day and till now; we have 701 outlets around the world.
    Our headquarters at Kajang Selangor .In world of marketing, our company had monopoly about 95% toy markets. And now, we promise to strive our targets to achieve 100% monopoly about toys market. And we hope our company will be greatest, pre eminent and prominent in the future related to toy.



very interesting product. we'll be sure to buy it one day when we have our own kids. :)

proton automobile company said...

- can be technological toy's company.
- variety of technological toy.
- satisfy.
= buy