Friday, 19 December 2008



1. having the quality or power of creating
2. resulting from originality of thought, expression, imagination: creative writing.

Nurturing students to think creatively might be a problem if they are not taught to think in a diversity of ways from young. Being creative can sometimes be easy and might be the most intricating activity for some students which results in students giving up on themselves. This is because they fail to push the envelope of how they think.

Students nowadays are creative but they just don’t realize that they can be creative. They learn things more holistically by placing their emotional intelligence in learning. The connection between personal thoughts and subject matter creates the students to think more about the content matter and thus trigger creativity.

The easiest tool to become a creative student is by drawing a mind map either in your head or on paper. It makes you become innovative by trying to link from one element to another. The more branches you make, the more that your brain is thinking thus enabling you to become creative in such matter by thinking beyond of what you are supposed to think about.

So, be creative from now on.

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