Monday, 5 October 2009


Firstly ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatched’. It is mean that you must not be too confident that something to be successful. For me it not in studying or exam only, but in daily life as we work and play. If we do something with a lot of confident, but unfortunately it does not work we feel that we defeated. As I remembered when I form four last two years, there had monthly exam for students. Before the exam started, because I not stay in hostel, so I just make a short revision about that paper because I had read it a lot previously. With a lot of confident, I seat foe the exam and answered the question and totally felt that I will get high mark. As the result, I just get around 50 or 60 percent. I felt very disappointed but I manage to cheer up back. Start from that, I keep promise to my self do not count the chickens before it hatched.

Second, let bygone be bygone. It’s mean that let’s forgive and forget past quarrels. The story happens when I in standards six. This one of my friend, she very nice to me. After a long time, one day, another friend of mine said that her talk about bad thing behind me but she does not realize that I know her bad behaviors. I very disappointed she act like that and after that I just keep my self distant from her. It took almost one year to forgive her. I just say to my self let bygone be bygone.

Lastly, a fool and his money are soon parted. It’s mean that a foolish person usually spend his money carelessly. I’m not shopaholic person but I still remember before I go back to USIM, my family and I to shopping to buy things. At that time, my sister and I go to cosmetic department to bought compact powders, eyeliners and others. When it time to pay, the total amount was $72. We very shocks and I had to pay it with my own ‘duit raya’. I had took that money from car and paid it. The chaser just smile at us and I took lesson from that. Next time I don’t want to be a fool and his money soon to be parted.

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