Sunday, 4 October 2009



Meaning of this proverb is talk may be beneficial, but sometimes acquiescence may be the best option. after I got my SPM result, I had two choices. whether go to Matriculation Penang or USIM. I was decided to go to matriculation penang but my parents asked me to go to USIM. I kept argue with my parents. I already told them the advantages of the matriculation penang but actually I didn't know about it disadvantages. What I know is matriculation Penang was top 3 in Malaysia and I was very glad if I can go there. I didn't want to go to USIM because USIM is the new one. I didn't know much about USIM. Lastly, after a few of days I keep argue with my parents, I was decided to follow my parent's order. I just silence and let them do all preparation to go to USIM. When I came to USIM, I can feel that USIM is the best for me. It is true that speech is silver silence is golden. If I keep argue with my parents, I am sure I am not here today with all my friends and I was very happy here.


Meaning of this proverb is a person with determination will find a way of doing something and this proverb related to my life. when i was in form 5, i was the lazy one. i only want to play and never want to study. when i sit for my mid-year examination, i can't do the best because i didn't make any preparation. when my teachers were teaching i was talking at the back. when i got my result, i fail for all subjects. deep my heart i felt very regret with my action. i decided to change myself and i want to do the best in my SPM. one of my teachers, miss nazariah, she can see my changes. she came to me and said "where there's a will there's a way. you still have a lot of time to improve yourself and i will help you". after she said like that, with my determination to change, i decided to do the best in SPM. i always tell myself "don't study at eleventh hour so you have to start from know". from that day, i start to follow tuition class and went to meet teachers if there are any problems. now, i m very happy to be like this. busy as a student not like before. finally, when i sit for SPM examination, with my preparation, i can do the best. gladly, i got 8'A for my SPM. i m very happy and it's true there's a will there's a way.


According to this proverb,it relate to my life.before,i didn`t like to read a book whether text book or any book.for me its so bored.i have a friend who like to read a book she read a lot of books and she will finish one book for a day she come to me and give me a book which it title was 'sweet heart from the hell`. i don't know why this book attract my day i read this book and it very interesting. in other hand, it can improve my vocabulary in order to make sure i can score in my,i like to reading and i have read a lots of Malay and English books. now it become my habit.its true that habit is second nature.

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