Sunday, 4 October 2009


Proverb 1: A leopard cannot change its spots.

Last year is very important year for me. I sat for Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia (SPM) exam. However, last year I faced bad healthy problem. At first I suffered chickenpox. I cannot attend to school about a week. A week after that, I suffered a bad fever. After recover from fever, I went back to school. Sadly, a week after that, I suffered fever again. I always went to clinic to take the medicines. That condition continuously happens for about a month.
At last, the doctors at the clinic send me to general hospital for further treatment. I had to stay at hospital for 5 days. The doctors and nurses always came and checked me. I am very sad because I cannot attend many days to school and missed a lot of topics for all my subjects. I also had to skip from sat for mid year test. After me went out from the hospital, I had to sat for the mid year test. The result of that test was really bad. Besides that, because of unstable healthy condition, I also get another two diseases, gastric and asthma.
Everyone wants to have healthy body. I too, moreover, last year is very important year for me. However, a leopard cannot change its spots. I took it as a challenge for me to become a patient person. No pain no gain. Thanks god, my healthy became better and I can sit for my SPM exam.

Proverb 2: Experience is the best teacher.

Last two month, my friends and I would to go to KLCC for a book fair. It also our first journey with LTR commuter. We did not have any experience using this public transport. After bought two tickets at the counter, I want to enter the gate. However, after put my ticket at the hole provided, the gate still did not opened. The ticket came out from the hole. I try doing the same thing for many times, but the gate still did not open.
After that, came a Chinese women and do the same thing with what I had done, but the gate was opened. In my heart says that, ‘How she did it?’ A men and a girl that look at my friends and my actions were already laugh at me. I felt so shy. After a few minutes trying, came a man and show me the right way to put the ticket at the hole. So, I know I put the ticket at the hole with wrong way.
It was unforgettable and meaningful experience for me. For me, experience is the best teacher. For next time, I will make sure this incident will not happen,

Proverb 3: The Mountain labors and brings forth a mouse.
Last month, students of Tamhidi of Accountancy and Muamalat had decided to organize a program called ‘Iftar Jama’i’. This program for all teachers and students of this course break the fast together. I was one of the people that had been asking to manage this program.
I had to make the invitation cards for all teachers and students and invite them to attend this program. Other people had been asking to find the most suitable place, book for the transport and find the suitable meal. After manage to get the suitable date, we started our job. A week before the date, I must finished all the invitation cards. My friend and I slept at three o’clock in the morning to finish it. A day after that, we get a sad information that this program must be canceled because of spreading of H1N1. I was so shock. My friends already book for the transportation. All of us were very sad.
I can say that our job like the mountain labors and brings forth a mouse. Our job were useless.

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