Sunday, 4 October 2009


For the first proverb, opportunity only knocks once. The meaning of this proverb is do not miss opportunities that come along. After I end up my school life, I realised that I had been chosen to join the National Services in Desaru, Johor. I felt a bit worried as I had heard that most of the ex-student, who joined it, had change into another ‘character’ if they can not take care on themselves kindly.
Before I went there, I had promised to myself that I will never change to another person that will hurt my parents with my behaviors which I influenced during I joined National Service. On the day, which I gone to the place where I will stayed there for 3 months, I realized that I needed to be stronger as another people are not just like me. May be it is because I studied in religion’s school before, so, it is stranger for me to communicate with others freely. Then I accepted it as my adventure as long as I was stayed there. Besides, my teachers had advice me before to show a good behaviour to others so; they will have no reason to hate us.
After a few weeks I stayed there, I knew that I could accept that environment although it is exactly different from my life before. People around me knew my life style and they respected on me and my teachers also never force me to do something that I do not want. But, they always advised me to think; if I never try to do something new, my life will be such bored and no improvement, then if I do not grab a chance which come to me, may be I will never have a second chance to make it.
At National Service, I really had my own chance to try many new things such as monkey rape, flying fox, flaming walk, kayak and others interesting activities. The most interesting activity is I had a chance to shoot used M16. At that time, I realised that I was very lucky because if I have not chosen to join National Service, may be I will never have a chance to shoot use M16 or even touch it. So, I will use that chance as well as I could.
At the end of the programmed, I knew that I had been changed into a ‘new person’. A person who is better than before and a person who wanted to try such new things. Then, I thought people’s perspective about National Service is wrong. They always said that those programmed was useless and wasted government’s money. But, as I had joined it, I knew it was untruth. Maybe, after all of you read my answer, you will think that the suitable proverb is don’t judge a book by its cover. But, for me, my experiences in National Service make me choose opportunity only knocks once as the proverb for my story.

Second proverb is, losers weepers, finders keepers. It is meaning, if we lose something, we weep it, and if we find something, we keep it. During I was studied at secondary school, in form four, my best friend, Qomariah, had made decision to move to another school. At that time, I felt very sad as she is the only one, my friends who stayed with me since primary school. Besides, both of us shared the same hobby; read novels. We always exchange our novels if one of us had bought a new novel.
On the day she moves out from the hostel, I was having my practices for uniform’s competition. I felt worried if I could not to see her before she left our school. But, I was the lucky one as she had waited for me until I finished my practiced. Before she left me, we hugged to each other as we knew; it was difficult for us to meet after that time. After a few weeks she left me, I felt very lonely as before, I had her to hear all my problems.
One day, I had cried with all my heart as I had some problems, but I do not know with who I wanted to shared it as I could not share my problems with others who I not close to. Suddenly, one of my classmates came towards me and sat besides me. She had do not say anything. Both of us sat over there quietly. We were looking on the sky, looked the stars. At that time, I do not know why, but I felt calmer than before. May be because she sat with me, and I was not feeling lonely anymore, even she had no say anything, or may be I felt ashamed to her.
Since that night, we became closer and others called us twin because we always been together everywhere. I felt comfortable with her because she never forced me in anything I done, but, she will advice and gave her opinion to me. Now, I have two best friends who have different characteristics but, still can be a company. That is why I think, this proverb is meaningful to me.

For the last proverb, I choose proverb, every cloud has a silver lining. It means, when something bad happens, there is always some goods that comes of it. During I was sitting for my mid year examination in Islamic Science University of Malaysia, where it was held at stadium Nilai, my hand phone had been stolen. I was just realised it when I was tidying up my school beg. I felt very sad because the phone was the first phone I used my own, because I used my mother phone before. Besides, I had just bought it after I finished my school life; it means that I used it for less than one year.
Then, I borrowed my roommates’ hand phone to call my brother, to inform him about it and to know, how I could tell my parents. My brother said, just tell them the truth. After that, I called my mother, but my mother was driving the car and she asked me that she will call me later. But, I asked my mother to wait for my call and she do not need to call me.
At night, when I called my mother, my mother had asked me first, how it can be stolen. I knew that, of course my brother had told my mother about my hand phone. So, I told her the truth. I was thanked because my mother was not nagging on me. Then, she told me that she will ask my father to post the new phone for me. A few minutes later, my mother called, and she said she will transfer some money into my brother’s account and he will buy it for me. After a week, my brother came to my hostel and brought a new phone which I thought was better than before. Then I realised, every cloud has a silver lining.

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