Monday, 5 October 2009


1) Let bygones by bygones
This proverbs is meaningful for me because it relate to myself.When I still in secondary school,something had happened to me.In the classroom,my place is behind a boy named Hilal.One day,I forgot to bring my calculator.Then he asked me if I want to borrow his calculator.Then I agreed.During additional mathematics class,my teacher,Sir Shuhaimi asked us weather we had see his calculator which have a green sticker behind it.I was very surprised because the calculator was same as mine.At the end of the class,I gave back the calculator to my teacher.Gratefully, he do not angry with me.When I entered in the class,Hilal tried to speak to me.But I keep silent.I felt very upset to him.He told me that he do not know anything about the calculator.He really regret.So I thought maybe it was not his false.Then, I forgive him.Let bygones by bygones.

2) It's never too late to mend
When I am in form 4, I start to pray in the dorm.At the hostel,all the students are not allowed to pray in the room.One day,about 30 students were called by the warden,including myself.The reason was we had disobey the rule.Then the warden punished us.After the punishment,I had realize my false.I promise to myself I would not repeat my mistake again and be a better person.

3) Experience is the best teacher
When I am in form 2,our teacher told all the girls student in my class to provide two recipes for cooking practical.So,I decided to cook fried rice and chocolate pudding.On the practical day,I prepared all the ingredients and start to cook.After I finished it,I had decorate the dishes beautifully and waiting for my teacher to taste it.When it come to my turn,my teacher start to taste my fried rice and chocolate pudding and she shown weird face to me.She told me that my fried rice and chocolate pudding was tasteless.I also tried to taste my two dishes.My teacher was right,it tasteless.I noticed that I forgot to put some salt in my fried rice and sugar in my pudding.The moral of the story is I will be more careful and will remember to put salt and sugar in my cooking.But the most important is taste it first.

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