Sunday, 4 October 2009


proverb 1 :Experience is the best teacher... When i was in lower form,i did not care about my studies.i did not asked teacher when i did not understood for any topic.i always played in class and slept when i had free time.when i was form 3,i realized that i had a important examination(PMR) but i still did not changed my habit.lastly,when the time so closed with the exam i am the person who was so busy for covered all topics since i had learned from form 1 until from 3 but there was no time anymore.After answered single subject for PMR i felt so tension because i could not answered it very when i was in form 4, i changed my attitude.i focused and struggle because i did not want to the same thing happened for the second time.i already felt how paint i am when i studied at eleventh hour.

proverb 2 : Actions speak louder than words When i was in secondary school i stayed at hostel for 5 years.then for my final year,some students from my batch were selected for handled rule for hostel.the organization called MPP.they were selected from last year at the end of the year.when they got the power to handled the rule,they make some new rule that we were could not accepted but they did not care.they want we followed what they do.after that they were very excited announcement their mission and of all was they want to prevent dating among the students. But after a few months,one of the member MPP,had caught by teacher because they were dating in the classroom.we did not respected MPP anymore because they were like actions speak louder than words.

proverb 3 :A great talker is a great liar.There are many sales girls that sell 'presents' to the everyone at the shopping complex.last time, i went to shopping complex with my mother.a sales girl came to us and offer great present when we bought something from her shop. then my mother was influenced by her great mother folled her to the shop and agree to buy some two things because she told about a very great present that my mother will received. more time we sit at the shop more money that my mother need to pay because she said if we want to win we need to pay deposit and many more. after that i could not stand with the great talker and pursued my mother to leave that shop.the sales girl tried to lie to time we need to be aware with this situation.

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