Monday, 5 October 2009


1)Why the proverbs ' Where there's a will there's a way' are meaningful to me?

To me, the proverb ' Where there's a will there's a way',meaning that -a person with determination, find ta way to doing something- give motivation to me. Why I say like that? These are reason to this question. First, it is very easy to give up when I confronted with a problem but perseverance will often lead to success. I try to think positive, don't to be give up.I must set my dreams with to be determined and find a solution to my difficulty or problem will usually appear. This proverb same with another proverb "If at first you don't succeed - try, try, and try again". As Robert the Bruce,he had tried any six times to free his country from occupation and failed. Whilst hiding in a cave and one time he had saw a spider try six time to bridge a gap and said, "if it succeeds in the next try I will fight again." It did, and he went on to drive out his enemies. From that, I get the self-confidence. I think I cannot to be easy give up if I want to success will be mine. I want get it. I want repeat my success as I ot it in SPM examination. God, I hope my dreams come be true.

2)Why the proverbs 'Opportunity only knocks once ' are meaningful to me?

The proverb 'Opportunity only knocks once ' carry meaning don't miss the opportunities that come. I always use when one opportunity come, it is because a opportunity which had came, do will comes again? I felt opportunity, which comes back, maybe have it, but do same the previous opportunity if you miss them? Seize an opportunity when it occurs for it may never happen again.

A similar scene would play around my creative little mind when I had remember about it, while I am in form 5, class session, my additional mathematics teacher had ask who has to be volunteer to be mentor to teach the other friends which weak in this subject, first I am doubtless to make it. Do I can make the best? I say in my heart. But, no one to raise their hand. So, the teacher must choose, out my mind, the teacher had choose me. So, i try to make the best as my hope's teacher. What I get? I get the benefits from it, many friends comes to me to teach them, felt appreciated. But the most importance, it make me more understand this subject. Thank to God and teacher give that opportunity to me.

My teenager life was motivated by such proverbs until I burned out. At present, I believe "opportunity" never knocks. It doesn't have too. Opportunity of any kind in any way is staring at us. We just failed to recognize them. It may be in the words you are reading now. Who knows, it could just be the hubber you interact with constantly or even the hubber you particularly dislike. All we need to do is acknowledge it and opportunity opens its arms to welcome us.

3) The proverbs 'Money is the root of all evil
' are meaning that the money is main cause of wrongdoing and problems.

I learned to dislike the rich because of this proverb.I suggesting what the rich can do to show more love for the poor and the needy in reinforced to this prejudice. I found out later that my favorite teacher even cited two of my papers in the class - get this - section A- saying my insights were excellent! I found that odd to me. Why she did not cited it on our section? Well, thus I became suspicious of the friendship had offered by the rich kids in school. And yet, deep inside me I wanted to be richer than them. I shuddered every time these "evil" desires invaded my mind and dispelled of them immediately lest I be damned to hell if I over obsessed to the money.

In last school, this concept became very real for me I am joined trips to urban poor areas in the city - all part activity out classes and community outreach programs. I blamed that the lack of money being spread out to the ordinary people. I blamed those in power for their failure to provide opportunity to those in needed. The next thing I know that, I was out there.

Now, I take it in the proper context to which it was originally written with lemon on the side. Who love the money can be a cause of evil activities but I doubt it has its roots on evil. The charitable institutions and foundations, of agencies and organizations or non-government established to help provide food, shelter, clothing financial assistance and job opportunities to those who need it the most. Money can be an instrument to help fulfill our respective missions in life. We need not fear it.

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