Monday, 5 October 2009


Experience is the best teacher.

I choose this proverb because it teaches me to become more curious. In the other words, when I want to do something that is new for me, I feel more curious to do so. Then, I will know the best way to work on it.. For instance, I suppose to use Microsoft Frontpage to make a website, this is my first time to use it. Never have I ever heard about it before. Then, I feel so excited to make my own website. With Madam Halimaton’s guidelines, I succeed in making my own website. Now, I know the way to use this Microsoft. That’s why this proverb is so meaningful for me.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

This proverb teaches me to be a strong person when I in unpleasant situation. This is due to the fact that say there is a positive or hopeful side to every unpleasant situation. When I be tested by Allah, I always feel that there is always has “hikmah” beyond that situation. So, I must face it calmly and always ask for Allah’s forgiveness. Therefore, this proverb is so meaningful for me.

Let bygones be bygones

This proverb teaches me on how to forgive the others’ mistakes. In the words, it teaches me on how to forgive and forget what the others had done to me. Firstly, I am really difficult to forgive the others especially those who are not be honest to me. Then, with this proverb, I realize that there is no advantages to bear a grudges against the others.. Thus, I always forgive and ask for the others’ forgiveness. Nobody is perfect. Am I right?

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