Sunday, 4 October 2009


A great talker is a great liar
A great talker is a great liar means that when someone like to talk a lot, sometimes it is just a liar. I have friend whose like to talk a lot. I knew her since we are in primary school. i love to make her as my friends but when i realized that sometimes she a lying, i did not believe on her anymore. I realize it when one day we went to school together. We went to school with other friends too. On the way to school we talk about the bonsai tree. One of my friends told that she love the bonsai tree. Suddenly, she told to us that she had a bonsai tree in her house. Now the tree is big. She had decorate the tree to become an ' i love you' words. I am not believed in her storied. All my friends also asked her many question about the tree. I just like want to laugh because i had go to her house but i did not saw the tree. From that I realized that maybe she had cheated my for many time. She had a great skills to make our friends believe on her.Now i will be more careful when heard a story from her or when I got an information from her, i will checked it back either its true or not. From that i learn that why I must become a great talker but a lot of liar. It is just will make me loss my friends. So, it is better to tell the truth than being loss a lot of friends.

Many hands make light
This proverbs means when everyone gets involved in something, the work gets done quickly.Its happened when I got involverd in managed my brother class. I and my siblings had planned to had a programme to all the students. After got the permission from my brother we planned it properly because we must did it in 1 month. We finally decided to had a "week of Silaturrahim" programme. This programme wil be participated by the students. We had the 'nasyid' competition, 'azan' competition, coloring for children, quiz and an acting of a moral story. All student had been given around three week to prepared. All students and teacher had worked hard to make this programme successful. My parents also got involved to helped us. My father helped us to prepared the stage while my mother helped us to prepared the prizes for the winner. I also had saw also student had worked hard to give the best in their competition. On that day, we had a successful programme. All students, teacher and parents were enjoyed on that night. All the winners were satisfied with their prizes. We were thanked to all people who had give a lot of commitment to make this programme sucessful. On the next day, many students come to the class to help their teacher to clean the class.We did evertything together. At the end, we had clean all the class before the class started on Monday. I believe that, when we do everything together, we can finished in quickly and successfully.

Birds of a feather flock together
When some people have a similar interests they will stick together. Its also happened to me. Me and my friends love to having a collection of anything from many country.I know her interest when he told me abot her favourite hobby. Her father's always went to the overseas because of works. Sometuimes their family will follw their father. From taht she love to had a collection from other country. One day, i went to her house, i had saw a lot of her collection such as a key chain, a mug, a cloth,a cap and many things in a cupboard and her room. He had collection from many country such as Japan, Egypt, Korea and many more. Even i love to had a collection, I only have a collection from Malaysia and a little collection from other country.When she saw my collection, she was surprised that i have a lot of collection from our own country such as from Malacca,Pulau Pinang, Langkawi, Pulau Tioman and many more. Nowadays, when she go everywhere, she always remember to buy something to me. Its same to me, when i go everywhere, i will buy something to her. So,she can add it to her collection. Even though now we are not in the same university we still sharing our collection when we were met. We hope one day we will going to travel together in the future.

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