Monday, 5 October 2009


1) A fool and his money are soon parted.

-Meaning that a foolish person usually spends money carelessly. Every human has their own desires. However, not all things human can be. Money is one of the important things in human life. Without it, people will be living difficult. But sometimes, a person who have money will not live well. For people who like saving practices-careful, they will always save their money carefully. For the ignorant because according to their desires, they will spend their money with things that are not beneficial. Eventually, they ran out of money compared to those who save their money. Thus, one should not follow their desires too stupid to spend money recklessly without thinking first.

2) A penny saved is a penny gained.

-Meaning that one must understand the importance of saving money. Money is one thing important in human life in this world. All people working hard to gather a lot of money in order to achieve the perfect standard of living and well. Therefore, they need to know the importance of saving money. People always save money will get many benefits. When they save money in the fund or the bank, they grow much money. Finally, they can enjoy life better and perfect.

3) Still waters run deep.

-Meaning that a quiet person can have much knowledge or wisdom. Sometimes, we try to see and view those who speak or less quiet, their knowledge and their more smarter than people like to talk to things that are not beneficial. Many people who feel less knowledgeable than the quiet person who always or talkative. In fact, the quiet and less talking have more knowledge. This is because they spend their time with reading compared with the empty talk who wasting time. Therefore, be the quiet and less talking while reading or studying compared with those who do not know who quietly do anything that benefits.

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