Monday, 5 October 2009


1)A penny saved is a penny gained.
Honestly,I like to spend all my money at one time.Especially on my topup.Sometimes Ididnt realize that how much I spend for one day.But now,I realize that money is I dont know how to pay all my debts.I dont have any money for now.I adviced myself that saved RM 1 per day.and then I can pay all my,everyone must understand the important of saving money.and dont be like me..
2)Experience is the best teacher.
I have an experience on making a business.As I remembered last year,my friend and I deal to do a Maggi Business.We mane our shop is "Wei Korang Corner'.At that time I faced many customer's of them didnt like chili.sauce but the other one like chili sauce.So i have to do what they are want in order to maximize their the end,our net profit was RM 1000.That was very meaningful experience to me.and now I know how make a business because of my experience.I hope that our partnership combined together to do a business again.
3)Great haste makes great waste.
I still remembered that last years I got B in Mathematics Modern in trial Spm.I'm very fustrated and angry with myself just beacause of my careless.the careless only the should be addtional but I did subtraction.Its only for one question.but it about 4 question I think.I loss 20 marks for that.Im very sad because Trial is my target to backup my spm.From that I remember myself that do carefully and understand the question carefully.

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