Sunday, 4 October 2009


- Meaning for this proverb is not all people like the same thing. This is true because not everyone like the same thing. Everyone has their own favourite and taste. Maybe something that we like became a dislike for others.And maybe something that people like, we hate it.Is it true, right? For example like my sister and I. Even though we are siblings but that's not mean we like the same things. For several things, yes maybe it true. For example, my sister love green colour, but I prefer pink. She love to read about fact and history but for me, it's really bored. I love to read book about motivation that can give me moral support in my life.We are different right? I think twins also have different taste as well. So that, we have no right to judge others taste. We have our taste, they have their taste. Maybe we can exchange our favourite among us so that, we can accept all things in this world.

2) EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER - Meaning for this proverb is the best way to learn a job is to do it. This proverb is really meaning to me. It remembered me to an incident that happens in my life. Several years ago, I have learnt to ride motorbike with my brother. At that time, I really do not know anything about motorbike. But after two or three days, I know how to handle motorbike better and I was able to ride motorbike without my brother's help. It was a great experience. But one day, I over excited to ride motorbike. Without my mother's permission, I went out and took my brother's motorbike. I sped the motorbike area my village and suddenly, I lost control my motorbike and I was hit a coconut tree. Finally, my motorbike was broken and my leg was injured. I be phobia with motorbike but several months after that, I ride motorbike again. But for this time, I ride carefully because don't want to be injured again. I was learnt from my experience.

3) AS YOU SOW, SO YOU SHALL REAP - Meaning for this proverb is you have to accept the consequence of your action. I always make it as my principle in my life. For me, in this life, we will get just what we effort. If we want something, we must attempt to get it. For example, to score in examination. To achieve successful, we need a big effort and have to sacrifice many things. If we spent all of our day with study, we could be able to score in exam. But if we are not study, not make revision, at the end we will fail. I believe reward that that someone will get is depend on their effort. So that, I always said to myself, "if you want success, you must study. If you are not study and be a hardworking person, just keep your dream to success." Because I strongly believe as you sow, so you shall reap.

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