Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Just came back from class. The first group of students did their presentation. This time around there’ll be weekly presentation in class since the computer labs are packed. (too many students) isk.isk . What I want to share is that, as a lecturer I hardly ever scold anyone. While the students were doing their presentation, they were interrupted by questions. Then this particular student replied the question in a harsh tone and sounded as he was pissed off with the question. I was like %^*&^##^%!*^. (in my heart… Biar betul budak ni..). no one asked any questions after that.. (takut kot). So, if the student was evaluated for his teaching practice, I’m sure he’ll fail..

As an educator, I personally respect each and every one of them as students and I try to treat them as adults. To be a good lecturer, I believe in a few basic qualities. If you like it you can apply it. If not just disregard the points.
1. Ability to communicate (susah plak kalau senyap jer)
2. Sincere desire to teach (for the goodsake of our generation)
3. Empathy with the students (try to be considerate.. kesian kena jalan sana sini. Jauh plak tu. Dahla masuk lambat plak… yadayadayada)
4. Love for the knowledge and teaching. (knowledge doesn’t come easily. You pay for it)
5. Happy to see students acquiring knowledge :-) (furthermore if they succeed)
6. Believe in making the students think and become important individuals (so true of me)
7. Occasionally let your hair down and join the students in their groups (have to, I can’t be bothered sitting down while teaching)
8. Give experience, field knowledge to enhance the subject (this is a must)

I think that’s what I do. Do u think so too?

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materialistic195 said...

group3 tac:i never though have a person like that before this.. it is really make me feel weird with that have a really good tips to share together. a educator of course we will faced with a lot of situation which we can make it as our experience in life.