Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Snippet from The Star

Tuesday June 23, 2009
Yesteryear’s switch to BM put paid to good English today

THE standard of English in the country has deteriorated since the switch to Bahasa Malaysia as the teaching medium in the 1970s, Nanyang Siang Pau said in its editorial.
The daily said most youngsters in the country could not converse fluently in English even after they had graduated from university.

“Most of them cannot express themselves well in the language, not to mention their proficiency when required to introduce a product or service, negotiate or write any proposal or report in English,” it said.

It said the private sector had also admitted that it was difficult to hire the right candidates for vacancies due to the language barrier.
It said many students realised the importance of English only when they graduated from university.

“Even those who work in the public sector cannot escape the fact that English is important for their career advancement,” it said.

It said what the Government needed to do now was to improve the teaching of the language, which included the increase in the use of English as a teaching medium.

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materialistic195 said...

group3 tac:i really admit english is importance nowadays, especially to get the job. sometimes i really weird with people nowadays said english is no need during school year even though they know it is really important for the future.so, for me it is better to exposed the children about english since their young because children is the fast learner.