Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Qlate Corp.

- Our goal must be a specific number to target. So, we can get more money or better income.
- When we have a specific goal it creates a benchmark against which we can measure.
- Action plans requires discipline and commitment.
- we work toward our goal everyday.
- Our goal must be enough to create excitement and bring out our best but our goal is still achievable.
- We always have a timeframe by which we will achieve our goal.
Our mission is to maximize profitability and to give variety of sauces and satisfaction to the customers.
  • Good quality of “Budu” is high in protein.
  • Calcium : It is for bone and tooth
    formation and also for aids in blood clotting.
  • Phosphorus : It is for acid-base balance and also for bone and tooth formation.
  • Iodine : content of component of the thyroxine hormone.
  • Iron : component of haemoglobin need for oxygen transport in the blood.
  • Another advantages,it also contains a rich supply of B vitamins, especially B12 and pantothenic acid, riboflavin and niacin.


Anonymous said...

some information are doubtful.
you have good promotion strategy

apple inc said...

Good presentation..
But i think the products is just well-known in Kelantan..
It will take long period to make it well-known in the world..

KFC company said...

gud promotion n the product is attractive.
but not all people like to take this as their meal.

nesle said...

some information are doubtful. however you have your own way to run your business..

AEON (CO) M BHD said...

referring to your previous presentation,We think that some of your information is ridiculous.How come you receive award every month but in your slide it is stataed that you recieve that award on 1997,2000 and 2008.Besides,your information is very confusing.You said you have a big company but there are only 3 workers!Explain..

cadbury.comp said...

the smell is really emem.....
your presentation has many mistakes and errors..
you should promote it to the world..

Qlate Corp. said...

to everyone,
who are doubter with Qlate Corp. the next comment. i will give a brief explaination so that there is no more doubtful and you all will tust n buy our product one day.

h-qube said...

good explanation, but the presentation against the slideshow. as customers, we will not buy it because worried about the facts.


don worry qlate corp..
even our company not prefer to use your product,we will support about you joint venture to our company.we want to help you to get more trustworthy from other customer from the rest of world.we heard that budu so got popularity in usa.good job...